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ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Super Black Bass 3 - SNES (Japan)
« on: August 06, 2020, 12:41:27 am »
anyone care to translate?  =)

Notes: I use the word "fisherman" as the most natural word I could think of for the Japanese 選手 which is used generically for athletes, whereas the English "athlete" doesn't sound related enough to fishing to sound natural. I'm not sure whether there is a better unisex word out there. You could replace it with the word "Player"


Start Game, 1st Record (maybe like top scores?)


Play Data :1

From the beginning (new game)

Fisherman / Bass Pro

These are the current Fishermans' data entries
  (Select your Fisherman)
  (Duplicate Data)
  (Erase Data)


(Dialog Box)
Please select game play data
<directionals> select
<A> Confirm selection

That's all I can do for now, cheers!

...In fact, I just got my mod working on Persona today thanks to the miracle tool called CDMage. My battle track definitely started with the battle, but I'm not getting it looped perfectly. I know I'd get it to loop perfectly with some Hex editing since my song is 2 secs shorter than the PSP battle theme (about 1 min 1 sec). The problem being I only know how to make it loop at 1 minute mark which cuts about 1 seconds from the song. If anyone here possesses the knowledge about editing Atrac3 sound files using hex editors I would greatly appreciate your help.

I will use 1:01 as a loose example of your desired loop point, although you must use your sound file's exact end-time.

convert your desired loop point time to seconds : ie 1.1 min -> 61 s

multiply this by the sample rate of your song (44100 I assume) : 61 * 44100 = 2690100 = 0x290C34

Open up your atrac3 song in a hex editor and navigate to offset 0x78 and replace with your 3 bytes above in little-endian style : 34 0c 29

Note: I've never hacked atrac3, I just researched on your behalf and found a tutorial @ and (requires registration to view / view images)

Unlike simpler protocols, like Super Mario World - which allows you to select SFX simply by changing one of the SNES APU port values, Square's engine and its variants are known to have a much more complicated protocol. I've seen a thread on this forum which contained details mostly on  Square's APU-side song format, but I was wondering if the SNES-side APU command protocol is known for selecting certain SFX to be played (or if any other SNES-side APU port commands are known). I am specifically interested in Super Mario RPG.. This is just for kicks.  :cookie:

July 14, 2015, 09:53:35 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
- Play SFX -
Welp! I figured out the answer to my first question!
Code: [Select]
Loaded Super Mario RPG.
Breakpoint 3 hit (1).
c40092 sta $2143     [002143] A:00ea X:000e Y:0002 S:1fd8 D:1d00 DB:00 NvMxdIzc V:258 H: 252
Breakpoint 1 hit (1).
c40097 sta $2141     [002141] A:0004 X:000e Y:0002 S:1fd8 D:1d00 DB:00 nvMxdIzc V:258 H: 306
Breakpoint 2 hit (1).
c4009c sta $2142     [002142] A:0080 X:000e Y:0002 S:1fd8 D:1d00 DB:00 NvMxdIzc V:258 H: 360
Breakpoint 0 hit (1).
c400a1 sta $2140     [002140] A:0008 X:000e Y:0002 S:1fd8 D:1d00 DB:00 nvMxdIzc V:258 H: 406

Port0: 08 - Play SFX on Voice 6+7 (0-7)
Port1: SFX index (starts at 1)
Port2: Panning ($80 = center)
Port3: ?? (I tried some various values and observed perceived no auditory variation)

Order of Operations
Must write SFX Index before writing to Port0. To repeat the same SFX, you must write both values again in the proper ordering.

Note: Port0 CMD $09 is a Play SFX for Voice 4 (+5?).

Unbeknownst to me, there are different SFX banks, only ones known ATM are a separate one for Battle mode. I am not sure how the bank is set. I'm going to put everything else in "Adventure Mode" until I learn other details.

Adventure Mode
01: Enter X menu
02: Exit X Menu
03: Move in X Menu
04: Mario Jump
05: mechanical click (can't remember exactly what this is for)
06: Water rushing (high pitch) (loops indefinitely)
07: Water rushing (low pitch) (loops indefinitely)
08: Less Water Rushing (mid-high pitch) (no loop)
09: (!) switch stomped
0A: trampoline
0B: Comical dash (mario runs into bowser's castle at intro, crocko flees the scene)
0C: player(s) faint and (lose battle?)
0D: coin!
0E: question mark box reveals Flower tab (maybe for mushroom too)
0F: birds (high pitched)
10: Door
11: neat explosion sort
12: brakes!!
13: Mario falls from sky!!!!
14: thunder/lightning
15: earthquake
16: THUD.
17: Ghosty
18: fast ticking (loop)
19: small mechanical sound.. maybe when mario jumps on something?
1A: seems to be a trash slot (faint echo pop)
1B: weeohhweeet! (got a freebie!)
1C: going down pipe!
1D: alarm clock!! (loop)
1E: high pitched WEEet!
1F: sounds dizzy (loop)
20: what even... (very cool sound) (sounds like getting sucked in and blown out @ higher pitch)
21: bounce!! (mushroom kingdom pogo stick enemies)
22: another cool sound (squishing out)
23: another gushing of water?!?! (loop) (also uses voice 7)
  -- At this point, I'd like to admit I didn't notice if other voices were used for the previous SFX.. I just accidently notice them sometimes.
24 - 2A: nothing
2B: I dunno but I like the sound!
2C: ghosty (lower pitched) (prolly the enemy)
2D: bm. WhOOooo!
2E: Koopa army March! (loop) (voice 6+7)
2F: Sleeping
30: machinery (loop)
31: thuddy bounce
32: bwup-bwup (fast)
33: nice SFX!! (sounds nice)
34: bouncy sounds but not rly
35: bounce!! (mushroom kingdom pogo stick enemies) (loop)
36: good night
37: Lost Coins!
38: Mario shakes head fast!
39: *tclick*
3A: *bunchun* (lower thicker click)
3B: levitating tonookin
3C: Explosion
3D: wrong answer (Yoshi battle-end game)
3E: Boshi
3F: Yoshi
40: really annoying clicks
41: Thwomp?
42: Mario kicks his koopa shell
43: STRONG Energy Beam!!
44-46: nothing
-- these next 2 sounds are really cool
47: nice!
48: nice 2
49: slightly higher pitched thwomp sound
4A: Booster's train! (loop)
4B: energy shift followed by explosion
4C: booster's train "Chuu chuu"
4D: IDK nice sound
4E: "mechanical" switch
4F: nothing
50: ding ding ding (not loop but lasts long) (high pitched)
51: really cool! sounds like a radical falling star
53: hard to explain (sry) kind of depressing
54: fireball
55: 1-UP
56: bouncey
57: Correct answer!
58: Wrong answer!
59: clickety (loop)
5A: drawing the window curtains (snifits with mario atop booster tower)
5B: oh shit!!! this place is gonna blow!! (loop)
5C: nothing
5D: dash attack!
5E: Frog Coin!
5F: whistle sound?
60: mario punch (I think)
61: Enter battle!!
62: closed cymbal gallop (this is nothing for a different song)
63: rotary lottery???
64: sounds like the mine coaster followed by strange noise
65: sucker punch!!
66: IDK!! (some sort of powerup)
67: alarm!!
68: crappy loop (maybe works better on different song, used 01)
69: reminds me of when a boss in SMW grows and then shrinks after you kill him
6A: high-pitched (loop)
6B: ?? no sound but I see the volumes change on voices
6C: ?? no sound (01)
6D: DonkkkkKKkkkKkk
6E: listening to wishes upon a star
6F: mario jumping under water
70: rushing water with water blubbering
71: Stomp + explosion
72-73: ? pop echo (doesn't count)
74:  no sound
75: maybe skeleton bones collapsing?
76: WTF!! sounds really cool (used in game?)
77: Monster growling!
78: The sword is sleek!!
79: sleek sword swipe
7A: nothing
7B: annoying flutter noise (loop)
7C: like wings starting to flutter followed be full power!! (koopa troop?)
7D: another cool unidentifiable sound (downslide in pitch)
7E: ^ (upslide in pitch)
7F: sounds like a menu
80: In-N-Out kind of dizzying (loop)
81: sounds like cute high-pitched Yoshi!
82: ^ (low pitched)
83: sounds like awful organ!!
84: beep be-be-beeeeeep!
85: the clap of the henchmen
86: brush
87: swing------BLAM (another very cool sound)
-- for some songs: string (otherwise no sound)
88: F-4
89: G-4
8A: A-4
8B: B-4
8C: C-5
8D: D-5
8E: E-5
8F: ding!
90: sput.(these might be glitches)
91: sounds like the metal bat again. a powerful attack!
92: flame attack!?
93: sput. (these might be glitches)
94: annoying friction flap loop
95: reminds me of SMB3 when u get a correct card in the card game.
96: Is that a bounce? save_spot jump!!!
97: clobbered (explosive property perhaps)
98: little flickering
99: loop doing! (doesn't last forever)
9A: deep wet fart (lol not really).. imagine toothpaste squeezed pervertedly out of its tube.. in fact I think this is when Belome eats you or spits you out..
9B: mario singing in the shower
9C: Link's appearance in bed! (zelda)
9D: Fallinggggg!!!!
9E: Plop. (the landing from the fall)
9F: boily plop
A0: Chomp chomp is chomping!! (loop)
A1: another ghosty (i think this is the ghosts from monstro town)
A2: another clobber
That's it!

Battle Mode
These share a few sounds from the Adventure bank.
Notes: blank lines mean no sound played when I tried them. I used the "Fight Against Monsters Track" for all these SFX tests. Question marks mean I'm having trouble identifying the sound or describing it.

01: Enter X menu
02: Exit X Menu
03: Move in X Menu
04: Mario Jump
05: birds tweet
06: freebie!!
07: Wrong.. (bad menu choice)
08: faint / out-of-it fadeout
09: arrow
0A: spear-type attack
0B: Comical dash (mario runs into bowser's castle at intro, crocko flees the scene)
0C: Explosion
0D: coin!
0E: question mark box reveals Flower tab (maybe for mushroom too)
0F: more intense spear
10: another sharp attack
11: enemy special attack
12: mario hits koopa shell
13: enemy fire wall
14: enemy special ..
15: enemy flutter attack
16: enemy orb attack?
17: enemy weild
19: plant attack
1A: enemy fire/earthquake ?
1B: 1-UP     weeohhweeet! (got a freebie!)
1C: enemy fireball fire attack
1D: enemy ?
1E: ? sounds like menu but I know it isn't
1F: ? sounds like fire/noise/explosion
20: energy fire
21: like a mechanical switch being jumped on
22: ?
23: ? friend power up??
24: ? sandy powerup
25: ? familiar down-slide
26: mario hammer?
27: spear / bowser claw?
28: another spear like
29: mario jumping on enemy 3
2A: powerful attack!!
2B: Boss defeated gives coins
2C: lightning with rolling thunder / explosive activity
2D: lazer-like powering up
2E: comical deflection or something
2F: ?
30: enemy attack
31: mallow cymbal attack
32: mario jumping on enemy 4
33: geno weapon??
34: geno pellet gun
35: stomp.stomp. (thwomp?)
36: mario hammer again??
37: ^ lower pitched
38: 1-UP (repeat)
39: small explosive?? or blow medium
3A: mario jumping on enemy 1
3B: mario jumping on enemy 2
3C: ?
3D: i should know this one! item being used or magic!
3E: i should know this one too!!
3F: geno boost??
40: ?
41: yoshi game wrong answer
42: PickMeUp! ??
43: ? (cool sound) maybe party HP
44: Party attacck up?
45: Geno Beam PT 1
46: Geno Beam Pt 2
47: drums (yoshi game)
48: ? sounds blublub! with water property
49: ? sounds like something good happened achievement unlocked sotospeak
4A: ? like a little beeping enemy sound?
4B: Yoshi (yoshi game)
4C: sounds like a mushroom
4D: sounds like another SMW SFX, reminds of the feather cape
4E: lightning / activity with no rolling thunder
4F: small earthquake
50: enemy physical attack
51: ^ stronger
52: ^ strongest (I think these are from the seafarer and his minions)
53: another metal bat / hammer sound
54: strong blow with sounds of a door being slammed or someone hitting the floor
55: more devastating explosive blow
56: fall from the sky
57: pogo stick bounce (boss) (echoey)
58: tick.tick. (loop) (bomb?)
59: enemy pops (dies)
5A: powerup?
5C: ?downslide
5D: attack?
5E: attack? powerful (used?)
5F: powerful blow
60: earthquake attack!
61: pogo stick (little)
62: mech. switch (higher pitched) (doesn't sound like being jumped on)
63: ghost special
64: unused attack?
65: flower spray special?
66: Static-E
67: part of the ice shards enemy attack
68: blizzard enemy attack
69: trumpety enemy special attack (rock candy as well?) (reference: booster tower trumpet playing boss)
6A: I should know this! enemy special
6B: enemy physical attack
6C: enemy effect on party character
6D: blow (geno?)
6E: explosion
6F: Stomp (SMW reminiscent)
70: Mario throwing a punch?
71: ? cool attack
72: classic enemy attack (can't remember)
73: party member turns into mushroom
74: triple sucker punch. torte-chef type enemy throws punch
75: ? epic sword-unsheating if u ask me..
76: WTF!! sounds really cool (used in game?)
77: another blizzard / with high pitched thingy
78: blow? (sounds like fighting game)
79: ^ higher pitched
7A: like above but more gamey sounding
7B: chomp
7C: ? kinda reminds me of a vine growing but it's not.
7D: menu sound??
7E: bouncy attack?
7F: i should know this!! reminds me of mushroom
80: enemy attack?
81: enemy attack?
82: valor up!!!
83: ?? unused?
84: enemy bite attack?
85: enemy lullaby attack special
86: *lump* attack ?? effect on party member?
87: ? hard to describe *used?* sounds useful to have in a game
88: ghosty
89: smash
8A: really weird lazy-sounding attack (there's a sequence of 2 sounds practically..) the last one is familiar but not the first
8B: familiar enemy sound heard in previous
8C: enemy special
8D: alternative melody enemy special
8E: enemy barrage attack (used?)
8F: enemy special attack (orb) I think black guy in pipe sewer uses this black orb
90: sounds like a ghosty orb attack
91: super barrage attack! (enemy?)
92: slap attack
94: powerful barrage attack
95: high pitched describe impending attack?
96: little cute enemy barrage attack (starfish?) this is a 2 part attack. the 2nd part is sound CF
97: familiar enemy powerup?
98: another door/explosive slam type sound
99: might be the monkey enemy
9A: Bee sting!?
9B: flamey or lava in volcano
9C: triple chomp
9D: weird special attack? used?
9E: ^
9F: powerful blow
A0: slap attack
A1: sleepy enemy special??
A4: ?? power with special properties?? used?
A5: ? special sound followed by fluttering
A6: running in place (sound that precedes the comical dash)
A7: belome spitting someone?
A8: double sucker punch (koopa enemies)
A9: popular orb sound enemy
AA: dashy swipey move
AB: percussive move / attack (echoey) very exemplar
AC: nice powerup for our friends
AD: adverse effect on party member
AE: ice attack from enemy (or maybe bowser special)
AF: enemy special
B0: tough boss "fades" at death
B1: water flowing and "pumping" sound (useD?)
B2: blow
B3: unused sound?
B4: ?? dismal sound
B5: bee-like sound, but i dont recognize it. unused?
B6: poewrup unrecognized. used?
B7: sounds like ghosts from monstro again. used?
B8: super annoying bee-like sound. used?
B9: powerup sound. familiar, used?
BA: powerful fireball enemy attack sound
BB: sounds like enemy alarm attack.. usde?
BC: very familiar enemy special attack..
BD: unused? cant recognize, sounds cool
BE: super cool enemy sound. ??
BF: another unrecognized enemy sound??
C0: popular bouncy dong sound
C1: ^ higher pitch
C2: ^
C3: another explosive door slammin sound
C4: ?? unused?
C5: interesting blow. used?
C6: sword rain with extra percussive sounds??
C7: arrow loop ?? could also be smithy's little minions
C8: ?? neat sound (used?) (loop)
C9: sword rain??
CA: ?? (beam enemy attack?) (used?)
CB: popular beam attack from enemy
CC: loop ??? used???
CD: cool stomping followed be powerup folloed by final stomp. used?
CE: cute sound. used?
CF: another cute enemy attack! starfish pt. 2
D0: very cool alarming powerup-ish sound. used?
D1: honestly sounds like a more sandy powerbomb from Super Metroid or something. used? I thik maybe.. but where?
D2: chu chuuuuu. (geno train?)

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