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Personal Projects / Re: Resident Evil: True Director's Cut
« on: April 21, 2021, 05:34:40 am »
If along the way you do end up restoring some of the scenes from the proto versions such as the zombie coming down the stairs from the Trial version, you may be interested in this one as well:,_1996_(Sample_Ver._01/31)#Unused_zombie_scene

Oh wow, correction but this scene actually exists in the final version. It's just really obscure and very unlikely to be triggered, but here it is recorded in Japanese version 1.0:

Notice how at the end of the video I check the corridor and the zombie I had left there is nowhere to be found.

Personal Projects / Re: Resident Evil: True Director's Cut
« on: April 15, 2021, 02:42:22 pm »
If along the way you do end up restoring some of the scenes from the proto versions such as the zombie coming down the stairs from the Trial version, you may be interested in this one as well:,_1996_(Sample_Ver._01/31)#Unused_zombie_scene

Personal Projects / Re: Resident Evil: True Director's Cut
« on: April 11, 2021, 08:11:25 am »
@ness thanks for adding so much useful information to the TCRF pages. All these years and I'm still learning new things about the development process. It's so cool.

No problem, it pissed me off that so little was documented... but there is a lot to be done. I don't intend to hi-jack this thread, but it's just that there is a LOT to learn from proto/demo versions for potential fixes and improvements.

Here are a few that could be done:

In the Original and Director's Cut modes, the upstairs screen (third row) uses an earlier version of the blue door (earlier than the one found in the demo!) with a misplaced handle. How do I know it's earlier? Because beta versions have tons of misplaced door handle issues that got fixed along the way. Anyway, as you can see from the other side of the door on the first row, in the final version this door shouldn't even have this handle at all! In the Arrange Mode, it should, however they forgot to update the other side of the door as well (first row).
So that makes:
- get rid of door handle decorations on the upstairs screen for the Original mode
- fix the position of the door handle on the upstairs screen for the Arrange Mode (easily done by taking the Demo version of this screen)
- add the door handle on the other side of the door for Arrange Mode. This may be harder to fix if the Arrange Mode uses the same background of the original for this room.

And here is another wrong background in Arrange Mode:

They forgot to update the staircase on the upstairs screen. This may also be hard to fix if Arrange Mode doesn't have its own background data for this room.
Also, there may be similar discrepencies in Arrange Mode in other rooms. I haven't checked yet.

Ideally one should also change the door animation texture so that it matches with the proper handle in Arrange Mode, but I don't know how feasible it is to add an entirely new door anim and have it play.

Edit: BTW it could also be nice to restore the statues puzzle in the armor room to how it was in the Trial version, if possible only in Arrange mode.

Personal Projects / Re: Resident Evil: True Director's Cut
« on: April 09, 2021, 11:08:45 am »
Another awesome gore thing the beta versions have is the decapitated heads of the protagonists, you can see it on the TCRF page, I've been busy updating the TCRF pages (main game and betas) with everything in my power lately (although I've been struggling to view some of the files of the PS1 versions):,_1995_(Sample_Ver._10/04)#Gore

Not only the head remains in the Hunter's hand, but the animation for Hunter looks to be the same as in the final version (I haven't verified this but it didn't seem to be different). So this may or may not be able to be restored as well, if one wants to. Arguably the head looks silly especially because there is no blood coming out of it, so restoring it as is may not look good.

BTW - on the subject of keys that are invisible in most versions, but visible in the Saturn versions, the textures for the models of the keys are present in the room's data which should mean that they were intended to be visible since, someone correct if I'm wrong, the model textures which are part of the rooms' .RDT files are meant for objects seen in the game world (vs the very same texture located in another folder for the inventory version of the same item).  So having them as such in the Saturn version would be considered a fix rather than a design change decision. I haven't yet checked but I'm ready to bet some of these invisible items are actually in the room just on the wrong coordinates, embedded in the background, but it's just a theory.
It's also worth noting that the crest in the cabinet of the armor room is invisible in the original Japanese PlayStation version, but visible in some other versions (and even half visible in one version!), so it looks like they had started to fix some of these invisible items.

Personal Projects / Re: Resident Evil: True Director\\\'s Cut
« on: April 07, 2021, 06:10:00 am »
Will you be adding that as well? Not a big deal at all, especially with the handgun being next to useless so late in the game.

Actually, it only takes 12 Beretta bullets to "kill" the Tyrant in the lab, at least in the Japanese version, meaning that this clip is more than enough to dispose of him. I think it's between 15 and 18 in the western versions.

Anyway this item placement is a liberty from the devs of the PC port as it's nowhere to be found in any other versions, not even the beta version. In a way it makes sense because most bosses have a "plan B" available, but the Tyrant in the lab doesn't, except for this clip in the PC version. Although that makes the Tyrant even less of a threat then he is.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: TMNT 2 (NES) - Options mode
« on: April 06, 2021, 05:48:20 am »
Hey, good work! I hope the RAM map I shared was of help.

Personal Projects / Re: Resident Evil: True Director's Cut
« on: April 06, 2021, 03:56:13 am »
Damn, that's a lot of information. I love all these minute and trivial differences. For most of them, I'll probably require much more experience

I found something that might help for the kicked zombie heads that disappear. Something I noticed while playing the beta "January 31 sample version". As you can see on this screenshot, Jill kicked the head but it's nowhere to be found:

However, if you look into the mirror, you can see the head there, it's a bit hard to make out but it's DEFINITELY the head :

You may also notice that the zombie blood is missing in the mirror world.

This is just a guess but I think this is what happens here:
- another version of every single model is loaded a second time for the mirror effect
- while the real version of the zombie head disappears, the mirror version does not

This would support the theory that there is a piece of code that makes chopped off zombie parts disappear when they reach the end of their course and hit the ground, they would just have forgotten to do that for the mirrored ones also. Thus, it may be possible to disable this piece of code.

As for restoring the actors and voice actors credits, it's to you in the end, but personally I see a potential issue with that. In short: we don't know why some weren't properly credited, and maybe it was because they didn't want to be credited, we don't know that. What we see as homage we be something they don't want, but I guess it's also too late for that considering their names are probably linked to the game everywhere on the internet.

Personal Projects / Re: Resident Evil: True Director's Cut
« on: April 02, 2021, 08:50:31 am »
Here is another interesting bit considering that sign next to the door from the Saturn version.
In the next room, next to the button that unlocks the door, the same sign is present... except in the Saturn version where, instead of turning it into the "ARMS" sign liked they did for the corridor, it's completely missing:



Now check the screenshots again, and notice how the cabinet on the left looks completely different on Saturn as well.

I'm not suggesting putting those background differences in DCDS though, they're more like differences rather than things that are improved upon or straight out missing. But it's pretty interesting to know all those small differences between versions exist, some of which have flown completely under the radar. BTW, on Bio Hazard PC the "BIOHAZARD" logo at the end of the gory ending is plain text (which probably matches the PS1 versions?), but in the Saturn version it's a rotating 3D model. I think there is even someone credited just for that.

Here is something else for you though. The arms aren't the only thing that disappear as part of potential censoring, there is also the zombie heads when kicked. If you try it as Jill on the zombie next to the dressing room, you'll get a good view at what's going on: the kicked head will bounce around, however it will disappear as soon as it finishes its course and touches the ground.



It's also worth noting that I played the mediakite Bio Hazard PC release (the 2nd PC release in Japan), and it's a fully uncensored version with coloured FMVs, Chris smoking, the zombie arms, and the zombie heads, the gory ending etc. The models for the zombie arms and zombie heads don't look very good however, they're all red and look noticeably worse than on Saturn imo:

I don't remember how the other PC versions fare; but it's worth noting that with Gemini's Classic Rebirth patch you can play that mediakite PC version in English (which also means having the backgrounds for the files) and with US difficulty (although afaik you can't turn off auto-aim, not sure). That's not to say DCDS doesn't deserve the touchs up, though, since it is supposed to be uncensored and it has a lot of exclusive content like arrange mode and the other soundtrack.

Personal Projects / Re: Resident Evil: True Director's Cut
« on: April 01, 2021, 03:13:04 pm »
Cool, I hope you find something, I wish I could help.

The Saturn version has some nice details like that:
- The sign next to the guard house basement store room says "ARMS" on Saturn:

- Those three keys are invisible in PS1 versions, but visible on Saturn. Maybe this is also worth investigating, see if you can figure out if their invisibility was intentional, or was it a glitch? The thing that is weird about those on PS1 is that they shine despite being invisible. It's not really a big deal for the small keys, but I always thought the key in the store room was too easy to miss.

- The vats are broken on Saturn, most likely due to the Saturn's lack of transparency. It's worth noting that you still can not shoot through them.

- On PS1, when you play as Rebecca in the guard house, her inventory will hold anything she picked up during the first time you played as her in the mansion. On Saturn, her inventory is reset (empty except for the Beretta). However, there is a glitch that allows you to get back some of the items (all but the one located in the 2nd slot): you need to pick up one container and immediatelly fill it with water or UMB N#. The items will magically re-appear in the inventory!

On a semi-unrelated note, another "improvement" I could suggest that goes beyond the scope of restoration is making sure Rebecca can not pick-up the small key that is located in a cup in the guard house. Indeed, that is the only non-supply item she can pick up, despite not being able to use the key, nor is she able to pick up other small keys, so it's definitely unintended. The fact that she can pick it up however makes it slightly more likely for the player to soft-lock himself (if you pick-up 3 blue herbs, or 2 blue herbs and the small key, and then pick up two containers in the v-jolt room, that leads into a soft-lock).

Personal Projects / Re: Resident Evil: True Director's Cut
« on: April 01, 2021, 08:32:53 am »
Here is a little censoring bit I just found out about and I see it neither in ShadowOne333's list, nor on the TCRF page.

Here is two screenshots of the Saturn Japanese Bio Hazard:

Now, here is Resident Evil: Director's Cut Dual Shock (NTSC-U):

When you shoot off zombie arms, they can be seen on the ground in the Japanese Saturn version, but in DCDS (USA), you can see the arm being shot off and flying in the air, you can see the puddle of blood where the arm is supposed to have landed, but the arm is nowhere to be found on the ground. Since the model for the arm exists, my guess is that it is programmed to be deleted as it hits the ground, but it's just a guess. Maybe I'm wrong, and instead of being censoring, this is something that was added in the Saturn version rather than something that was deleted in other versions ? Either way it would be nice to see the arm in RE:DC.

I don't have the courage to check every version and every region of every version to find out which versions have the arm (although some versions in some regions do have some interesting differences, for instance I vividly recall the PAL Director's Cut, or at the very least the French one, have intro in colour) but I did a quick test in the original Japanese Playstation Bio Hazard version, and not only the arm isn't present either, but I failed to see the puddle of blood. In short, from what I gather:
Bio Hazard (Japan, PSX): no puddle of blood, no arm
Resident Evil Director's Cut Dual Shock (USA, PSX): puddle of blood with no arm
Bio Hazard (Japan, Saturn): puddle of blood + arm

On a side note, does anyone know the differences between these two Playstation versions?
- Bio Hazard (Japan)
- Bio Hazard (Japan) (Rev 1)

Personal Projects / Re: Resident Evil: True Director\'s Cut
« on: March 31, 2021, 04:20:12 pm »
That TV ad really caught my attention. Sadly, I've just checked all three Betas and the Trial version, none of them have it, so I don't know if we can look for it elsewhere.

Indeed, maybe it'll re-surface one day.

I really have no idea. Just from a very short analysis that I did, I think the English text has a black background, whereas the Japanese text is transparent, therefore allowing for a behind layer to show up if I make sense. It's not a glitch because the background files are simply absent from the original USA and Director's Cut release. They're present in the DualShock version, which makes me think that Capcom planned to add them back at some point but remained unused for some odd reason.

Sounds like they may have ran out of time to implement them!

All in all yeah, the PSX version is not the easiest one to mod, to be honest. I don't want you guys to think that I don't care about your suggestions, I really would like to implement them, but it's not an easy task, at least to me, since I'm still quite new at RE modding.

Don't worry, I understand. PSX hacking seems to be on a whole other level compared to what I've been doing.

Personal Projects / Re: Resident Evil: True Director's Cut
« on: March 31, 2021, 11:10:09 am »
Thanks for making a version that keeps the original Dualshock soundtrack. I really hope you consider making a version with a fixed basement track.

Would you consider improvements that go beyond the scope of restoration and adding beta materials? If so, it would be nice if after dropping a key, the inventory menu would shut off by itself.

Also, I stumbled upon this:

This commercial shows bits of the shark FMV that were cut in the final game. I always thought that the shark FMV was cut weird, I wonder if they cut these frames because they thought the models don't look very good at all (if you think about it, the CG models of Jill/Chris in FMVs are only ever shown from the back, and for short periods of time). Anyway, I really doubt this FMV is available anywhere but I'll ask anyway since I never checked the available beta versions, would there be a way to restore that?

Also, do you have any idea why they cut the background of files in the western versions? Is it a glitch? Did they use the space to store something else (text data maybe)?

Finally, according to TCRF , there is a variant of the ending credits in the Japanese version. Is this included in your FMVs restoration or will it?

Personal Projects / Re: Resident Evil: True Director's Cut
« on: March 25, 2021, 10:26:08 am »
Good work! For the longest time I didn't know the US version was censored because I had the PAL version as a teen.
This is interesting, but why not giving this treatment to the original Director's Cut rather than the Dualshock version?
Seems to me that the whole point of playing the Dualshock version is to get the alternate soundtrack.
Outside of stories regarding the composer(s) which have little to do with the quality of the OST, the only "controversial" track is the basement track which apparently uses the wrong soundfount, which is why it sounds so horrible. Here is a version with another soundfount:

Rather than getting rid of the entire OST, making a hack that would put a fixed version of the track into the game would be great, I think a lot of people would be thankful.

On a side note about the "wrong soundfont used" theory, I can't be positive the story is true, but I heard someone say they had the same equipment as what was used to make the OST of the Dualshock version. He claimed that if you turned off the keyboard and then turned it back on, it would fall back to a default soundfont, which is the one used in the basement track.

Yeah it hit me after I said it that maybe it was intentional so that it's just like in THH. I know it's not possible in THH, when I want to do two shoulder bashes in a row I often have to walk back a little bit, run, then attack again (without doing that you tend to run through the enemy before activating the second shoulder bash).

The thing is, that behaviour is totally fine for THH, because being able to chain shoulder bashes like in TIT would break the game ever more than it already is. THH has worse enemies/bosses AI, once you know the game, they pretty much can't do anything, except run to the other side of the screen (for bosses), and the windows to hit enemies are huge. In TIT, enemies and bosses have better AI and the windows to hit them are smaller, with more wait time, more i-frames, which is why I think it's important to be able to chain up shoulder bashes easily and quickly once you catch those windows. The best example of that being Slash but to a lesser extent even Stone Warriors because you want the threat taken care of asap. Personally I wouldn't want that possibility taken out.

It's not as important but I also use the fact that you're still running after a diagonal walk, especially against Leatherhead, if my prediction of where he's going to run to is off.
When I heard people say they wanted the running to be just like THH, I imagined they meant being able to press the run button any time after having pressed a direction (and not just quickly after like in the og TIT), nothing more, nothing less.

Good job!

The issue though is that you cancel the running at times it shouldn't (the cause may be that you're using the Auto function rather than manual). Example:

- Perform a shoulder bash, you should be able to perform another, and another, and another etc just by pressing the attack button again. In your version one needs to press a direction, then the shoulder button, then attack again.

- It should also be possible to run, walk diagonally in the same direction, then instantly run again in that same direction, without having to press the run button again. Basically this works as long as you keep to the same left/right direction. Example: run towards the right, walk diagonally upward (up+right), let go of the Up button -> you should be instantly running again to the right direction.

Is there any chance of adding 4 players to any of those Ninja turtle games?

If there is, it's way out of my league!

March 17, 2021, 03:11:05 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
- Released the small balance tweaks for TMNT4:

- Updated "run with L/R". The only change was moving the code around so the hack is compatible with the MSU-1 hack. Blade133bo used it in his Spanish translation:

- Updated the TMNT4 Character Guide on gamefaqs. Added/fixed what was discussed here and fixed a couple of attack range values also. I haven't added anything regarding the VS mode because I've never even played that.

- The Hyperstone Heist character guide is also up on gamefaqs:

I see what you mean now, I knew about the second shoulder bash but I didn't realize it dealt a different amount of damage. The thing is, the window for it is really short: if you attack too soon you get a slide, if you attack too late the cycle is over and you get a regular shoulder bash instead. That's what happened when I ran my tests, I was a bit too late and was getting regular shoulder bashes, and since it uses the same animation, I didn't realize, so I thought it was simply another way to get the regular shoulder bash.

I completely forgot to add the running special and Raph's alternate 3rd hit though, even though I knew about them (I have the running special in my THH guide that's not uploaded yet). I'll add those as well. I'm checking everything a second time, apparently I got some values wrong for Raph's range too.

Darn, just my luck. I was hoping for a TMNT IV hack that felt and played just like Hyperstone Heist  :(
but, this one you're working on sounds good  :thumbsup:
Did this request I've made a while back made you want to work on this hack by any chance?

Ha well, it looks like everyone wants that HH running. Maybe I'll try to do it.

nice guide.  i was gonna make one like that eventually, but am lazy and a poor manager of ample free time.

take a look at the 2 old SDA posts linked here:

where Nitsuja (via snorlax) and i are differing from yours:
- sliding = Don
- downward jump kick = Don
- upward jump kick = Leo
- mid-air weapon attack = Don
- special = Leo

some things you're missing:
1) the fifth kick, namely the hovering style deal as a continuation of a run
2) throw (versus only, damage determined by throwee, not thrower)
3) the follow-up, uber powerful shoulder ram.  yes, i'm pretty sure this is the nonsensically named and poorly explained "Cannonball" from the instruction booklet, which i wouldn't learn how to do YEARS later until reading about it online.
4) a number of the external/unconventional damages (e.g. foot soldier slamming, ambient projectiles)
5) the randomly swapped in inferior (3 damage) 3rd regular attack for Raph.  i forget whether there was a criterion like Game Difficulty, or if this was across the board random.  will check my notes.

small gripe: switch Don and Raph in Section 1, HP values.  Don's first everywhere else! :P

Interesting. I'll check those damage values that differ, and I can add the missing things.
However what you call "1)the fifth kick, namely the hovering style deal as a continuation of a run", I think this is what I call the "post run kick"? Which is to say the standing kick that is performed after performing a shoulder bash, when letting go of the direciton on the d-pad.
And isn't your point "3)" what I call the shoulder bash? Running + attack (or running + jump + attack at the end of the cycle). So I think both of these are in there. It's not easy coming up with attack names! I didn't think of checking if there are official names in manuals or if there is an official guide.
As for throw, this just made me think it's not just VS only, I could also add the damage dealt when throwing Stone Warrior onto another.

Any thoughts about the balancing things I mentionned? I just realized Don's range does matter more than I thought, but at the same time he's slow and dies quickly so I still think it's worth adding those +1 dmg values in those two attacks.

Also if you have any idea how to get values for attacks timing, let me know. For the 4 regular attacks combo I'm interested in:
1) how long each attack lasts
2) at which frames does it start to register as a hit

For instance, I'm pretty sure that for Mike's 2nd hit from the regular attack combo, it takes more time for the attack to register as a hit, meaning you're more likely to get hit when you use it. This seems pretty obvious to me in the special stages for instance. But so far I was unable to get accurate numbers.

Personal Projects / Re: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 & 3 hacking
« on: March 14, 2021, 11:18:14 am »
I'm working on a small rebalancing hack of TMNT4 Turtles In Time for SNES.
Balancing not being an easy thing, I'd like to get people's opinion on this.

For reference, here is a character guide I wrote which details various stats of the turtles (everything that matters minus the attacks timing I wasn't able to get):

- The main issue I noticed is how gimped Leo's range is: on the first, second and third hit of this regular attack combo (all hits except for the 3rd), you can visibily see his katana go through enemies but the hit will not connect. His range is worse than Raph's and I see no reason for that being the case.
What I've done so far:
- Increased the range of the first combo hit by 6: 68->74 (pixels difference in decimal value between the turtle X pos and the enemy's X pos)
- Increased the range of the second hit by two: 60->62
- Increased the range of the fourth hit by 4: 52->56

That still makes his range worse than Raph's but at least now there is no discrepency between the visual and the actual hit detection.

- Secondly, I see little reason why Donatello's hits are so weak. Yes, there is his range, but honestly his increased range matters little in the grand scheme of things, and he's already weak due to his slow speed and low HP.
What I've done so far:
- increased the damage of his first regular attack hit by 1: 3->4
- increased the damage of his shoulder bash by 1: 7->8 (which brings it on the same level as other Turtles)

Thoughts anyone?
I don't really want to reduce anyone's stats even if Mike is clearly OP and Raph could also use some small reductions here and there; I'd rather improve the weak turtles instead.

Another thing I've done is move the invisible wall on the right side of the screen by 15 pixels to the right. There was a huge discrepency between how much you can walk to the side of the screen on the left vs the right side, and this helped. More than 15 pixels can cause glitches. This only affects scroll stoppers when enemy waves start, it doesn't affect boss fights or other things.

As for the "run with L/R" romhack that I've made:

People are asking to make it just like in The Hyperstone Heist but I don't think I will. First of all, all the best moves in the game (shoulder bash, sliding, post run kick) are achieved via running, so running should take a bit of skill and imo shouldn't be an immediate thing for balancing reasons, and double tapping does just that. Secondly, by having the second input set to L/R I personally pretty much never fail to run anymore, I only fail a running sequence maybe once per playthrough. Once you get used to it, it's really simple.
The immediate running in HH really breaks the game as you can spam all the best moves with low risk and low effort.

Personal Projects / Re: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 & 3 hacking
« on: February 28, 2021, 02:12:32 pm »
TMNT2 - Bugfix&Polish updated to v1.2:

Also I had forgotten to include the comparison gifs and pictures in the v1.1 version, they're back now, with additions for v1.1 and 1.2

- Some more polishing on the intro: placement of Raphael, placement of the "Fire!" speech bubble and of its tail.
That's on top of the fixes for the intro done in v1.1 (see intro.gif in both v11 and v12 folders).
- Added Krang's missing hand during his spawning animation (see Krang_spawn_hand.gif)
- Replaced a few tiles for the blown-up wall during the vertical scrolling of Scene 2 (see blownupwall.gif)
- Some minor pixel polish on some of the Turtles portraits in the characters select as well as during the ending
- Added a few missing pixels for the outline of Foot Soldiers defeated frames, as well as for the blue Stone Warrior.
- For the bushes in Scene 3, replaced the row of black pixels at their top by blue pixels, so that it fades better into
the water.
- More clean up on the outlines for the Spear and Hammer Foot. Also got rid of the stray black pixel on the Spear's
leg, sadly couldn't do the same for Hammer.

I updated the intro according to Sic's feedback. I also updated some background tiles for the blown-up wall of Scene 2, that thing always bothered me. Did the best I could under the circumstances, editing background graphics via hex only is painful. I also can't for the life of me find how they set palette for background tiles in this game.

As you can see on TCRF: , I found two previews of the game where that wall wasn't blown-up yet, so I think it was a very late addition and it looked unfinished in some parts. I wonder if the reason they blew up that wall was to partially hide how glitchy the vertical scrolling looks? Notice how there is a horizontal line of black pixels seperating both screens between the top and bottom screens, and coincidentally the blown-up parts of the wall are all around that line....

Also for some reasons Krang's spawning frame was missing an arm. The rest is more minor.

In other news I realized that TMNT3 - Turtle Swap has a couple of graphical glitches that can occur in menus. Nothing that affects gameplay but I'll try and fix them eventually, although the question of available space and compatibility with other hacks is still an issue, but I'll try to looking into it at some point.

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