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I'd love to see a hack of TMNT IV: Turtles in Time for the SNES that would replace "double tap a direction" with a run button similar to TMNT: Hyperstone Heist for the Genesis.

I'd love (if one doesn't already exist) a hack for Super Mario World that saves which Dragon Coins you've collected and shows you on the map which ones you've found for each stage.

Hey there. Loving this hack so far! But I found a tiny typo in Baron's town.

Looks like you're missing the word "into".

Code: [Select]
I beg you,don't drag
Rosa into it.

Would love to see the Quintet classics "Soul Blazer", "Illusion of Gaia", and "Terranigma" re-translated. By using the text font from Actraiser you'll free up screen real estate without having to mess with making a variable width font. Actraiser's font is half the height of the font used in the other three games.

These games are well known for being poorly translated the first time around. In Illusion of Gaia alone there are many issues with the speaker being misquoted, creatures being mis-named (like Leviathan is called "Riverson"), there are times when Will is thinking to himself but the dialogue suggests he's speaking out loud. And that's just one of the three games.

I believe there have been attempts to clean up the dialogue, but those have all started with the U.S. or Europe releases. Because of these issues, and the large following these games have, I think the "Quintet Trilogy" is an ideal set of candidates for re-translation from the original Japanese.

Does skill level affect anything besides CP cost?

Yes it does. I had to look it up to be sure. :)

From GameFAQs:
"Skill affects your Attack Damage, Hit%, Magic Attack Multiplier and Steal rate. It also lowers the amount of Capacity points required to change into that job."

Newcomer's Board / Re: Do these two ff3 hacks work together?
« on: August 24, 2018, 01:31:41 pm »
Hello! I'm the author of the Job System Improvement hack.

EDIT: I can confirm now that it looks like my Job System hacks all work with the ChaosRush translation. I didn't compare changed offsets, but I applied my hacks and played around in the menu and all my changes were working and nothing looked out of the ordinary!

One thing to keep in mind is that the Chaos Rush translation already shows Skill Level on the Job menu. So if that part of my hack is applied you'd see duplicate values. On the other hand, if you don't use that part you'll see CP Costs that are irrelevant. lol I wouldn't mind getting together with Chaos Rush to add an optional patch for just blanking those values out.

I can confirm that so far it seems to work with Adrian's B-Button Dash and the individual patch for "Flee BugFix" from Maeson's mix, since I have those applied to my personal copy.

Also, the latest version (v2.1) includes some changes to allow players to skip the whole "remove my character's equipment before changing jobs" process by automatically removing gear when you select a job. It also removes some extra prompts and inputs and fixes an aesthetic Job menu bug, so be sure to grab the latest version. Note: I changed the hack title to reflect that it's a bit more comprehensive than just a "Free Jobs" hack.

I'm taking a few days to step away from this hack. It is my first ASM hack, and as I approached the finish line and found and eliminated bugs and tried to keep my versions straight I managed to work myself right into a bout of stress and anxiety.  :-\ Just need to find a better workflow if I'm going to keep up with ASM hacking. :)

Thanks for downloading these and giving them a try!

It'd be nice to add a feature to the original Dragon Warrior that awards you some percentage (say 50%) of the Gold and EXP you would get from a monster when it runs away.

I think a SRAM hack for the Battle Kid games would be great. Just save the game when you interact with a Continue Point.

Had an idea for a ROM hack today! I kind of opened up the game in VBA to see what I could find, but this is above my pay grade. ;)

Game: Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls

Summary: Hack the minigames to make them more simlilar and make rewards more attainable.

More detail:
  • In the Snowcraft minigame in FF2, the timer doesn't begin counting until you make your first selection. The timer in FF1's Ship minigame starts counting right away. This hack would change the FF1 Ship minigame timer so that it doesn't start until you move your first piece (to be more silmilar to FF2's minigame, and to allow players a chance to plan their first few moves in peace). Depending on when the board is shuffled, this might just be a case of revealing the board before you choose "Yes" to start. But if it shuffles after that it might be a bit tougher.
  • This hack would also make all rewards from the FF1 Ship minigame available no matter what your final time is. There are already a few rewards you can get no matter what your time is, this would simply put all possible rewards in that category. In addition, this hack would make all rewards in the FF2 Snowcraft minigame available no matter how many moves you took to finish. In both cases the high-end rewards would still be random, so the rewards wouldn't be that easy to get.

Reasoning: The minigames add both a nice diversion from the game and a way to get some cool items. Right now, you can cheese the minigames anyway by pausing or save-state scumming to give yourself time to think. And to get the best rewards you're basically forced to do so. This hack simply makes the whole process a lot smoother by allowing you to simply play the minigame without stressing about pausing and racing through your moves.

Bad news?: I did a bit of digging and unfortunately it looks like in all of the FF1&2:DoS data I could find there's nothing about the location of mini-game data, or the timer, or the rewards. :( So this potentially would take quite a bit of searching to figure out.

How about a hack of Final Fantasy Origins for the Playstation that adds a small delay between pressing a key and the key press repeating?

Origins would probably be my favorite version of FF1 and FF2 if not for that issue (many times I thought I pressed a direction key once, but it actually moved the cursor twice or more).

When I originally was playing around with this I was using the VWF hack as a base because that's just how I intended to play it. At the time I didn't think really about releasing a hack.

Ideally I'd like to not require a header since I don't see the point of them either but I would like it to be compatible with the VWF patch. Is it unheard of to release a hack with two .ips files? One for headered and one for non-headered?

EDIT: Also I have not tested with multiple players, as this hack is intended for a single-player experience. The dead zone is almost certainly too small for multiple players to have an experience anything like the original game.

Thank you both for your help on this! I did spend some time yesterday searching using Dr. Floppy's help but never quite stumbled onto the right addresses.

Also no need to feel bad about giving it away zhade; before I just started entering values I did search for the string you suggested and there was only one match. ;)

I'm just glad I seemed to be on the right track; maybe there's hope for me in ROM hacking yet. :)

Secret of Mana has a really large deadzone you can walk around before the game starts scrolling the map. This was likely done to accommodate having multiple players on the same screen at once. But in single-player it's more of an annoyance. You have to get so close to the edge of the screen for it to start scrolling that enemies appear right on top of you. So I'd like to shrink this dead zone to something a bit more reasonable (for single-player playthroughs).

I opened my Secret of Mana ROM (actually the VWF rom) in Snes9x-rr, and using some data from a RAM map and a little searching I found the values in RAM that represent the player's x and y coordinates relative to the screen. When you reach the point of scrolling, they stick to a particular value. So now I have those numbers:
Code: [Select]
0x38 to 0xC6 - horizontally
0x48 to 0xAD - vertically

In between those values the player moves freely. Hit those values and continue in that direction, and the map scrolls. Yay!

So, here's where my research breaks down. I don't know assembly, but I am a C# programmer, so I figured there must be a set of conditional statements in the ROM somewhere that have those values hardcoded. Something like:
Code: [Select]
if(hpos <= 0x38)
  scroll screen left
if(hpos >= 0xC6)
  scroll screen right
if(vpos <= 0x48)
  scroll screen up
if(vpos >= 0xAD)
  scroll screen down

So I guess my question is, am I even on the right track? Is it likely to be as easy as finding those 4 values relatively close together in the ROM with a simple hex editor?

I mentioned a control hack for Illusion of Gaia that would basically add "sprint" to a face button instead of needing to double-tap a d-pad direction, but now that I'm playing the Secret of Mana "Variable Width Font" Edition, I'd also love to see it with a variable width font, plus a little grammar clean up.

How about a controls hack for Illusion of Gaia?

There are two control schemes and they both leave TWO of the four face buttons unused. Personally I've always disliked the "double-tap direction" style for running and wished I could just use one of the face buttons to run. Or even one of the shoulder buttons, since both L and R do the same thing.

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