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News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Shadowrun 2058 - New Update!
« on: March 14, 2021, 06:21:11 pm »
It appears that you also fixed the cyberware stat bug, is that correct?  Because supposedly in the vanilla game if you have a stat that cyberware boosts already maxed before it is installed then the cyberware does nothing.  For example, if your body is already at 6 and you install dermal plating then you don't get any benefit but if body is at 5 when it is installed then it goes to "5 c6" and when you increase it to 6 it becomes "6 c7".

Well having gotten around to replaying Skies of Arcadia again and using the latest version of your patch I see it has been improved quite a bit compared to when I last played it with patch 1.2.  The first boss is definitely easier/more balanced and feels less like a luck based mission than before.  I also noticed the drop rate for silvite rings seems to be higher making it fairly easy to get 4 of them before even entering Maramba as while they are no longer quite as necessary as they were in vanilla the standard Delta Shield/Justice Shield combo is more expensive so it is a good idea to get at least 4 early on.  Of course, getting Sacrum as early as possible (ideally before you go to Valua the first time, or at least before you fight the boss in the sewers) is still highly recommended and is easy to do.

Note that in this playthrough I haven't reached the final boss(es) yet or fought the bonus bounty (one of the three secrets) but I have done everything except that.

Well having played through most of the game with your hack (v1.1/1.2) it definitely improved things in most cases.  Here is what I noticed.

1.  The first boss was nearly impossible and pretty much a pure luck based mission even with both characters knowing sacri, mostly because of extremely limited restoration items and no way to rest and heal up, thus you need to only fight a bare minimum of battles (just barely enough to learn the sacri spell) if you want to have enough resources left over to even a chance of beating the boss.  Fortunately that is the only super hard point.

2.  Although the first boss fight is extremely hard, some of the other early game bosses are actually easier in some ways.  Especially the
, given how easy it is to get the sacrum spell early on.

3.  Due to increased cost of justice/delta shield, getting 4x silvite rings ASAP is a must, definitely before fighting

I have tried to apply the alternative patch to the game iso but all I get is a ~7MB output file.  Also, are saved games (memcard saves, not save states) from the 1.0 version of the patch compatible with the 1.1 patch?

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