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Hello Optomon, i've tried to send you a PM via RomHacking Forum but your inbox is full.

To fix that one Treasure in the Woods you will have to change the value 94 to 86 in 1B90A. I've tested all the other Treasures in the Game and they all do work except for this one in the Woods. Great Game with a lot of details! i hope you get some free space in your inbox because i have a question for you.
Personal Projects / Re: RomPatcher.js
July 23, 2017, 08:26:40 AM
This is great. It would be a big step up for if this feature would be implemented into the ROM Hack Database. Patching ROMs directly on any device via Browser would make ROMHacking more accessible.

Browse and select a Patch from the ROMHacking Database, choose the file to patch on your HDD. CRC Check if needed and Captcha before patching to make sure the Servers won't be overloaded and done. It can't get easier and faster than this.
Assets, Weapons and Robot Masters are definitely missing but i am sure they will add more content with upcoming updates. The Mega Maker is good for quickly creating Levels and instantly play testing them and the feature to share the user created content in-game without browsing and downloading the content from Websites.

What i would like to see is changing the AI of the Robot Masters because the standard AI pattern is getting boring after a while. ROM Hacking may not have the best Level editors but you get more freedom of changing a Game with ASM Hacking. I've played a Mega Man 5 Hack (Mega Man V: Second Strike) which has a new AI pattern and its much better and more challenging than the original AI pattern, stuff like this makes the Game refreshing, this is why ROM Hacking is still a viable option.
I can't say anything about the 3DS but its good on the N3DS, i love it. I recommend you bubble2k16's SNES9x and VirtuaNES Ports as they are both very well done, the GUI is nice and you should get full speed in every Game. Use RetroArch for any other Emulator.
Mega Maker is what the name says a Mega Man Fan Game similar to Super Mario Maker or Super Mario Bros X which lets you create and share Levels.
It looks very promising, i am sure it will be successful if Capcom doesn't takes it down which they probably will. The release is only few days away.

edit: Mega Maker has been released! :woot!:
Fantastic work as usual nesrocks!

Now it actually looks like a NES Game and not Atari 2600. I only played this Game on SMS but i may try this version out once its released. Do you plan on putting Street Lines on the City Overview? I remember this Game not being that enjoyable at all, it wouldn't hurt if you could adjust the Gameplay a little bit to make it more interesting to play by maybe adding new stuff because the Gameplay really felt like a C64 Game.
This is really fantastic work. I was always wondering if it could be possible to enhance the NES graphics with Graphic Packs without patching the Original ROMs. This Emulator proves it that it is indeed possible. I hope someone with the knowledge can make a NES Emulator (or other Systems) which supports this sort of Graphic Enchantment via Graphic Packs. This is a big step in the right direction as far as modding/hacking goes. :thumbsup:
Quote from: Jorpho on April 25, 2017, 10:55:56 PM
I'm not clear on what the point of these is, exactly.  In most situations where you can load up a ROM, it's easy enough just to have multiple ROMs, isn't it?  I guess you could stick them on a repro cart, but those are relatively costly and difficult to make.
I guess a Multi Cart ROM with Mega Man 1-3 could lead to something like the Mega Man Legacy Edition has done with the Challenge Mode where you quickly switch from one game to another without loading the next ROM.
Gaming Discussion / Re: Gaming Therapy
April 16, 2017, 10:05:48 AM
I always saw video games as a form of mental training or stress reliever depending on the current situation and game genre. Turn Based RPGs for example can help improve a persons memory and mathematic skills. It's just the mass media who tries to make video games look bad, especially for childrens. But when was the mass media ever been positive about anything, right?
Wave Race (Nintendo 64)

  • Level Editor

Not exactly a Hack but i would love to see someone creating a Level Editor for one of the best looking game from the 5th Gen.
ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Hacker's Block
April 08, 2017, 06:36:53 AM
I think it was something to do with the lack of feedback for projects especially for newcomers and people who have the passion but not the knowledge yet. We should encourage these people because passion is what keeps a person motivated to continue their work and there is always room for improvement or to learn something new. Constructive criticism in form of feedback, reviews helps a lot.

If you are working on a project you dislike then there is in my opinion no reason continue working on it, keep the ideas and put it into a new project because nobody enjoys Shovelware. If you enjoy your own project then there is a high chance that other people may enjoy it as well.

Never forget that Rom Hacking is timeless and will never go away, look how popular the Emulators like RetroArch for Android and other devices are or how many people are building their own Emulator Machine with Raspberry Pis. A lot of people still play and love Retro Games and Rom Hacking makes this hobby more enjoyable than it already is.
Quote from: GameDragon on April 03, 2017, 01:52:36 PM
Haha, I came here to post just that. I didn't think anyone would beat me to it. :thumbsup:

I checked the RA site every day to see if the Metroid Roque Dawn Achievements are online.

Thank you so much for creating the Achievements, i am gonna try to get them all. Awesome job! :beer:

edit: text correction
Just want to let you know that GameDragon made Retro Achievements for Metroid Roque Dawn :woot!:
Fantastic graphics editing skills! it looks like Original from the previews i've seen. I am gonna try it out when i get some free time.
Don't remove the power jump, make it more accessible instead. Its a nice unique feature but it takes to long to charge and you can't perform it while moving. I think it would be a nice addition to the game or a game changer if you could perform a power jump on the move by holding B to charge it up and A to execute the power jump. Mario 64 has something similar to the power jump but just in many different directions. I would like to see a power jump overhaul in SMB2 instead of it being removed.
Quote from: nesrocks on March 22, 2017, 01:25:11 AM
I couldn't find a video of it running in 2 players mode. I can't imagine this game in 2 players, it sounds insane  :laugh:

The 2 player mode in the C64 version is similar to the Mario games where the players switch if one of them dies. We (a friend and me) had this competition going who could go the furthest but none of us could ever beat the game, the jumping is unusual because you have to press up on the C64 Stick to jump but it has its own charm for being different. If i remember correctly then you could play 2 player mode with only one controller.

Here is a video of showing 2 player mode in the C64 version, the video itself is 1P only.

edit: text correction
The game was a lot of fun on the C64 in 2 player mode. Nice challenging game! i can see why you came up with the Speedrun Edition. :beer:
Most of you have probably already seen this trailer but for the ones who didn't here you go.
For Hard Mode, you could make it so that the 4 playable characters can only use their abilities such as higher jump (luigi), faster moving (toad) and flying (princess) only when they are big (powered up by the mushroom) and the character who died in the current level can't be reselected again until the level is completed, if all 4 are dead then you have to restart the current chapter again.
Thanks for doing these PAL-NTSC patches, your work is much appreciated.

For those who are interested in the regional differences in these Games