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Hi there! I'm glad to hear you enjoy Stardom Warriors! :D

Well... I can also appreciate your desire to learn about the weirdness in this unbelievably obscure game, which is why it pains me to tell you that this is a true "Kaizo" hack. I restored most of the things I censored or changed from the original, but I also cranked up the difficult drastically. I also changed some other things that aren't even accurate ("Mementos Juice" oceans, final boss design, etc.). Overall, most of the biggest localization changes are undone, so they would be worth looking at. However, you'll probably have to do more grinding and be familiar with how the game works beforehand. If you'd really like to see what's in there, I can PM you a some cheat codes for FCEUX so you can toggle encounters, get the boat early, and have infinite stuff.

Thank you for supporting my localizations! :)

Thanks for answering, Polinym!
Haha, no worries, Stardom Warrior is really an amazing localization.
So when i complete it i will replay the KAIZO version and enjoy changing the dippers of the girls.
Damn, one can't just stop getting amaze with this kind of games.
I wonder if Idol's managers on Japan had to reach that level of responsability over the star they manage.

Anyway, since i love your trailer, i will try playing SW and LICKQ both at the same time. Checking the differences and the difficulty increased, and suffer it probably hahaha.

Will be waiting for your next localization!
Best of lucks!

Hi, Polinym, how you doing?
I rally like your work, especialy on this kind of obscure JRPG that come for the famicon.
It satiric and parodic nature are something i would really love to see more on western games, but well, at least we have this ;)
I love the localization work you made on Stardom Warrior, but to know the original game, thus this de-localization, is also really welcomed to us players that like to know about japanese weird things.

I would like to ask you something about the nature of this hack.
It is really a KAIZO version or is just the original difficulty of the japanese release restored?

The same question apply to the changes mentioned above, are they really changes or just restored from how they were originally?

I only ask this as i would love to experience the game as it was released originaly for the famicom.

Thanks for your time, and i hope you can keep working on translations and amazing hacks.

have a nice day!

Thanks for making this translation!!! I love Metal Max games!!!

Just a suggestion, made two patchers, one for 32 bits and other for 64 bits.

I have a 32 bits WIN7 and i had to search an xdelta3 patcher compatible with 32 bits.

Just a suggestion as maybe other people don't know much about those things and they will not know what to do.

Aside from that, its just perfect ;)

Personal Projects / Re: For the Frog the Bell Tolls DX (WIP)
« on: November 25, 2018, 02:02:08 pm »
Please Toruzz, don't let this hack to die. I saw the work in progress and its wonderfull.
The color hacks you make are something this community really needs. There are a lot of amazing old games that need more love, and this is the prime example.

Please, take your time, but continue with this hack, i know a lot of players waiting to play the game in full color glory.

Sorry if i sound a little rude, but after seeing no update since may, i get a little worried about this hack.

I hope you can have the sufficient time to work in it.

Have a nice day!

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