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I recorded issues people brought up here.

If there are more, submit them at github or send a PM. I'm interested in fixing minor issues but translating with a different philosophy would need to be a new project.

I also tweaked the translation tool and made sure it runs  here.

For now, I'll collect bug reports on the translation patch. I like the idea of a "typo fix" release, but I'm going to wait and see given that some of the work Toruzz is doing could allow for other improvements.

I also wrote some long-winded thoughts about project history and translation philosophy which I put here rather than subject people to a 1000 word forum post.

I haven't had a chance to read through and think about the recent lengthy posts yet. Since there is interest in an updated patch, I'll try to do that and also dig up my old stuff when I get a chance.

A reminder that requests for status updates are discouraged. :police:

I remember the good old days when I was on the other side of this statement. 8)  Completion is in sight. It seems that Zelda's anniversary has generated an uptick in interest for this almost 18 and a half year old game.

A few people have been beta testing.  I need to fix all the glitches they've found and make sure the game doesn't crash.

I believe there is only one technical issue left, the save/diary screen.  I haven't come up with an elegant solution for translating this screen (although I have an inelegant solution in mind).  I'll post the details in a Coding/Programming thread at some point and maybe some more experienced hackers can help.

As for those who have offered assistance, I have your months old emails in my inbox labeled with the appropriate "Kaeru Dark Green" GMail label and I will be getting back to you.

The Jumbo text I haven't completely decided on yet, but I'm thinking of making it similar to what you did in your hacking experiments.  There should be enough space for the appropriate English letters that will be needed.

Also, I don't know why people keep talking about censorship,  there's not really much to censor, anyway.  Of the first 500 lines, I only saw maybe one or two that Nintendo would have had a problem with (other than some religious/spiritual sounding phrases too like "Holy Power").  I mean, most of the place names are types of dessert...

I figured more people have heard of this game than actually seen it, so I made a short video of the first few minutes of the work in progress patch:

There's still a lot of work left (especially with Text spacing), but things are progressing smoothly so far.

Currently, Eien Ni Hen is working on the first draft of the script.  Most of the hacking work is done except for a few menus and of course the inevitable bugs that will be found when the full English script is actually inserted.

Hacking-wise, I believe inserted text can be at least as high of quality as Link's Awakening, if not more so.  Someone very skilled at assembly hacking could probably completely rewrite the text-drawing routines to allow for a lot more space or VWF, but I'm not really actively pursuing that at this time as I'm guessing that would be extremely difficult and the translation quality shouldn't be too limited by technical issues.  When the final version of the English patch is finished, I'll try to organize and release all of my notes and source code.

I'll be sure let everyone know if anything important happens.

Just tell all your friends about the game and how they are going to have to play it...until then, they can spend a few months trying to beat the bomb diffusion sequence in Policenauts...

Greetings once again.  Here is a progress update for anyone interested:

I'm nearly finished with the custom text editor for "For the Frog the Bell Tolls.", and I hope to release it along with my technical notes to the public after an English translation is released.  Some of its features are kind of self-explanatory in the screen below:

Now, a translator is needed.  The game is text heavy, with about 1400 lines of dialog (each consisting of a few sentences), and the utility allows you use up to ~80% more characters than the original Japanese release did.

If anyone is really interested in a language other than English and have a gameboy font that could be used (with an alphabet <~100 characters), give me a PM.

News Submissions / Re: Site: RHDN 3rd Anniversary Reflection
« on: December 29, 2008, 03:34:14 am »
I've only posted once before, and I haven't read the forums very often until recently,
but as a newbie I believe I can offer some helpful observations.

To me, this site's rules (and the news postings describing new rules to prevent the site's deterioration)
are a bit overwhelming.  They are the first thing a respectful person will read before posting and yet they
set a bad tone with their anger and all caps (yelling) demands.

In my opinion, the respectful will be deterred from participation by these 'rules written in angst' and the ignorant will not read or heed them anyway.

What does the site mean to me?  You've taken information that was once scattered across hundreds of outdated, web 1.0 pages and gathered it and its reclusive creators to one place.  This is a tremendous accomplishment and something to be proud of.  To me, the interaction of these once disparate creators is what has the potential to bring about new positive developments.

Personal Projects / Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru Fan Translation Project
« on: October 09, 2008, 12:22:08 pm »

Greetings to everybody.

I'd like to announce a translation project for Kaeru no Tame ni Kane was Naru.

At this point, there isn't a need for outside help, but there will surely be in the future.
I just think it's a good idea to have a record of the project somewhere to prevent any redundant work.

Currently, a dialog editor program is in progress and it was used to make the screenshot you see above.

I'll try to get a website and a supercool team name setup for the project sometime but that kind of takes time away from the project itself...

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