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Thanks, but I'm looking for a human translation. Google translation doesn't help at all.

Managed to find someone to do a proper translation! Thanks.

This game has a horrible translation, both in the official US release and the translation patch released a thousand years ago.

I've always wondered what is the correct translation at the scene where Master Roshi grabs Bulma's chest:


Can anyone provide an accurate translation of this dialogue bit?

Thanks in advance!

So you say this is the place of no-care hackers, quite the opposite of other sides ?
That would be huge minus for Romhacking, elsewhere great progress has been made, it's even integrated in sfrom tool.
But it's your statement.

The patches in SFROM Tool are the same patches sluffy made. No one has made any new relevant patches since sluffy left, and no one with the knowledge cares about making patches for Canoe.

I understand English is not your first language, but whatever you implied I said, you are wrong.

either way it is over isnt it?
So there is no other way than use RA now. At least until a talent like sluffy shows up and throws out 2 patches a day.
Also not all games were fixable. I spoke with sluffy back then via PM and there were several titles he didnt wanted to touch.
What he basicaly said was that the better way would be to hack the emulator itself but that would require a ARM ASM specialist.

It has been over for years now. People that have the knowledge just don't care to make patches.

What happened to sluffy was just insanity. The people responsible should be hanged on their ballsack for all eternity!
That said I think by now there is no real need for more Canoe game hacks.
Besides being the original Emulator, Canoe's advantage was the low input lag.
The latest Hackchi and Retroarch stuff should be well optimized by now and offer a similar low input lag.

That wasn't the point of canoe patches. A lot of people just don't want to use an external emulator. Canoe also loads instantly, RA doesn't. Also the rewind feature doesn't work if you use Retroarch.

No one cares about fixing games for canoe. They just care about retroarch.

With sluffy gone, the whole scene died.

The topic title is literally "Snes emulators (Canoe, Snes9x)".


That might have been the original intent, but we, the ones that have been here for years and following this thread since the start, we know this is a Canoe thread.

First thanks for answering  :thumbsup:
I know sfrom tool very good.
Illusion of Time/Gaia works perfect with transparency issue in the menu solved.
The named USA Games don't how you can see in the gifs above.
Sure that we're both talking about SNES Online, the official Switch emu ????
I'm not talking about mini(S)NES/canoe or any PC emu what I had already emphasized !!!

Then why are you asking in this thread? This is for the Canoe on the SNES Mini, not for any other emulator.

Congrats on this release!

If anyone still checks the thread, Illusion of Time is not fixed. The game lacks music. I don't know how no one reported that back then, specially since sluffy made  a patch to fix the transparency issue in the menu.

September 27, 2020, 04:27:14 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Hello :)
You all made so many great SNES canoe patches, perhaps someone has an idea what to do
to get the following games running with SNES Online which is very equal to canoe but not 100% the same.
SNES Online is integrated in the newer SFrom tool from DarkAkuma, but here it doesn't help.

Strangely there're some games making problems that didn't with canoe:
  • American Tail - Fievel goes West (crashes before gameplay starts)
      With the existing canoe patch it starts but crashes before level 1 gameplay start.
      But the demo levels are working.
  • Asterix (E) (M4)
      sound is broken, with and without NTSC patch
  • Goof Troop
      transparency issue in dark cave rooms (level 3) - but fully playable
      normal:        bad: 
  • Sonic Blast Man (bad graphic errors, but ingame looks ok, so playable)
      This rom normally works fine on other emus, so it's strange getting graphic errors here:
  • Sonic Blast Man II  (bad graphic errors everywhere, not playable)
      Same like with part 1:
  • StoneProtectors
      Fore- and background are flickering extremely in level 1, but playable
  • Street Fighter Alpha 2
      Some graphic errors, but playable:
   jap + hack
  • Appleseed - Prometheus no Shintaku (J)
      bad sprite graphic errors, not playable
  • Arcus Spirits (Beta) [Arcus Odyssey (USA) (Proto)]
      english beta version doesn't start even with the existing canoe patch
  • Dragon Quest III (J)
      Therefore exists an canoe patch for the english translation which works fine,
      but sadly not for the German translation.
  • Hiryuu no Ken S - Hyper Version (J) (not starting)
  • Chrono Trigger - Flames of Eternity
      It starts but you only hear the sound but nothing visible, only black screen.
  • Super Naxat Open - Spike McFangs Golf Battle (J)
      english translation not starting
  • The Legend of Zelda - Parallel Remodel
      tried all different versions, all don't even start
Any hints for SFrom tool settings or other edit possibilities ?
Every help would be great  :)

All those USA games are working just fine. You are probably screwing them up by using SFROM Tool without knowing what you're doing.

I also read that the script for Gokinjo Boukentai was almost translated and the main thing left to do was inserting it,

Many people think the hard part is the translation. That's the easy part.


Update By: Avster

Bonus content includes legacy bug fixes as well as the completion of post-clear material that the original designers could not fully realize due to either time restraints or space limitations. Please see the project page for details.

I don't see any details about it? Both links lead to the same RHDN page.

Judging by the background, this feels like a BS Panel de Pon game.

Yup, Event 98.

Sounds good, thanks!

After you press A, you get taken to a screen with information on how to write a postcard to send your score to Nintendo. With that context, what do you believe it should say?

Hello guys and gals.

Could anyone translate what this button prompt says?

It's probably something simple, but I see 4 kanjis and I get scared.

‹Jesus› H «Christ» (...)

I can confirm the translation FWIW. The Japanese text for copy/paste purposes is そして新たな時代が始まる

I don't believe it's part of the "thanks", but together with the thanks presents a sort of "sign off", an indication that the credits are over.

Makes sense, thanks!

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