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So I’m back with a few more segments. Made a bit of extra headway with a couple discoveries that made my life a bit easier:
1. A fan-made(?) radio play script adaptation of the first disc. (Text is there, dark BG is missing.)
2. This blog post transcribing the alternate previews from the second loop of the game (a godsend!)

Overall, my transcript is 95% complete at this point. Doesn't feel like it with the number of gaps left, so here I am again.
I’m including links to .wav rips of the audio ripped from the discs, as old videos might not be the best audio quality. But even raw, they’re still full mixes (all sfx/music baked in).

EP. 1 - Boss Event
(YouTube, 5:48-5:56) (audio, .wav)
As you face the first boss, the Type-64 Robo, another robot piloted by a pair of soldiers, steps in to handle things. They are completely out of their league…
Midosuji       まてまって!
Midosuji       xxxxxxを下がってなさい!
Midosuji       ロクヨン・ビ―――――ム!!
Kitahanada   隊長!ビームが効きません!

Ep. 3 END
(Video, .mp4)
VIDEO: Two goofy-voiced creatures (Aroma’s mascots, apparently) pop out of the remains of the Mammoth Beast, swear revenge, and ride off on unicycles.  :P
Pink       xxxx ゲッピーエックスめ!
Pink       xxxxxxてらしゃい!
Purple   お兄たま!待って!待ってください!
Pink      うほい!
Purple   ほいさっと!

Again, any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!  :o
Like I said up top, that was far from the only chunk I’ve been unable to make out, so if it’s not too much to ask,
if I were to post more segments like the first, could you take a look/listen?

April 11, 2021, 10:34:54 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I'm posting a couple more segments, which should wrap up the first 3 episodes.

 EPISODE 1 (BOSS A) (5:48-5:56)
 As you face the first boss, the Type-64 Robo, another robot piloted by a pair of soldiers, steps in to handle things. They are completely out of their league…
Midosuji              まてまって!
Midosuji              xxxxxxを下がってなさい!
Midosuji              ロクヨン・ビ―――――ム!!
Kitahanada          隊長!ビームが効きません!

These two have given me the most trouble, especially in their own sidestory...

EPISODE 3 (Ending) (10:26)
VIDEO: After all is said and done, two weird creatures (apparently Aroma’s mascots) pop out of the remains of the Mammoth Beast and swear revenge.

Pink      うおお。ゲッピーエックスめ!
Pink      xxxxxxてらしゃい!
Purple   お兄たま!待って!待ってください!
Pink      うほい!
Purple   ほいさっと!

Again, all help is appreciated.

I’ve been working on a full transcript for Geppy-X on PS1, since outside of memory card menus, the game doesn’t really have any text to dump, just graphics & audio.
I’m requesting some assistance in transcribing a couple line fragments I can’t nail down for a myriad of reasons.

VIDEO LINK (not mine): (1:50-2:23 if link doesn’t start there)

CONTEXT: Nameless villagers in Hokkaido (and thus, using Tohoku dialect) huddled for warmth as their region is plunged into an ice age by the villains’ plot of the week.

Caption     北海道 某所
Man A        |xxxxx!| 今年の冬は|xxxx|だよー!
Man B        くそっ!こりゃ宇宙悪魔帝国の仕業に違えねえ!
Townsfolk  *murmuring* 違えねえべ!(one voice picked out from the crowd)
Man A        爺様、どうすべ?
Man B        どうすべよ!
Elder          ゲッPーエックスを呼ぶだ!
Townsfolk  *murmuring*
Elder          すぐに、|xxxx|見るんだ。

The rest of my work on this game is compiled in this spreadsheet:

This isn’t the only scene with gaps (the others are scattered throughout the game, highlighted in cyan on the sheet), but y’know, one thing at a time. 
Any help is appreciated.

Personal Projects / Re: Megaman Japanese style project.
« on: January 23, 2021, 04:02:23 pm »
So this is my first mockup attempt at making "Wily Wars" out of "Mega World", just to prove it's not completely impossible.
Y, S, and THE were done completely freehand; 1st W, L, and A were stretched/squished from original.

First up, thanks for the compliments, everybody!  :)

Now for critiques, one issue is the title text is a bit muddy (It looks to me like you de-colorized the logo from Anode/Cathode Tamer, correct?)
I found the same logo in native monochrome in the game Digimon Ver. WonderSwan (the first card game)
And as a backup, the WSC versions of the Battle Spirit games have English assets (with a smaller logo) hidden in the code.
(There's a patch for Ver1.5 and screenshots on The Cutting Room Floor:

They're all cut out below if you need em:

Now, onto the elephant in the room: like Pennywise said, the empty space on your source material is a huge problem.
Thankfully, this is Digimon, and we have an easy out for that: just slap "Digital Monsters" on somewhere.

Wound up getting to work on it, and a few hours later, I got this sort-of amalgam design.
Should be same vertical height as stock and my last design.

Personal Projects / Re: Digimon: Tag Tamers translation (WS)
« on: May 29, 2020, 07:12:29 pm »
Seeing this thread alive again got me to finally finish up my take on the main logo from like 2 years ago.
Feel free to use or tweak to your liking. Or don't.

Personal Projects / Re: Cooly Skunk - English Translation
« on: January 29, 2020, 01:12:18 pm »
I did a little digging after reading this thread, and found a brand of mole repellant called MOGURESU/モグレス.

Not sure if this solves it or not, but it's a start.

Found a bug with the new 'Continue' text.
Misaligned on the Game Over screen in Round Clear and Challenge modes.

Oddly, the same doesn't happen in the other modes...

Everywhere else seemed fine.

Also, on the VS Mode setup, the Guest file still shows up as the old 'None'

Is it too late for a bug report?

(Disclaimer: These were discovered running the patch on the SNES Mini (Canoe), so some may be caused by its quirks/deficiencies)
(Not sure if these exist on other emulators, haven't had the time to test that)

Episode 8/Scenario 13
Misplaced tile on title card

"Super Electromagnetic
Robot Combattler V"

The middle of the R in "Robot" is seemingly missing.
Looking back at it, hidden behind the 'Co' in "Combattler" are some black & white pixels, most likely this missing tile.

Here's a picture:

Ep. 10/Sc. 15 onward
Enemy pilot "AI++" shows up as "AIF F" everywhere except full status screens
(map windows, battle scenes)

Photo evidence: ('AIF F') (status screen, correct)

(Nothing lore-related, just a few tiny grammatical errors)

Scenario 8 "Gundamjack"
In one text box, Kou mentions meeting "the heroes of Second Super Robot War."
Maybe missing a "the".

Episode 10/Sc. 15
Before Turn 1

Brocken: What?! Why is Mazinger Z here?! ...Bah, no
 matter. I'll it destroy alongside the Photon Power
Words in bold should probably be flipped

That's all I've found in my playthrough thus far, otherwise it's looked great.

I think a more fitting translation for まあまあ here would be "so-so", considering the repeated tiles.

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: April 04, 2019, 02:35:23 pm »
I encountered a problem with one of the extra patches. The "keep EXP at Game Over" patch will not allow you to save, either manually or at Game Over.

The results were slightly different depending on the emulator (none of them all that good):
Best case was QuickNES, where selecting Save did nothing. You could then choose to continue.
Most others, like FCEUX, it hung there forever.
Worst case, on the NES Classic, it threw up a C6 error and wiped my saves.

Picking Continue first works like it should.

Personal Projects / Re: Digimon: Tag Tamers translation (WS)
« on: August 18, 2018, 02:31:02 pm »
The logo could use some work. I think I found a better logo to trace here:
(First entry, second row, the one that says "Digimon Adventure 02", just click "Download", no account needed)

I also made a mockup to expand the shield frame in the logo which should help fit the English text in better.

Feel free to use it or not :)

Plok (usa, 0000, clean)

Listen for harmonica pops.

Plok appears to have no change.

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