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Gaming Discussion / Re: So I'm Giving C64 Emulaton a Try
« on: July 31, 2021, 09:46:45 am »
Mayhem in Monster Land
Turrican 1-2
Bruce Lee
Bubble Bobble
Airborne Ranger
Impossible Mission
Project Firestart
Boulder Dash
Samurai Warrior
Space Taxi
Creatures 2
Below the Root

Gaming Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters
« on: July 29, 2021, 05:51:25 am »
The more I look at FF5 and FF1 the more it looks like those chars have one leg attached to the center of their groin.

Gaming Discussion / Re: The Game Music Thread
« on: July 29, 2021, 05:48:46 am »
Top 20 lesser known MD & FM Towns FM OSTs:
Ristar (MD)
Master of Monsters
Alien Soldier
Devilish/Bad Omen (MD)
Gauntlet IV
Vapor Trail (MD)
​Panorama Cotton
Xenon: Mugen No Shitai (FMT FM w/ RF5C68)(added reverb?), Alternate
Xeno Crisis (MD, unlicensed)
​Asuka 120%: EBF (FMT, w/ RF5C68)
Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes (MD) & Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes 2 (MD)
Elemental Master
Midnight Resistance (MD)
Dragon's Fury/Devil Crash MD
ResQ (unreleased)
​Battle Mania Daiginjou
Genocide 2 (FMT)
Batman (MD)
Wolfchild (MD)
Advanced Busterhawk Gleylancer

Add-on bonus:
MD w/ RF5C164 samples (Mega CD):
Silpheed (MCD)
Shadowrun (MCD)
Cosmic Fantasy Stories (MCD)
Urusei Yatsura: Dear My Friends (MCD)

MD w/ PWM samples (32X):
Cosmic Carnage
Stellar Assault/Shadow Squadron
Virtua Racing Deluxe (32X)

Gaming Discussion / Re: The Game Music Thread
« on: July 27, 2021, 06:30:57 pm »
Top 20 lesser known SNES OSTs:
Thoroughbred Breeder II (SNES)
Radical Dreamers (SNES, Satellaview)
Biker Mice From Mars (SNES)
Demon's Crest (SNES)
Eek! The Cat/Sleepwalker (SNES)
J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, Vol. I (SNES)
Vortex (SNES)
Front Mission: Gun Hazard (SNES)
Super Off Road (SNES)
Energy Breaker (SNES)
​Waterworld (SNES)
Zenkoku Koukou Soccer Senshuken '96 (SNES)
Nobunaga no Yabou: Tenshouki (SNES)
Wizardry V: Heart of the Maelstrom (SNES)
​The Flintstones (SNES)
​Foreman For Real (SNES)
Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt (SNES)
​Jim Power (SNES)
F1 ROC II: Race of Champions/Exhaust Heat II (SNES)
Yokoyama Mitsuteru: Sangokushi (SNES)

Gaming Discussion / Re: The Strongest Lead Male in Final Fantasy.
« on: July 14, 2021, 03:54:56 pm »
Physically or mentally/emotionally?


Mega Man ZX (DS) Improvement:
-Make the very straightforward areas (amusement park, area L) a bit more fleshed out
-Save points and teleporters also refill energy/ammo
-Teleporter rooms replace the save rooms in areas J and H
-Can choose to restart at the last teleporter or save room after dying (either that or the lives are removed)
-Removed off screen enemy respawning since it's annoying when backtracking or sidetracking and can lead to cheap hits when jumping down. Mini-bosses also don't respawn anymore
-Mini-bosses drop some health
-Rebalanced energy-based attacks and overdrive so you can't kill a boss with a single attack or combo. On the other hand the bar drains slightly slower and isn't canceled from taking a hit besides from certain heavier boss attacks
-Faster crawling in human form and an option to turn off the mechanic where NPCs don't want to talk/get helped if you have a suit on (or they'll recognize you after seeing you in human form though that's harder to implement)
-Leviathan/model lx's spin attack and harpuia/model hx's ranged attack are made stronger and the latter's melee combo is faster
-Ice platforms don't disappear as quickly and the leviathan level 2 charge attack (dragon) is faster
-Cheaper repairs for damaged suits from bosses plus you can buy HP and weapon energy with money
-Enemy drops don't disappear as fast and don't disappear if they fall far enough below the screen
-Added rewards to the various detours with an added challenge that only lead to database entry items and make some of the easier life ups a bit harder to get to. Risking your life for a disk clearly isn't worth it
-Stronger and/or further reaching level 2 charge shot for model fx/fefnir
-Added reward for getting all disks - Could perhaps be an alternate weapon from previous games for the ZX suit. Or it could add an auto-charger for the sub weapon and let you dash while charging both weapons so it's more like the X suit. Or an overdrive feature?

Control/interface issues:
-Aborting a mission shouldn't put you back where you accepted the current one+you should be able to take on more than one mission at a time for more dynamic exploration and general gameplay
-Can't dash if charging your sub weapon (the weapon mapped to R) - have to actually let go of that button or you just attack with the sub weapon when pressing dash
-Confusing and uninformative map system (doesn't show area layouts - only if an area contains a teleporter or save room but not where they are, doesn't show where entrances to mission areas are - only roughly how areas connect, can't mark points of interest such as ability gated parts - see Ore ga Omae o Mamoru for example, can't see if an indoors room connects to a different area from outside of it, can't see which locked doors you've moved through on the map nor locked doors themselves, for some reason the corridor rooms connecting one sub area to another (B1-B2 for example) aren't marked in-game like the other transitional rooms are, the second screen could've been used for a general map screen for ZX, oddly some of the areas also aren't placed logically on the map - for example area E is to the left of area C on the map while it's to the right in-game (the maps using only letters and not area names also makes it harder to remember the areas), sometimes the progression order between sub areas in an area is jumbled up in terms of their numbering - for example you'll visit sub area 4 in the lab before sub area 3)
-Can't look down/up - a few leaps of faith
-Automatic hover jump when jumping down through platforms or off ladders as harpuia
-Can't keep dash jumping by holding down the button (like in MMX4) - holding it down actually stops you from firing your sub weapon here and triggers another dash
-Can't shoot with both fefnir cannons at the same time
-The mission select menu doesn't wrap around
-Bestiary doesn't show boss weak points or elemental weaknesses

Trial & error issues:
-Shots from off screen
-Mission briefings don't tell you about rewards (key cards, crystal amount)
-Some moves aren't explained as you gain them
-The mission briefings don't show you where an area you haven't been to yet is located
-The analysis tool doesn't show a boss's elemental weakness
-Getting the absorber chip (reduced knockback) and quick charge chip - have to talk to Leonardo near the fountain 4 times and Fleuve at HQ 3 times respectively

Other tedious aspects:
-Not enough teleporters sometimes leads to backtracking to get to a mission area when taking on a mission - there should've been one right before or near each mission area
-Generally no new enemies are encountered when backtracking and sometimes there are no new paths to take with gained suits either
-Some empty rooms (pointless detour for nothing in area F (underwater part)
-Some one-way paths which seem pointless (Area I mid for example)
-No teleporter at the end of areas J and H, plenty of backtracking during the optional nurse side quest for a sub tank, can't buy anything other than suit upgrades such as tanks or HP and ammo refills)
-Constant beeping sfx until you hand in a mission report

Latest updates:
-Info and mini reviews for Mega Man ZX (DS, 2006) and Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines (PC, 2004)
-Some updates to the Gen 1 intro text (1986-1993)

Gaming Discussion / Re: The Game Music Thread
« on: July 04, 2021, 06:47:36 pm »

Personal Projects / Re: Phantasy Star II MSU-MD Project [WIP]
« on: July 04, 2021, 08:15:43 am »

1. This is definitely a mixing issue that i've thought about too, since a lot of these mixes are rough WIPs the mixes are not very polished. I've got the base ideas, but it's definitely not finished! So these mirror some of the things I have thought myself. Once all songs are blocked out I plan on going back through every single song to make major adjustments, new recordings, any creative changes.
Doing it this way helps me a lot because it helps me keep track of the bigger picture and have time to process what my initial ideas were when trying to write the arrangement. If I try to do heavy mixing while writing the song out i'll get too lost in the details rather than focusing too early.

2. For the main lead, do you mean the super wide reverbed guitars? Or the short attack FM synth lead that kicks in after the intro?
I may be able to work in one more straight played version when I go back to this. This is exactly the kind of ideas from outside my own head that I need. Because with music the way you intrinsically feel about a song or it's structure is different when you are the audience instead of the creator. So I have these ideas based on my own expectations as a listener, but you can't always get the whole perspective when you know every nook of a piece and have heard it hundreds of times.  FWIW, the beat change is a change to 9/4 time signature. Very uncommon but I really like how it sounds. PSII's music in places does use some different signatures so I tried to include things like that into the arrangements.

3. Blade runner is exactly what I felt like it gave off. I want to expand that a little more maybe once I return to finish this one.

4.Bracky News is a song where I tried to expand it while keeping the core elements of the original jingle. Which is way too short. This 1+ minute section is what I originally was going to just use as a sort of loopable base. But since I last worked on it I have come up with some ideas to add to it when I go back. Like trying to work in a reference to the shop theme from PS1 on the second pass. :P

5.Yeah the synth lead here is a place holder and I don't like it at all either actually. I had been using a different one, but due to some technical problems I couldn't use them when I was last working on the song. The bug was fixed later so I can return to that once I get back to it. And yes the ending is actually just a placeholder loop as well because I was planning after the 2 minute mark to loop back run the whole 3 variations again before an ending. Don't know if that will be too repetitive however. Got a link to the Chip and Dale song that synth reminds you of? I'm very curious now! :D

6.Advanced has been the most difficult to do as I had a lot of ideas and trouble fitting some of them together.
My vocoder was not behaving so the finished song should actually have some neat robotic leads. That first chorus section sounds kind of weak because of it. You may have also noticed the Bass switching off after the first chorus as well, I switched to using a Synth so I could write out the bass lines and this will be replaced with live electic bass in the final song. The last section before the WIP cuts off i'm not so sure about yet because I was trying to work in some more wankery but not sure what yet. Either way it will use the chorus section repeated to an ending of some kind. I really wanted to make the arrangement of this sort of "Advanced"since that's what the song is called, so there's never an exact repeated section as every section has variation along with several time signature and key changes.  I wanted it to be very Prog Rock so to speak.In addition to this after about 2 minutes or so it's actually a hybrid remix of Advanced and sections of Forest 1 and Forest 2 from PSO

There are some muddy issues with the mix for sure.

7. Silent Zone is in the worst shape mix wise as I did the least work for it a ton of changes in store for that one. Kind of want it to have a late 70's /early 80's jazz fusion feel though overall. The main section A melody at 2:50 i've never liked no matter how many times i've listened to it.
At this point in the song it's actually switched to a 9/4 time signature (This requires the rhythm of the melody to change a bit), so I think that needs to be reworked and some stuff changed/added. However at 3:29 I really love this section (Continuing on in 9/4)and is my favorite part of the song actually >_>. The bass line in the 3:29 section B is ironically the most faithful to the original bass line of the song and not only that but the synth being used here is actually the exact same 2612 FM patch on 2 channels and then bussed with some effects.
(The bass line from 2:29 onward is the same actually.)
What may be throwing off how you feel about the first half of the song may be the conflicting high frequency information pulling your ear's attention away. For example the hard panned left FM Bell patch and the other section 2 lead synth/clean guitar melody lead panned hard left.
This was initially intentional to mimic some mixing and sound choices of early stereo music. But some of it does sound a bit odd.

8.Yeah I actually have been thinking about changing that bass choice as it doesn't sound quite right for a lot of reasons.(Stereo width is coming from an over zealous Juno 6 chorus with the width to max lol) I'll definitely do a lot of work on that.

9. I feel apprehensive about Home in particular as I feel it's the simplest structure wise of most of the arrangements. I was definitely more inspired by the soundscapes of PSO for a lot of the instrument choices. (In addition to the chord progression change in the 2nd section of the song that I made in the slower part of the song)

Thanks a ton for sharing your impressions. It's very helpful!

1. Right, I figured with your skills some of my comments are probably super obvious things but like you said and in my own experience, one can become "deaf" to certain details if working on something for a long time. Sometimes just a break does the trick or someone else listening to it can do the same. Can definitely relate to your comment about mixing too, I have various unfinished songs laying around because of getting bogged down with this aspect myself.

2 (Step Up) - I mean the latter here, the FM synth lead. Right, I'm coming from this being pretty familiar with the originals which are often both short and following more of a pop song structure. So I come at it with that expectation, which is not better or worse and I also listen to a bunch of prog, drone and ambient music elsewhere for example. If your goal is to balance experimentation with capturing the original fans and/or fans of pop music though I guess my comment would be relevant then.

4. Cool, looking forward to hearing what you come up with there. It's really good as is now too. I'm not sure how long the in-game scene is so that might be worth considering

5. Sure, checkout the chorus here:
Not that this is bad, it just jumped out at me as similr. Either way it does pretty much fit the vibe of that segment and has a bouncy 80s feel to it.

6. Hehe right! I think that idea works well here, it's certainly not something you'd get bored listening to. That makes sense regarding the vocoder, I didn't notice it so was wondering if maybe it's not in there yet.
Nice, I thought I heard some PSO in a couple tracks but I'm not as familiar with that one and it's a more subtle score overall.

7. Yeah in regards to the mixing I think it's a combination of that, the stereo effect and the brighness and plucky attacks on the backing instruments, as well as the lead not standing out as much as them. The original has one of the stronger melodies in the OST so I feel it should be rooted in that more after the intro.
But 3:29 is pretty interesting and if it went back to the intro at 4:00-ish instead of the slower new part it might work better (if it's meant to be a continuous loop). Or if the part before that was changed so the melody and perhaps the beat as well is more faithful.

8. I tend to like stereo bass like that when I hear it in chiptunes with hard panning, but switching it up at some point could help distinguish each part of the song maybe, since in headphones it becomes a dominant part to my ears as I listen to it even if doing something else at the same time.

Again looking forward to the next update, this was pretty awesome to hear!
I was actually doing some YM2151 mixes of the original songs a while back myself, but it didn't end up becoming a project due to the guy I made them for having problems adding the songs to the PS2 remake of PSII. Either way this is much more ambitious and professional sounding than what I was doing but if you want to hear them here's the one that was the most well received (you can find one more on YT and two others on soundcloud under the same username):

Personal Projects / Re: Phantasy Star II MSU-MD Project [WIP]
« on: July 02, 2021, 01:44:45 pm »
Had a listen to Restoration and it sounds really cool to me! Similar to the PS rearrangements on the Saturn collection IIRC. The improv part is also pretty neat.
If I'd change anything it's to make some of the leads stand out more such as the one at 1:23-ish, it kinda disappears behind the chimes. I'd also give the main bass a little bit more depth, it's a bit hollow sounding.

Edit: Well I don't have anything better to do right now and I like this OST so I posted my thoughts on the rest. Overall I think this is great stuff and hope you keep going with it!

For Step Up I think the echo channels for the main lead are a bit too loud and prefer the original instrument choice I think. But it's still really good and fleshed out in a suitable way. I would've liked to hear the main hook played "straight" one more time before the remixed part where you play around with the beat though I think (that part is really cool though btw), it takes a good while to come back to that part as it is in the original. Well, just my first impression anyway. Nice bass fills here too.

A Prologue is great, especially the drop before it gets going and the chilly break part. Got some blade runner vibes from that.

Bracky News gets a thumbs up as well, nice guitar and bass additions. Actually worth listening to more than once now.

Mystery is really cool except for the very first lead synth which sounds kind of cheesy and like something you'd hear in old OCremix tracks. Didn't expect the metal part but it works pretty well. The stabby part at 2m20s-ish is the only other thing I'm not sure about, as it makes me think of the chip 'n dale theme.

For Advanced, I feel the chorus lead should have a bit more clarity and oomph to it, it gets lost behind the drums and bright bass. Other than that it's really cool overall, with some great drumming. Towards the end it kinda sounds like everything is falling apart arrangement-wise instead of going back to the chorus like you'd expect but I guess it's not done yet.

Silent Zone - Not sure how to explain it but it feels like all the backing harmonies are fighting for attention here and the lead doesn't stand out enough, it sounds a bit overworked at least up until 0:50-ish. Maybe have the plucky guitar playing only in the second verse and don't have it playing in stereo?
I also didn't like the rephrasing of the melodies around 2:50-ish onwards. Sorry I'm just rather attached to the original here and it didn't think it added anything, but other than that it's a cool arrangement.

Power sounds cool! The added percussion and lead choices work rather well. Enjoyed that sliding bass part a lot. If I had to change one thing, idk but maybe the bass shouldn't be in stereo for the whole thing.

Home and Over - These also sound good to me, really liked the added section to the latter in particular. "Blocked out"? You did a lot more here than that it sounded like hehe.

Hey, thanks for the heads up. Yeah I do have backups of my site content so I should be mostly fine if that happens. Do you recommend any other hosts?

I should probably go through my older stuff on my main site at some point though, also a weebly site.

Latest update:
Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain (PS1, 1996)

Gaming Discussion / Re: Favorite Obscure Genesis Games?
« on: June 17, 2021, 04:58:51 pm »
I'll second King's Bounty, an ambitious game for the MD and still pretty unique too. Don't let the crude audiovisuals keep you from trying it.

Wiz 'n Liz actually got double-listed, thanks for catching that!

As for "obscure" I'm giving the benefit of the doubt to all but the most extreme cases. But series like Thunder Force, Phantasy Star, and Streets of Rage are so famously identified with the Genesis that only the likes of Sonic are more visible -- if you've heard of the Genesis, you've probably heard of those games, as they're total "Genesis starter pack" material -- while Castlevania and Mega Man are too high-profile as a series.

At least Golden Axe III was Sega Channel-only in the US, while Shadow Dancer is relatively overlooked compared to the other two. Similarly, Aladdin and Castle of Illusion are too famous, whereas Quackshot is a tier below in visibility (at least in the US, maybe not Japan). Of course this is all for fun anyway...

BTW Ninja Burai Densetsu is one game that got mentioned without a recommendation that looks really interesting to me. Can't tell if it's actually any good, though, without a translation patch.

That's rather cool to see for Thunder Force too, since I don't think it used to be the case. Well, shoot 'em ups are still pretty niche in general but that series has a bigger following now than back in the day I feel like.

I agree with the rest. Ninja Burai Densetsu I haven't really played but I did like the music, which is kinda similar to the OST for Rent a Hero.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Favorite Obscure Genesis Games?
« on: June 17, 2021, 02:42:50 pm »
Oh I can recommend Wiz 'n Liz. Dune II I wouldn't call obscure, but it is good. Just a bit dated if you're used to C&C and later RTSs.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters
« on: June 17, 2021, 01:42:09 pm »
Well that was depressing...

Gaming Discussion / Re: Favorite Obscure Genesis Games?
« on: June 16, 2021, 01:01:28 pm »
TFV has a totally metal OST as well, when it's not using jazz fusion. One of my fave shooter series (up until 5 anyway, haven't actually played 6 yet).

Shadow Dancer is solid too (and also has some good music, particularly the credits ballad), though I prefer having a lifebar. Luckily for me there is a "2 HP" hack for it.

I agree with the running idea and with nerfing Dracula somewhat, but for cards I'd just want much more common drops/higher luck, and I don't think the rest needs balancing if these things are done.
Battle Arena should be really hard, being an optional challenge.

June 17, 2021, 02:32:19 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain (PS1) Improvement:

Interface/control issues to fix:
-No subtitles
-Odd delay to the camera when starting to move in a direction and it moves too far ahead so it'll keep jerking back and forth if moving back and forth and not giving a good general overview (see Global Gladiators for example) - this and how zoomed in the default view is means a zoomed out view plays better in terms of visibility but the graphics become rather pixelated and there are slowdowns
-Can't bind a sub weapon and a spell to a face button at the same time - R1 could've been used to bind both and then X and R2 to use them (you should've also been able to bind more than 4 spells or items to a quick item slot since going in and out of the pause menu is slow)
-Somewhat sloppy hit detection (unforgiving when attacking in wolf form, overly big hit box when interacting with wall switches, sometimes overly small hit box on your sword swings - they look wide but sometimes only hit in front of you, a bit unforgiving on item drops from chests and the like)
-Pointless pause animation after every fourth sword strike if you mash the button - faster than holding it
-Can't skip or partially skip dialogue lines - they also have to play out fully before you can exit the room that the NPC you talked to is in
-Sometimes can't jump for seemingly no reason in wolf form
-Somewhat slow movement in vampire form - can't upgrade it or gain a run move so you have to transform into wolf form to go faster
-Safe spots when fighting certain enemies from certain angles due to hit detection issues
-Can't replay the voice messages from triangles on the ground (some of it is NPC dialogue) - no message log
-The axes are too sluggish to use for most combat - regular attack is slow+the combo locks you into place+the spinning move is also kinda slow (and on top of this the latter two make you unable to feed on an enemy)
-Pretty slow mist form movement
-Somewhat slow menus (about 2 seconds of delay when closing one or going into a sub menu)

Some tedious aspects to fix:
-Loading and slowdown issues
-No wait command for skipping ahead to full moon or a non-rainy day
-The slow MP regen (overly slow before upgrading it three times)
-Soldiers in towns respawn when entering buildings
-A few teleporters that just move you backwards in a dungeon
-The light spell might as well have been a passive ability toggled in the menu since there are various parts you want to use it at but can't be bothered to switch to vampre form and/or go into the menu to add the spell to the quick slot (either dark areas or sprites blending into the backgrounds)
-Some enemies will walk right into your avatar's sprite - there's no contact damage but it means you don't hit them with your attacks

Misc. issues:
-Can't backtrack through doors when moving through certain dungeon areas (one of the first dungeons and malek's bastion - pointless since you can teleport to outside of the dungeon anyway and they could've made the enemies turn into spirits/MP droppers when re-entering rooms in these dungeons
-Villagers don't react to someone near them being killed
-The music pauses when viewing the map screen/moving between rooms/the teleport spell prompt pops up/checking signs and other things that can trigger a comment by Kain/talking to NPCs. The in-game music streams on a single psf channel and ambient sfx can play on other channels during this, so perhaps something can be done here.
-NPC voice samples can overlap and then become much louder+a bit scratchy, Thrown daggers sound like gunfire
-Some items, abilities and transformations are handed out too easily
-Energy bank (temporarily have max MP for about 15 seconds then lose all MP) doesn't last long enough to be worth it for the most part

Other possible improvements:
-Less linear structure in terms of the main dungeons
-Make the map feature not show the entirety of a new area at once but do make it mark items, points of interest, exits, boulders and rock pillars/statues
-Minor knockback when hitting enemies until you've weakened them and they stand stunned
-Can equip just one axe (to be able to cast spells at the same time) OR the flame sword can also cut down trees
-Somewhat weaker acid pool shot and repel spell, maybe implosion as well. Repel should either give partial protection in melee or chaos armor should be less effective so you can't just use that combo on basically any enemy even in the late game.

-Have to first press down to be able to select a sub weapon from the quick menu after opening it - emulation issue?
-Can lock yourself out of a life upgrade in the electric bolt dungeon if you teleport out of it before opening the left door to the second room (the door to the right closes after you when going into the puzzle room)
-The game replays the dialogue from killing your assassins if you revisit the northeastern graveyard area
-Noticeable noise at times when everything else goes quiet - emulation issue?
-You sometimes end up somewhere different (still in the same overworld sub area though) after having teleported to an area from within a dungeon and then exiting it

Gaming Discussion / Re: Favorite Obscure Genesis Games?
« on: June 15, 2021, 12:33:43 pm »
Thanks, I have checked out that anime once and it's pretty neat if you're into stuff like Robotech, Cobra and Starzinger.

Yes Alien Soldier is great. I believe it was pretty obscure here too, perhaps not releasing in certain countries at all. I never saw it back then personally though by 1995 I was playing SNES more, as well as PC DOS and Windows games. The Amiga was pretty big here (Sweden) up until around Doom 1, but also Nintendo's consoles; I'd say the MD was only really popular for 3-4 years here but that's just my personal experience. Pretty much no one had a Saturn and only some the DC.

Not sure if there were any real stand out examples of non-US games that were also really popular. Dragon Ball Z might've been a hit in France. Wily Wars and Super Fantasy Zone I also didn't know about at the time. The below are good but they're multiplat games (besides MM '96):
Cannon Fodder
Donald in Maui Mallard
International Superstar Soccer Deluxe
Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament
Micro Machines: Turbo Tournament '96
Dragon Ball Z: L'Appel du Destin
Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair

One example of a game seemingly more popular in the EU (and in Russia) but which is not exclusive there is Dune II. Maybe also Wiz 'n Liz.

Indeed, Sega were sort of the kings of that genre in the arcades at least, and the Panzer Dragoon games were great too.

A similar game to Starflight but perhaps more accessible is Star Control 2, I'll recommend the fan remake of that one for PC since it's also free. It's really a tweaked port of the 3DO version back to PC.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Favorite Obscure Genesis Games?
« on: June 15, 2021, 07:58:22 am »
Yeah I've played Tri Formation, should've mentioned that but like you said it's pretty unremarkable and also not a Metroid/Impossible Mission-style game like the first and which I wanted more of.

Those 3 RPGs are all pretty cool and very ambitious Open World-like games for the time. I guess Pirates Gold is the most well known out of those. Love Panorama Cotton!

Gaming Discussion / Re: Favorite Obscure Genesis Games?
« on: June 14, 2021, 12:53:53 pm »
It's true to an extent here in Europe as well but they did follow up Alex kidd and Wonder Boy, as well as Shinobi which had a more console-ized port on SMS. For some reason Alex Kidd ended up kinda bad, and the WB games didn't sell, I mean I didn't even know about Monster World 3-4 back then even though I loved WB3 so it might've been a lack of marketing. Super Fantasy Zone aka FZ3 (the one called that is a pac-man style spinoff) came a bit late and wasn't marketed either afaik, I played it on SMS but not on MD, but it was a nice game. Psycho Fox became Decap Attack; you'd have to play it to know they were related and the latter didn't have the running focus of the former, with that spot being overtaken by Sonic instead.
Sequels to Zillion and Kenseiden would've been nice, as well as a remake or sequel to Golden Axe Warrior. Maybe Alien Syndrome as well. Asterix (Sega) was handed over to Core and those sequels were only OK on MD.

However since they did get Konami, Capcom, Sunsoft, Tecmo and Taito on board there could've been more sequels for NES games like Bionic Commando, Bubble Bobble, Goonies 2, Metal Gear 2, 1943, Little Nemo, Willow, Ufouria, Rygar, Solomon's Key 1 or 2, etc.
Toki got a port/remix of sorts but it wasn't as good for some reason, and the Double Dragon sequels were not ported well either. Blaster Master 2 was a pretty bad outsourced sequel and so was Strider 2. Batman: Return of the Joker got a poor outsourced port. Flintstones had a pretty good version on MD, a standalone game, and so did Tiny Toons. Ninja Gaiden almost got a beat 'em up sequel on MD but it wasn't finished.
Little Samson and Power Blade 2 could've been remade perhaps. Gremlins 2 was late enough (1990) to get remade or get a unique game for MD too. Rastan 3 could've been ported probably. Would've also loved to see a sequel to Golvellius for MD.

Saturn era is where Sega pretty much stopped caring for their legacy I think, with no proper Sonic, Toejam & Earl, Streets of Rage, Comix Zone, Vectorman, Ecco or Phantasy Star sequels. It did lead to some great new games like Panzer Dragoon 1-2+Saga and Nights, but then they didn't follow those up on DC, I guess since the Saturn failed outside of Japan.

Edit: I got Tecmo and Technos confused, but other companies ported or remade some technos games for MD such as Nintendo World Cup and the aforementioned Double Dragons.

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