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Personal Projects / Re: Gil-Galad's ROM Hacking Projects
« on: August 07, 2018, 07:57:43 pm »
Yeah, I really don't feel like making a lot of complicated code. It's really simple to add stuff to this site as well. I'm using HTML, CSS and Javascript, that is about it and all I need. All I'm doing here is my NES hobby stuff for the most part.

Thanks for the welcome back. Even when I was here, sometimes I wasn't very sociable at times. Maybe you can get your old site back up one day. My site looks like 1998, but also looks modern at the same time sort of.

I looked at your site and the background MID file is downloading in Chrome instead of playing.

Personal Projects / Re: Gil-Galad's ROM Hacking Projects
« on: August 07, 2018, 06:23:33 pm »
I haven't posted in a long time and just regained access to my account here. Also haven't been doing any ROM hacking either, probably about 2 years. I had to get my website back up which is 20 years old as of May of this year. I changed the layout because frames just doesn't jive well with a lot of viewer's PCs, cells, etc. The website still has a retro look to it, using closer to modern code to work well with most current browsers, except for Internet Explorer.

Honestly, I have no idea what I am going to do next after I work on my projects to solve problems. Then I can think about some newer content. I do have a few new things but no new translation hacks. Thanks to Xanathis for giving me hosting as well. The link is in my signature if it shows up in my post.

@Gil: Cool beans. Do you have the translation in text format?

I do have it in text format.

Memory space is extremely limited in this game. I have created a few new files, as well as expanding a few others. I have DTE, dictionary, sub-string compression and just barely enough space to fit it all in there.

I thought I'd let you know what's going on if you're talking about the FDS version of Castlevania II, Dracula II. I'm nearly finished hacking this game. The script has been completely translated by Steve Martin.

Programming / Re: Please don't tell me Hex Editing is the only way...
« on: December 24, 2011, 12:59:07 pm »
Going back to NES music hacking.

Commonly, all the music code is going to be in one bank, data will be in that same bank. Some NES Megaman games use several banks for music sequence data and sound effects.

It's really easy to track down the music code and data in those games once you understand how. Although, editing the data is another matter. You really do need to understand NES audio hardware and to reverse engineer the data format. Lucky for you, there are already documents for hacking some music in certain Megaman games.

I've read some of this thread and I see that perhaps you are interested in hacking many different things in the game. It's going to take you many weeks of study to figure how to hack various things in the game. As you first start out, it's going to be more difficult because you may not know where to start. Patience is the key ingredient to being a successful hacker. Because it's going to take a lot of time and your attention span needs to be solid and steady.

As far as studying is concerned. There is a great deal of material to read at this site. "Getting Started" should be your first stop, especially since you did not understand the hexadecimal numbering system at first. There is a great deal of resources here that could potentially make you a great hacker. Dig in and enjoy!

Programming / Re: OK, starting 6502 work but really puzzled... need help.
« on: December 22, 2011, 11:31:19 pm »
Don't forget about SMBDis. Which is a disassembly of Super Mario Bros. 1. You can assemble the source code with the listed assembler and with a few minor modifications with ASM6. I've done it awhile back, so I know it works.

It may even be possible to make edits to the game. Although, ROM space will be a problem so you may have to use a mapper and then expand.

For NES in particular, there are two types of WRAM. Internal WRAM and cartridge WRAM.

$0 - $07FF - internal WRAM

$6000 - $7FFF - cartridge WRAM

This last bug was something I ran into and was eventually going to post about to see if anyone knew what the hell was going on. I bet D has added his utility to the list stuff on RHDN that's outdated, but I thank him nonetheless.

I don't believe I understand what you mean, if you could explain?

Also, D- told me that he just updated Graveyarduck to use hexadecimal numbers. Go back to that page and download it again.


With the new version, make sure you use 0x = hex. For example.


0 = octal

Yes, it needs a decimal number. I've had a lot of success using it on Dracula II which is what it was originally designed for.

D- contacted me and to tell you this.

Use the latest graveyardduck from ( It is programmed to work in python 2.6 or 2.7. Python 3.0 is basically a different language.

He also fixed a bug.

If an RLE was more than 124 bytes, it would completely fail during compression. Basically, if you had more than 124 0x00s in a row, you would be up shit creek.

Tile Layer Pro also has a tile aranger where you can move tiles to the window and piece them together so that you can see what you're editing. Most games have the CHR-ROM tiles scrambled because they are optimized to use less CHR-ROM space as possible. Usually, any duplicate tiles are removed for a smaller tileset.

News Submissions / Re: Documents: New Documents Added to the Database
« on: September 12, 2011, 01:05:18 pm »
Most of that stuff came from me and my collection. Two of the SMS source code archives from Jeroen Tel came from SMS Power and the others I got directly from Jeroen Tel. I got other source code directly from developers as well. Barbie Super Model and Columns also came from SMS Power.

Personal Projects / Re: Gil-Galad's ROM Hacking Projects
« on: September 11, 2011, 12:59:07 am »
Gil, I have dumped the FDS bios and documented a lot of it.  I never put it out anywhere because I didn't finish it.  But, I will send it to you if you like.  I'm currently working on my 2nd FDS project (1 licensed and 1 unlicensed) and what I've documented of the BIOS so far has been more than sufficient for knowing how to deal with both of them.

That sounds good to me. I'll take that information you have. Thanks for the offer, I appreciate it!

I know how to deal with FDS games as well but now this is a very detailed project with the BIOS. I have 3 FDS translation projects, 2 of them are done and 1 is getting really close. I've also ripped about 20 FDS NSFs out of various games.

Just let me know how you'd like to send it to me. Via email or other means is fine.

Personal Projects / Re: Gil-Galad's ROM Hacking Projects
« on: September 10, 2011, 11:59:31 pm »
I picked up one of my long term disassembly projects and that is the FDS BIOS disassembly. There is a lot done so far, although I have a long way to go so I'm just doing a little bit at a time and taking it slow so that I don't misunderstand something. Primarily, the goal is to produce a disassembly that outputs the BIOS ROM CRC32 correct. And then at some point I can do some reprogramming, eventually. Although, no screen shots can be shown of this work at this time. I figured I would show a preview of the reset routine in the FDS BIOS. Although, I have way more done than this preview.

Here it is;  FDS BIOS Disassembly Reset Code

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: One line enemy descriptions
« on: September 04, 2011, 09:58:33 am »
I edited the post because really long links breaks the size of the table. This isn't a rule, but a suggestion. When you have really long links, use this instead.

Code: [Select]


Reminds me of CV II, but this game put all the ideas together nicely than the latter.

Thanks and congrats on the release! BTW and speaking of Simon's Quest, are you still working on Dracula II?

I most certainly am still working on Dracula II. I have all the text inserted now, that's done. What remains is the titlescreen hack which I've been slowly working on. As with the entire game (unlike Castlevania II), the disk space is EXTREMELY limited. So, I'm trying to squeeze in all the detail that I can.

There is also one issue that currently has me stumped. Let's see if I can explain this right. There are black screen boot messages for loading and changing the side of the disk as well as a couple of errors. Each message uses two CHR-RAM files. One of them uses the standard font set of the entire game, the other is certain select tiles with letters. The code is the same for both sides of the disk in the main core file, so, since I changed it to be English, it doesn't match the other font set.

So, I had to change some of the tiles and I managed this fine for the disk messages back and forth between the titlescreen and the game. For the ending screens, it's a bit more difficult. You have to change certain tiles and the tombstone behind simon has been changed. So, this messes up the simon sprite and has to be recoded. I've been investigating this issue and slowly working it out.

Once I get this issue resolved or figure out a work-around it will be a matter of time before it's ready to be released. Now, so that you guys understand some things about it. Some of the names are different and of course the text is different. In certain areas text is really short because again, EXTREME space limitations. I have DTE, MTE, sub-string encoding and it still isn't enough for ALL areas. Not to mention expanded files and new files as well.

And now back to Debias, I just got some more material for the original Japanese game from Pennywise and will be posting it soon on my site. Yes, the game doesn't take too long to beat and isn't too difficult to figure out once you get the basics down about how it works. Although, some areas you can easily get lost in.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention;

There are two endings to the game.

News Submissions / Re: Translations: Maten Douji Translation Released
« on: August 27, 2011, 09:47:18 am »
Congratulations on the release!

Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate it.

As far as technical help is concerned, I appreciate the offer. Although, so far I have everything under control.  :)

I hope that you guys enjoy the hack. I know I had fun hacking and playing it.

Sorry about removing the link to the ROM, but it is the site's rules to not post links to ROMs here. If you want to submit a hack, make a IPS patch and a readme with it that explains about the hack.

Make sure that it's a mapper that has provisions for SRAM. Of course for a iNES ROM image, you must set battery backed in the header. As far as the hardware is concerned, it's pretty simple it's data loaded into cartridge WRAM area $6000 - $7FFF. Software, it's all programmer configured. When you have a save option, to reload the game from the previous point, a variable or set of variables would probably need to be set. Then again, it's all up to the programmer on how to implement it.

For FDS saving, it's about the same way except that you designate a particular file for saving and configure it much the same way. That particular file is loaded based on the boot ID of the file, preferably right when the disk is booted.

Personal Projects / Re: Gil-Galad's ROM Hacking Projects
« on: August 21, 2011, 11:03:57 am »
I have made some serious progress in hacking Hanjuku Hero. I have everything done that isn't translated and updated my website with 6 new screenshots, although I'm going to show two here in this post. As it draws closer to completion, this game is becoming very playable and rather fun if you ask me.

In other news, beta testing for Debias: Legendary Space-Time Hero is getting close to being done. Pennywise has beaten the game and showed me a few places that needed some tweaks. And also, he made a scan of the manual, if someone would be so kind as to translate it, we would greatly appreciate it. Send me a message if you're interested.

Adventures in Asmik Land is done and ready to be beta tested. But I'm going to wait until I am finished with Debias first before moving on to this game.

Newcomer's Board / Re: So how do people find debug menus anyway?
« on: August 21, 2011, 12:21:43 am »
Another way is to find text in a ROM that looks like it could be a debugger. Once you've found text, then you can disassemble the bank/file and examine the code. That could tell you what possible ways you could activate it.

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