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Newcomer's Board / Mega Man Dr. Wily's Revenge Help
« on: December 04, 2020, 02:13:50 am »
So, I am beginning to hack Mega Man for Game Boy, and I notice as soon as I begin to hack the graphics, is that the tile graohics are laid out in the strangest way, as if the tiles themselves are scrambled. What is on the top 5 rows of pixels for a tile should be on the bottom, and what is below those 5 rows seems to be scrambled parts of other tiles. I then went to Cutman's sprites, and his tiles too look incredibly messed up as well. Why is this? Is there an odd sprite compression method in the game perhaps?

Newcomer's Board / Bomberman Help
« on: March 02, 2019, 01:35:40 pm »
So, I am nearly finished with my Bomberman hack for Famicom, and I am having trouble figuring a few things out.

One of the big ones is having Bomberman start with a fire level of 2 when starting off. I already read up on how to change the powerups you find in the first two levels at least.

The second is that for some reason, for background tiles for the items, I cannot change the first colour (green). I have the same issue with the door too, which became a telepad. However for the colour of background tiles for the room, I was able to change it.

This will be my first released ROMhack ever after all.

Hi. I have been interested in ROM hacking since I was a young teenager, and am deciding to get started. My first hack I am hoping to do is a level/graphics/palette hack of Sonic 2 for Master System called Sonic Z. The next one I have an interest in is doing my own version of a colorized version of Super Mario Land, but I hear adding colour with GB Colourizer is a hellish ordeal, and games using it will not work on real hardware without some heavy modification. Any advice for me?

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