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Alright, cool. It just strikes me really weird to see Marth translated as Mars though.
So, is there a reason why this doesn't use canonically localized names for characters and places? Especially given that we now have an official localization for the famicom original.
News Submissions / Re: New site look discussion.
June 24, 2017, 05:52:44 PM
Quote from: filler on June 24, 2017, 05:30:47 PM
I don't get this. If there is extra screen real estate thanks to widescreen monitors and high screen resolution why not use it? Do you really want the main text to span most of the screen? It's proven that it's harder to read long lines of text than shorter ones anyway.
Because it's a bunch of extra clutter that is completely irrelevant to what you're doing. Keep in mind that this mess shows up on every, single, page.

Quote from: filler on June 24, 2017, 05:30:47 PMHow about just making your browser window smaller?
If anything this just further highlights the problems, as it starts eating up space from the given page you're actually interested in being on.

Honestly I was kind of excited when I saw the update, but if anything I feel the website is worse than before. A showcase of recently added content seems pointless, since we have regular news posts to that. But I can't help but agree what having some extra visibility to old content on the site is great. But the amount of space allocated to that should be a reasonable amount, and preferably restricted to the front page. If I'm a search page or an article chances are I already know or have an idea of what I'm looking for, no need to barf out unrelated content at me that eats up screen space (and page load time/bandwidth, what with the extra images).
I streamed this earlier today (not that I have much of an audience), so if you want to watch someone just playthrough a link to the past with your hack on it, feel free to check it out: Here.

I saw a couple of tablets still in the game, and some of the palettes were a bit weird, but otherwise I found this to be fairly solid. The changed dialogue is great, if maybe a bit too light-hearted. :P
News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: RotDS v1.4 Released!
November 01, 2015, 07:34:09 AM
Nice, I always like it when developers take criticism to heart and improves their product! :3
Okay, fair enough. (Though I used to go by this nick there too before I changed it.)

It's also available on metconst. I never uploaded most of my smaller projects here since I consider them so low key. And I must admit, I do think it's a bit lacking in respect to upload other creators work without at least trying to contact them. (I do still read my mail box on board2 every now and then.) I get that the site is about archiving works, but still. The reason I flipped out though is that this isn't the first time someone uploaded my stuff here and credited it to one of my other nicks than the one I actually tie my uploaded works here. (Which could create confusion.)
Okay, who keeps uploading my shit to the database?

This isn't the first time, and it's not as if I don't have an account here anyway. So someone is submitting my work without even asking to make sure I want it here, and they couldn't even be arsed to look up if I had an account and provide the credit to it! >_<
Look, I made it as an example to display that it can be done better. Also, as I did colour grabbing of the original sprite that was in the screenshot, it seems that there were more than 16 colours already, so I'm not sure what's up with that yo. However, I'm not getting further involved in this matter than I already am, feel free to modify and use that if you wish though.
Quote from: Gi Nattak on November 09, 2014, 07:33:45 PMI am open to constructive criticism, as like you say for future updates, but this was pretty much the opposite of constructive, kind of insulting even. And then the rainbow paw person agrees with you right away, furthering the insult. I can take it though, I'm a grown man. And after all it is just a hack... and everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course. Your second post was much easier to see your point and take the criticism seriously.
Now, I can agree that my first post is a slightly rude, but that's the way I am, I speak what first comes to my mind in a rather blunt fashion. Plus, I'd argue that it's valid information in this case: If this is how people may react from seeing your hacks page, then they might be discourage from downloading it. In fact, I was getting really hype from the description and everything seemed rather solid until I saw said screenshot. (Of course, it seems there are some balancing issues now post release, but that's not entirely unexpected for projects that don't have considerably large amounts of testing done for them!) First impressions are everything when it comes to games, if something does not click right away people will stop playing or heck, not even try the product in the first place! :p

Quote from: Gi Nattak on November 09, 2014, 07:33:45 PMAlthough you said the person who sprited it is lacking skill. I'd like to see what you can do in terms of sprites sir, I doubt most people can bang out a sprite like the spider boss, so that does take some degree of skill wouldn't you say?
This is a faulty line of thinking, you don't expect people to be able to draw a mona lisa in order to have the right to criticise it. I suggest you leave such attitude at the door before you enter and release your work in an open space. :p

That being said, I AM a sucker for proving my point. (I would have replied earlier, but with plenty of university work on my hand I did not have the time to do this before today.)

This looks pillow shaded to me, hands down. On top of it looking ugly, it clashes terribly with the other sprites.

First, let's get rid of that shading. I'm not here to judge your boss design, nor can I clearly tell what certain parts of it are supposed to be for sure. As such, this shading will be done on a lot of assumptions, and the original creature designer should probably be able to do this better than me. Due to that, I'll leave the outlining and only focus on shading. FF6 sprites have the light source coming from where the camera is, albeit at a slight angle, they also love drop these white dots to mark shit. So first, I'll place some where I find it most logical on this sprite.

Alright, that's some better shading IMO. I'm sure a more experience spriter could do a better job then me, but this certainly works. I could probably have spent some more time on tweaking it to make it look more solid, but I have better things to do with my time! The wings did not have any texture on them, which is a bit absurd, so I added something somewhat decent. Oh and, two of the colours of the palette felt super redundant so they are not used as to save space. (Could probably have saved another colour by removing a brown, but whatever.)

Now, I realise you might not have as much freedom since you're both working in the limitations of what colours to SNES support as well as having multiple sprites share the same palette~ BUT, this is the type of palette I'd give it to breath some more life into it.

Lastly, if this is a possibility, I'd make these changes to the palette and give the maw another shade. I have no idea how realistic different coloured maw is from the rest of the spider, but I don't really find reality to be that relevant here. I also have no idea how feasible this is, since I have drawn the conclusion (based on the fact that the palette is larger than 16 shades.) that this is actually two sprites drawn on top of each other. But I do feel that making the maws a different colour is a great idea since it draws the focus of the viewer and varies up the rather monotone colours in the sprite a bit.

And there you have it!
Quote from: Bregalad on November 08, 2014, 04:57:29 PMJust ignore those guys.
Yes, because ignoring criticism is clearly how to improve.

It's not just ROM hacks, you know? There are many games out there that keeps updating past release, both to fix bugs as well as game improvements.

Quote from: Bregalad on November 08, 2014, 04:57:29 PMI had to give up at the frozen esper bossfight. I mean, 35000 HP right at the start of the game ? Isn't that a little too LONG ? I don't feel like sitting and doing a 1h30 boss fight. I'll see if this is somehow compatible with FF6 saves.
Also, telling others to not criticism something only proceed to do so yourself is a bit, ya know?
There is nothing wrong with monster design, it's just lack of skill when it comes to pixel art. Any attempts on the artist part to read up on some shading techniques would produce vastly different results!

And hey, this does not need to be the end! There is always room to come back and improve, and if this is an example of the games art direction than I really recommend the team to so, in regards to graphics.

This pillow shading makes me want to throw up. It also made me loss any interest I had in trying the hack. :I
I was following this news story since I submitted one of my hacks here. ( Darkness returns )

However, what surprised me about this post was when I found one of my other older works being submitted by someone else. ( Super Metroid - Wet Dream Extended ) (That should also not have super metroid in it since it's not actually part of the title.)
Looking into it, it seems someone has submitted two of my hacks here (I'm indifferent about that fact, by the by.) without realising I actually do have account here. So instead the credited the nick I have over on :v

Not to mention that hack actually does have edited title screen so whoever submitted it was too lazy to dump a screen from that. *shrug*
I'm not sure what to do about this, but it would be less confusing for people if all my works were listed under the same nick, and indeed, account.
There is already a patch that does that for super metroid made by jathys himself.

It removes map recording by traveling, but still gives you the map data the map station provides. Even more so, by going with this idea it would be better to simply remove the map data if you don't want it then the graphics for it, which can be done rather quickly with the level editor for super metroid.

Of course, I can't say anything about MZM or fusion, as I'm not working with those games.
So, you remove all the tiles used to draw the map, rather then actually making a hack that removes the auto map recording?
It could be that the early beta shots show the game being run on the normal gameboy rather then the gameboy colour. As both gold and silver plays perfectly nice on that system as well. I think you should leave the colours in or make it an option. :p
The DS emulator can't even handle running super metroid alone without several layers off and even then with slowdowns. I doubt you will ever get that working for Ice Metal. :P

(But if you do, I will want to be the first one to find out.)
Oh man, this game is so great, it will be cool to finally get the story too, even more so as the anime had some very good plot! =)
I have no intentions of bumping a dead topic to get more attention. But the hack just got a bug fix as well as some small gameplay changes that have been due for a while.


I sent an edit to the hack page but it may take a while before that one is updated, so for now you can just grab it from my dropbox account.

Full change log follows below:
[spoiler]1. Made it easier to get Screwattack.
2. Extend several speed boosting places to make it easier for people having issues with short charging. (Not in places where it's just a minor shortcut though.)
3. Made the hint towards secret in the turtle room a bit more obvious.
4. Made the first room when entering the sewers from landing site a bit easier to navigate.
5. Added a super secret unfinished area for people to search for, though I recommend not bothering with it as it's not even done and the doors there are super buggy.
6. Due to so many people questioning it I remove the mock ball part from the fun room next to the lower steamfair elevator.
7. Made it so you can get a certain beam even earlier if you know what you're doing. (Ice metal, now with even MORE paths!)
8. Moved the eye candy joke in grappling beam room one tile so it's easier to see.
9. Slight change in X-ray scopes room and how to get through it.
10. Made it easier to find the save room in poison point. (Subterrain)
11. The reserve tank and missile tank in poison point should now spawn even before beating the area boss.
12. Getting hit by slime spawn itself should not do slightly more damage.
13. Falling rocks damage were almost doubled so they still pose somewhat of a threat.
14. The inside joke in dark dust about the super missile was removed as it confuses people not knowing about it.
15. Tried making charge beams room a bit more memorable as you now need a super missile and not normal missiles to enter the room.
16. Spikes in dark dust now work as they should before the area boss is dead.
17. Lowered phantoons damage output slightly but buffed his health up quite a bit to make it still a challenge even with the beams you now can have at that point.
18. Made the orange zoomer deal zero damage on contact.
19. Removed the stupid SMB reference no one got anyway.
20. Made the hardest missile tank in the game easier to get, but the idea to get it is still the same.
21. The easy path to certain items is now locked of by a door unless you beat draygon, this is to give a bit more light to a puzzle in the other path as well as making the players work a bit more for them.
22. Made some changes to the morphball labyrinth in deep ice to make use of the falling sand tiles.
23. Changed mock troids for boosted health and changes in how they take damage in order to make the players use their big supply of missiles they should have at that point in the game.
24. It's now possible to kill the turtles in deep ice, even though it would take forever.
25. Boosted enemies power in the core to make it a more challenging area. (No, the metroids are not changed.)
26. Made the wall following blue/red energy enemies very hard to kill.
27. Ridley now deals better with his room layout still droping a power bomb is still a bad idea like it was planned, but it's now on a normal level rather then how easy the battle could get before if you did not drop one.
28. Rinkas are easy to dodge and slow moving, so now they have been boosted with high damage to make up for that. This also makes it less rewarding to get hit by them while having a metroid on you.
29. Removed the weird ugly shit secret I had in the escape, it was pretty terrible anyway. In future releases I may add in a map station there to boost a bit more of the story I was not able to get in.
30. Spazer beams palette is no longer buggy.
31. Spazer beam now got higher color priority then wave.
32. Ice beam is now lighter shades of blue.
33. It should be obvious when you find the good beam combos now in therms of colors. (yes there are a few combos that are worth using.)
34. Power beam is now slightly blue tinted instead of green.
35. Plasma beam is now more orange red rather then white red as it was before.
36. End % should finally work in an official patch.
37. A lot more minor stuff and bugs that I don't remember exactly what they where.
38. ROM is no longer locked, but I should state that I'm against anyone taking stuff from it. I will release the graphics files of everything I made at a later date for people to use, the rest of the stuff is hands off. But feel free to look around for inspiration. (If you have any questions regarding this or would like to use something else then please contact me.) [/spoiler]
Quote from: Garoth Moulinoski on November 11, 2010, 10:42:27 AM
Yes, I got it to work! Is there any advantage to playing the re-palette version? Also, I got the morphball and jumped into this place right beside the ship with those long necked pincer monsters aaaaand got stuck. With movement dampening water. With no way of returning back. :/

The re-palette version is more for players that want more color variation to the game. As the original is mostly in the blue spectrum, there are no gameplay changes, though some item hints may be easier/harder too see with the colors.

As for the sewer area, I have played tested it a lot and there is no way to get stuck in there... if you fall down one of those pits though, it may be hard to come out. You need to time your jumps when the water is as high as possible.