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There's a possible chance that the moderators over at (some ROM site) may accept this topic. You might see this over at their forums if they did.

Ratatouille is a movie that got adapted into a game released back in 2007 on the original Xbox, GameCube, Wii, PC, and of course the PS2. There are other ports; however, they're like entirely different games.

From searching through the game's PS2 files, I noticed that some of the files can be altered. I've experimented with a dialogue file by pasting it onto a site known as Gizoogle. The results I got back were hilarious!

Download Link
I'll just leave the link to the mod if anyone cares to play it. I've also included a version of PCSX2 for the cause of the warning below.

-- link removed b/c it contained an iso of the game in question. only patches are permitted as links on this forum / site --

Do not overwrite or create a new Save Slot as Somewhere up in France (the tutorial level) breaks the game! It's highly recommended to load only the existing Slot on the emulated Memory Card that's bundled with the mod.

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