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so I've been playing this up to the "Dilemma" mission end, and it's a pleasure. Thanks again !

I've noticed a couple of things so far :
- Erich's message (before or after first mission, can't remember), there's a long dash at the beginning of his talk. Is it normal ? Same thing for one of Fiona's message, and one of Dision's.
- during the UPEO/Neucom talk video just after mission 1, there's a square character at the beginning of one of the sentences.
- one of the text was written in a heavier font than the rest. I don't remember which text exactly, it was near the beginning of the game, I'd say three missions into the game. I should have noted it down, sorry.
- in Keith's message, just before "Dilemma" (after Dision's long speech), there's a repetition in one of the sentence : "is trying to trying to get to us".
- there's a typo in the last sentence of the "Electrosphere" ending : "mastermind's aircraft"


Huge thanks to the Project Nemo team ! You guys made something amazing.

Allow me to add some info to what's arleady here :
The version of AC3 you want to patch is that of the original version, which is, surpringly, tagged "1.1". (the 1.0 corresponds to the Playstation The Best edition, and the patch doesn't work on this one)

If your cd is 7zipped, don't use 7zip to unpack it ! That's what I did at first, but when I tried playing the patched cd, it crashed right after the Namco logo.
To make this work, use unPakkiso to unpack the archive.
For the patching itself, follow the advice of the kind Ser Evergreen, and run the .bat manually via a DOS prompt. This will tell you if the patching went fine, or failed.

md5 of the bin of cd1 : 30f7dce98b6901290cb26c9baf27268f
size : 716 287 488 bytes

md5 of the patched bin : 3676d1bd5f9ef6b7d880c461edd365b2
size : 721 774 704 bytes

And since there's been demand for a working delta patch, I made one :

And here's an archive containing Pakkiso 0.4, and also a gui for xDelta.

Password is "ac3Glory"
(without the quotes)


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