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Now that I've seen footage of the Rom fans put together of the BS Legend of Zelda Ancient Stone Tablets, I'd really like to see an ALttP Hack where you can play as that female Avatar.

A the thought just entered my head for a Superman Mario Bros. 2 USA RomHack staring the Doki Doki Literature Club Girls.  Has anyone else thought of that yet?

Hey, would it be possible for someone to throw together a Patch of Zelda ALttP where Aghanim's name is changed to Trump and Ganon's to Hitler really soon so I could play it before the end of this Zelda Month?

Pokemon Bat

This idea Pokemon Rom Hack.  I’d like it to be a Third Generation Romhack (Mainly LeafGreen) inspire of the fact that one 4th generation Pokemon gets named dropped.

The region is called Gotham

You place as Bruce Wayne, a ten year old.  It is the two years anniversary of your Parents being gunned down in front of you by Pokemon thieves.  After having a nightmare about it you run into the woods behind your house and fall into a cave where you befriend a Zubat, and decide to go off on a Pokemon journey, the Zubat becomes your starter Pokemon.  Your Butler Alfred Pennyworth will function as both Bill and Oak, managing all the PC stuff for you.

The rival character is Selina Kyle, who’s starter Pokemon is a Meowth.

The evil team in this one is more like Team Rocket, just being interested in money, then latter Teams that are cults.  It is called Team Umbrella, and it’s leader is known as The Empoleon of Crime.  His real identity is Oswald Cobblepot, who trainer of Bird Pokemon who runs a Poke Stop called the Iceberg Lounge, that among other things houses the Ice Type gym.  He won’t actually have an Empoleon on him though, this game’s roster should be limited to Pokemon you can use in LeafGreen.

The Gym Leader of the IceBerg Lounge’s gym is Victor Fries.

The other 7 Gym leaders include, Drury Walker, the Bug Type Gym leader, Joe Rigger, the Fire Type Gym Leader, and Lester Buchinsky, the Electric Type Gym leader.  I like including the three filler bosses of the Batman 89 NES game in any Batman fan game ideas I come up with.

Pamela Isley, the Grass/Poison Type Gym Leader.

Jonathan Crane, the Ghost Type Gym Leader.

Jervis Tetch, the Psychic Type Gym Leader.

Natalia Mitternacht, Dark Type Gym Leader.

The Elite Four will be League of Assassins Members, Bane (Fighting type), Onyx (Rock Type) Bronze Tiger (Steel Type), and Lady Shiva (Dragon Type).

And the Champion will be Ra’s Al Ghul.

There will be an Unknown cave in the game where they are being researched by Edward Nygma who trains them exclusively, you can battle him but it’s not required.

It’s companion Game is Pokemon Cat, where everything is the same except you play as Selina and Bruce is the Rival.  And a different Origin story, someone else will have to write that.  And Holly Robinson (your friend with benefits) will replace Alfred.

I made a conscience decision not to shoehorn in every Batman villain, Black Mask, Two-Face, Deadshot, all ones that couldn’t work in this premise.

And that goes double for The Joker.  There many great Batman stories with no Joker in them.  So given the Joker overload of the Arkham Games I figured a video game Batman universe that opts out of forcing The Joker would be nice.

Has anyone ever experimented with making NES or SNES or Genesis Visual Novels?  Their popularity is growing, and the unique kind of Nerd I am would love the idea of navigating a Yuri Harem with a Retro gaming remote.

Since there is an NES version of Final Fantasy VII.  I've been thinking about the other classic PS1 FF game, Tactics, the Fire Emblem games are kind of the same genre, so maybe it's be possible to make an SNES version of it.

And the Graphics of Tactics always make me think of Mario RPG, during the cuts scenes at least.

Because of Mario Maker we now have SMB 1 and 3 style sprites of Bowser Jr and Magikoopa and the Koopa Clown Car, and Mario World style sprites of the Hammer Bros and Sledge Bros.  And a new kind of Mario World sprite of Bowser.

Thing is because they aren't on cartrigaes it might not easy to get those sprites available for Rom Hacking.

I think a version of Mario 3's Dark World where some fo the Boom Booms are replaced with Bowser Jr or Magikoopa could be cool.

I wish I had the technical know how to make one myself.

What I'd really to do is make a Adventure of Link Hack that retells the story of Wand of Gamelon, because I actually find that premise fairly salvageable.  It was simply impossible to make a playable game on the CDi.

Far too many.
Well the 4 this thread has lead me to are all I've found so far.  And they've been Zelda, no Female Links.

Still none doing it with AoL or LA.

This is the first I've heard of her.

My character is a criminal with a ghost sidekick.
Sounds fun.

I think the recent Linkle news is a good excuse to revive this topic.  I imagine it's only a matter of some before someone makes a Linkle inspired hack.

I got a LttP as Zelda hack I'm gonna start tonight.

There are a couple of fairly old hacks for the first game. I don't see them here so I made IPS patches you can download here.

The Zelda Story: 1999 Elishasoft

Quest of Zelda: 1999 Elric

And not a game, but possibly the best thing with a female link and also contender for the most amazing specimen of artistic creation ever spawned by humanity.
Oh how I love classic Video Game commercials, they aren't as fun anymore, now they show off flashy graphics.

That is for the original NES Zelda but the sword kinda looks like the Master Sword.

Edit: I apologies that was a ToG commercial not NES.  Ganon also has the Trident.

I think there's be a lot of appeal for such a game, playing something like  a Classic 2D Zelda as Zelda.

I know a number of Mario hacks have experimented with having different playable characters.

I'd almost forgotten, related to the Mario is Missing and Time Machine idea, I'd also thought about remaking the story of Wand of Gamelon as a hack of a game that's actually good.  Zelda II would be ideal since that's what those crappy games were trying to recreate.  But I have a feeling making a Zeld a sprite playable would be easier with an overhead game, not sure why I think that I just do,?  Would be that be wrong?

The two RPG ideas I'm still thinking over are an NES role playing Mario RPG, and a SNES Zelda RPG.

Cool, those do look interesting, thanks.

I have a few Ideas I don't have the skill to make myself.

1.  Mario is Missing and  Mario's Time Machine, the good versions.  SNES SMW Rom-hacks (With perhaps elements of other 16 bit Mario games thrown in) that take the story premise of those infamously not so Educational games and makes actual fun games out of them.  I would include for Time Machine it's SNES opening animation, I really liked that when I rented it back in the day, I don't recall if the SNES Mario is Missing had anything vigilante, I only played the NES version of that.

I've noticed some Mario World hacks use SMB3 koops who walk on all fours.  I don't like that, I prefer upright walking Koopas, what I love about the NES versions of those games is they gave 8-Bit versions of upright walking Koopas to work with.

2. Luigi Land, a GBA Rom-Hack of Super Mario Advance 4, that is also effectively is larger more epic Remake of Super Mario Land where you play as Luigi rather then Mario.  You fight through 4 worlds based on the 4 worlds of the original SML, but with SMB style game-play and Map Screens and more levels, and two Fortresses per world.

But instead of Tatanga showing up right away after beating the Boss of the 4th World, you go to a Fifth World, Tatanga's Starship.  During this world especially but maybe a little bit earlier some Kirby Superstar influence might be needed.

3.  The RPG ideas I have are a bit more ambitious and I'm gonna need put a bit more thought put into them before I share them here.  I'll just tease that one is NES and one is SNES.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Introduction Topic
« on: July 06, 2015, 03:31:47 pm »

Newcomer's Board / Re: Introduction Topic
« on: July 01, 2015, 03:33:43 pm »
Hello, I'm MithrandirOlorin

I'm very new the world of Rom Hacking.  I still haven't played one yet but I will soon, I'm getting used to how Emulators work via the Games I already know first.

I'm more interested in Hacks that try to tell new stories using the same sprites and mechanics of existing games, as opposed to just harder versions of games.  I'm most interested in classic NES and SENES Nintendo games, but (also Game Boy and GBA) and hacks based on them.  Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Mega Man, Castlvania, Zoda's Revenge, the NES Batman 89 game, ect.

I don't have the technical talent to make a hack myself.  But as an aspiring writer I have some potential story ideas that I wouldn't mind letting someone else use.

Update Question: Which board would be the idea one to post story ideas I'm not going to develop myself?

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