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Quote from: MathUser2929 on July 05, 2016, 07:41:15 AM
He baited you guys into talking about more gender issues and you all took it. How about talking about ROM hacks added to the database for a while instead if women should be ghostbusters?
Quote from: Plint Michigan on May 31, 2016, 10:31:04 AM
Geeze, there's just no stopping those FFIII hacks, is there?

I wouldn't really call them "hacks" as much as "fixes" or "edits" of code.

The game has been so popular for so long that it only makes sense there would be people out there that nitpick every nuance of it's coding, making these "fixes" and "edits" lo so many years later.
What's this world coming to when a game hacking forum (of all places) is trolled and maliciously bogged down by political themed garbage? What's next... big arguments about who's right and wrong for our religious beliefs? There ARE Mario hacks that involve him with crosses and such... if someone brought those to light on here would there be a big argument involving those? Really though, who the hell cares...? There's plenty of other places to take your opinions, (like forums specifically designed for religion/politics/abortion/other debated things)... and you aren't being Mr. Wholier then Thou by arguing for the sake of arguments sake while here, on a game hacking forum.

As others have (rightfully) pointed out, there's already hacks on here about Nazi's and dicks shooting them... and yet the thing that caused outrage is a sprite being switched around from male to female... It's stuff like that that makes me lose faith in the human race. Forest for the trees, guys. Forest for the trees.
I would agree about the loss of Shadow... you couldn't get rid of Umaro to make Leo work? :(