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I tried looking for it myself.  Cant figure out how Earthbound loads its pallets.  At location xAF1F changing the 09 changes the static effect.  But can't seem to locate the coding thats handling the alternating colors. 

March 19, 2015, 09:55:12 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Good deal.  Yeah as I've come to notice about SNES roms is the odd ways the original programmers did things at times.  Glad you figured it out!!

You don't have to flip them when searching in the ROM.  So if RAM is showing 1C03 1C03 6628 then when searching the ROM you'd type it exactly how it shows in RAM.

What are you using to view RAM?  Id actually have to look at in real time to get a better understanding of whats happening.  Sorry.  Wish I could have been more help.

This was a write up I had for TSB3 on the SNES.  Not sure if the RAM location is universal for all SNES roms.  So you may have to look for the RAM location in a different location.  But if its the same for all SNES roms then hopefully you'll be able to understand.  If not just let me know what doesn't make any sense and i'll try to explain better.

Download the following editing tools:
SNESpal - Use this to edit color pallets.

NOSSNS Emulator with debugger - (This is best for finding graphical things) Has VRAM Veiwer

SNES9X1.43 with Geiger debugger - (This is best for finding codes) *these emulators aren't very good for playing, but great for hacking. This emulator has a disassembler attached. Basically, you type in a location in your rom and the number of bytes that you want disassembled, and it'll break it down into assembly language. This is the best thing you can have when tracking down coding and adding coding. This emulator will allow you to dump ram, disassemble, see color pallet coding, graphic mapping, what's being used, locations codes use and open ram locations when you want to add things.

Cygnus Hex editor - My main hex veiwer/editor.

HxD Hex editor - I use this to compare files. Haven't tried using it to edit hex, but Cygnus is perfect so why bother.

Tile Molestor - This is THE TILE EDITING TOOL. Every bit of graphical editing I've done has been with this. This thing is massive at first but when you get the hang of it, it's the bomb.

zSNES emulator - Might be better ones out there but I haven't looked. This is just the emulator I use to play the game.

Open Office Free - I use this instead of excel cause I'm not paying for excel.

Heres the quick how-to:
SNES Color Pallets (Need Geiger, Hex editor, and SNES Pal)
Color pallets - Pretty simple concept here.
You have to find the color pallets location to use SNESpal, but that's fairly easy.

Open Geiger, run your rom. Click show hex (this will pause the game automatically) You'll see a button marked ROM.  Click to reveal the drop down list and change it to RAM. Scroll down and look at RAM location x7E2000. This beginning of the RAM location that the game  loads colors into.

It loads in Tecmo Super Bowl 3 like so:
x7E2000 - x7E203F for small pallets (Like the ones used in NES games). These are in 4bit format. These only have 3 colors available (4 total but the first color is always clear.)

x7E2040 - x7E20FF are background colors. These are in 16bit format. Thats 15 colors with first clear.

x7E2100 - x7E210FF are sprite colors. 16 bit format like backgrounds.

Go back to the game and get to the screen of the pallet you're looking for.  Go back to the Ram Window and go to these locations. When you get to the screen, just click on show hex and the game will pause. Geiger allows you to edit on the fly with certain things, and colors is one of them. You can 00 out locations in Ram and click back on the game window. This will unpause the game and black out colors. (00 00 = black in hex). Once you find the right RAM location with the right pallet, open your hex editor and your rom. Do a Find command. Type in the remaining hex numbers (about 3 - 4 more color codes, 1D20 1DE5 1E00 ect) from the RAM location you found. Make sure you do Find Next as there are some pallets that use the same Color sequences. Use the hex editor to change the coding and save. Now go back in the game and check to make sure it's the right location. If you found the right location, make note of the ROM location and open up SNESpal. File open your rom, and in the address window type in the location you found. About 99% of the time, the first color will be black. (This doesn't always hold true, but most times it does). Use the little arrows to scroll forward and back in the rom to get to the colors. The color you change it to in SNESpal will be the color the Rom will use. When your done changing the colors, save your rom.

Hope this helps!! Honkey Vanish!!

I'm looking for some pointers on how to add sprites to my rom.  I've pretty much hacked every graphical thing in the game, but I'm coverting the original from 30 teams to 32..... maybe even more (NCAA Hack).  I've already hacked it so that the exhibition mode has 32 teams selectable, now I've started the process of hacking the season mode to have 8 divisions and 32 teams.  In tecmo season mode, when you look at stats or rankings each team is assigned a mini helmet.  The problem I'm having is that the game is only loading x amount of tiles to map off of.  I've found the mapping program but have not been able to locate the program that is loading the tiles into VRAM.  So I figured now would be a good time to learn how to add and load/map sprites into the game.  I'm no expert at assembly but I'm ok at it.  Below is a link to my thread at to look at the project I'm currently working on titled 2013 MT REmix Project Mayhem.
The board there is mainly NES guys so getting help from one of the top pros there hasn't been smooth. 

also I can't seem to be able to attach images to my posts.  I was going to post some screens from the game I'm working on but couldn't figure it out.

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