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ROM Hacking Discussion / Converting a US or Japanese SNES ROM to PAL
« on: September 26, 2014, 05:38:30 am »
Hi all, sorry to just register and start a new topic but I've got a question and I can't find any info anywhere.

I'm from the UK and there are tonnes of games which never came out here. I've got a flash cartridge thing for my SNES, but the machine itself is a UK PAL region model.

When I boot US NTSC games I get extremely mixed results. Sometimes the rom boots fine, sometimes it won't. Sometimes they run ok and sometimes they have graphical glitches. Earthbound gives a specific message that the region of the machine is wrong.

I'm guessing that this is due to the region of the console, as literally every PAL rom I've tried plays flawlessly.

Now, I know I could get a US or Japanese SNES but that's not an immediate solution. When SNES games were released here they were forced to 50hz and had black borders added to the top and bottom (due to PAL screens having 576 lines as opposed to NTSC screens which have 480). My question is, is there any way to force this PAL mode on NTSC Roms? There's no option on the cart, so could I convert the ROM?

I'm guessing there's no info on this because nobody has ever wanted to do it, but I was just wondering. Even better, is there any way to boot a US SNES rom in full screen at 60hz but make the SNES think it's a PAL cart?

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