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Yeah, I'm all for replacing Dracula, unless someone else notices an imperfection.

The skin came out a lot better. It became too smooth and dark in the previous version.


and the old one for comparison


ExdeathAnimus wasn't satisfied with how his earlier Dracula turned out in the final product, and he redrew him.

I am liking the face a lot more here.

I'll have a go at converting him pretty soon. Maybe this weekend.


This is a quickly retextured locket, using the texture from the sisters' dresses:

and one that is already color-reduced, in case color reduction after the composition is complete gives too much precedence to the locket (over the actual portraits):


This is what I got. Tried shaping some buns for Stella, tried blending in Loretta's hair a bit (though it's probably wasted effort for the size of the locket), and made Eric's hair longer.

Oh, apologies! For some reason they looked like the long-neck originals on first glance (but this becomes apparent to not be the case when compared to your older mock-up). Thanks for pointing out my mistake  :)

Edit 17/12/19:
And now, for something that absolutely no-one asked for,
Figured I'd try my hand at creating alternate Stella/Loretta/Wind portraits for the locket image

Not sure if they're too different from the current portrait looks (but its of a photo in a locket so ?maybe ok)
Clothes are different yes, but then makes sense Brauner would doll-up his victims...

Mock-up with in game resolution:

I love that idea.

Concerning clothes, they already look that dolled up in Sisters Mode, which happens right before Brauner gets them. But even then, changing fashions &c. could still apply.

To increase recognisability, I might try my hand at increasing the volume of Stella's Leia buns. Maybe Eric's hair could also be lengthened and darkened a bit.

The current composition does leave open space behind Loretta, though on the other hand I'm not sure if moving the two sisters more side-to-side would truly look better.

1) Heh, it's actually the short-neck version, it just looks a bit longer because of the framing. For reference, this older mock-up contains the long-neck version.

3) I forgot that happened in the game. If I can get a clean indexed sprite rip from ShadowOne333, I can probably quickly whip up a composition using the three portraits in sepia. I'm taking a week off work around Christmas.


The credit portraits.

Been busy with work, haven't been able to work on this as much as I wanted to.

Working in palettes this limited is no fun. My take at the menu portraits.

Of the swap icons, I felt like Richter was one that looked the least like the Kojima artwork, or heck, even the original Rondo of Blood artwork.

I also redid Charlotte, but I'm not sure if it's an improvement over the current one.

I might attempt a Jonathan icon, but I doubt my ability to make him recognizable enough.

Did this Jonathan-with-name, but I'm not sure if the face is clear enough.


Those final Stella and Loretta portraits are gonna clash strongly. They have a red edge, noticeable when you change the background color. And Loretta has an additional slight white edge.

Starlord14, I'm not exactly sure what the point is of reducing my 15 color Charlotte-with-name down to 11 colors if the upper limit is 16 colors?


I decided to not implement those portraits yet in the beta patch because I knew they were going to have issues with the indexed 16-color palette (as mentioned above), so I simply focused on the main big portraits. That's why I didn't include them in the patch.

However, now that you mention it, given how the sprite rips for Grimoire of Souls have been dumped, we could now use those for the Menu, Info screens and the Mini portraits as well, to keep everything within the same consistent artstyle.
Not to undermine Siegfried's drawings for those two, as he is an amazing artist and I still love his drawings for each character he has done, but compared to the rest of the portraits, they do clash in terms of aesthetic look (we are still using his drawings for the other characters in the game though).

Please, do let me know what do you think so we can proceed accordingly.
My monocolor dual crush graphics and the portrait-with-name graphics were already limited to 15 colors. I can redo the portrait-with-name for Jonathan with a Kojima portrait though, now that there are more options, Same for the two menu graphics.

Or is the dual crush palette a fixed palette?

1) The problems mentioned in this post still remain:
So that means the Dual Crush images, Death and both Loretta and Stella's portraits still have some problems to be worked on. For Loretta and Stella, perhaps shortening their necks could help, as well as recolouring them in a way in which the heterochromia for their eyes can be better seen in-game (same for their skin tone in their vampire form).

2) All of the portraits for Menus and the mini portraits mentioned in this post aren't implemented yet:
Was anything wrong with these?
Siegfried Belmont provided portraits for the menu:

Menu portraits (255 max and 15 max respectively. Didn't know the restrictions)

And the other menu:

(I used the GoS portrait for this Charlotte, it filled the rectangular space better and the muddy quality wasn't an issue at this low resolution and simple palette)

I'll see if I can figure something out for the Dual Crush thing, and then I'll consider the mini portraits.


I've quickly converted Death to the 82 colors in your example, but I do find it a rather bizarre constraint. Maybe the developers needed to save space?


Wallpaper Charlotte isn't in the assets, so I can't rework that.

Here are the two new Jonathan portraits:

Dam, Syd!
Those portrait rips are just what I was hoping for! (Damn I love the Genya Arikado portraits, they're so good!)
I feel like these ones cover pretty much the remaining portraits, and also give us different views into each character, which we could rework into other portraits to have a bit of variety, while keeping everything in the same artstyle.

For example, for Charlotte, we can use the 2nd one (side view) in that rip for her text portrait, and work with the other 3 for other portraits. The same applies for Jonathan's.

@JohannGralog, what do you think of these?
That's some stellar stuff to work with.

I'll cook up a portrait for each of the Charlottes and Jonathans this weekend, and see if the stuff I based on the GoS wallpaper Charlotte needs replacing.

Siegfried Belmont provided portraits for the menu:

Menu portraits (255 max and 15 max respectively. Didn't know the restrictions)

And the other menu:

(I used the GoS portrait for this Charlotte, it filled the rectangular space better and the muddy quality wasn't an issue at this low resolution and simple palette)

I'll see if I can figure something out for the Dual Crush thing, and then I'll consider the mini portraits.


Are the actual menu portraits under any special color limitations?

If you give me the templates, I'll cut out and scale the portraits from the source from scratch for these four as well this weekend, so they look nice and crisp. That's probably important, since these are the ones players will see the most.

Now that I try to remember the game. I think those are the graphics shown when you perform a Dual Crush. The menu portraits are portrait-oriented, while these are landscape-oriented.

I'll see if I can find an elegant solution for those portraits this weekend. Maybe with grayscale. Worst case scenario, doing something entirely different with them.

for vincent's vampire ending portrait wouldn't it be better to make his skin pale ?
The different ending portrait is for beating hard mode. There are also unlock conditions for Dracula and Death.


SiegfriedBelmont's Vampire Vincent:

And the pixel portrait, overlaid on his normal portrait and it fits perfectly.

So far, those were the only ones I've requested, as I feel both were the weakest links in the line-up. If SiegfriedBelmont wants to tackle any of the others, that's alright with me too.

I've fit them in the ending portrait thing.

Color-coded backgrounds this time. Red for the main characters, green for the side characters, gold for the unlockable portraits. I think this time the thick and textured idea I had for the background is still somewhat noticeable.

For the CG version, smooth backgrounds, maybe gradients, would probably fit better?

I used Annette for Stella. Maybe Pachinko Annette could work as a base for yours.

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