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Good one Man  ;) :thumbsup: ;D

Sweet. Thanks for figuring that out. Wacked my head off a few walls when it didn't work before. I'll try it out soon. Yippee.

Yeah, my original Jap imported version didn't i tried out the 1.1 version and voilĂ  :laugh: if you need more details, please PM me.

Hey Guys, i've solved the issues related to "the crashing game" after NAMCO logo. Just use the 1.1 version. If anyone is in trouble, please feel free to PM me  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Hi DragonSpike XIII and NemoTeam
First of all Thank you in advance for the great work, this is awesome  ;) ...

 So i'm testing the patch but unfortunately i've got some issues  :( , the same of D.O.Eraven one. I'm Italian too and i'm starting to think that there is some kind of problem with the patching process or something like this, linked to my/our win8 O.System. I have the original JAP game version,ripped with Alchool 120% and patched as the readme says: but when i play the game, every emulator i've tried crashes at the beginning after the NAMCO logo.

Maybe with the xdelta patching process we can overtake the issues and make the patched game work  8)

Great work man. Keep on going...we'll translate this masterpiece in every language  ;D ;D ;D

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