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I like hacks where the experience is doubled. Recently edited Chrono Trigger enemy stats to double tp rewards and increase exp by 50%. Makes the game play quicker without the grinding. Alternatively, would like to see tools which simply do blanket adjustments to battle rewards (by patching the award algorithms themselves).
A lot of people are trying to make money off this stuff. Anytime money is involved corporations will want a cut. Might get them to back off by promising proceeds to charity and whatnot.
Quote from: SCD on October 01, 2015, 09:50:29 PM
Alright, I though it would have been possible to make it run at 60fps because the 32X was a little more powerful than the Genesis. But is it possible to add the Haya-Oh boss from the 3DS version to it?

It is indeed impossible but not for the reason stated. The CPU is different and thus would require a total rewrite. And if you could add Haya-Oh, you could add anything. However few people care for the game so I doubt there is much interest in modding it.
Quote from: SCD on October 01, 2015, 07:10:00 AM
Space Harrier (Sega 32X): A hack that would make the game run 60fps to make it more like the arcade version and it would also add the Haya-Oh boss from the 3DS version to this game as well.

That might not be technologically feasible. You need double the speed for double the frame rate. Pretty much every commercial game pushes the envelope already.
A control enhancement patch for the early Castlevanias would be very welcome.
I haven't played this in years, but I just wanted to ask: has the size discrepancy between Zero and X been corrected? Because that has been the primary problem of the mod's design: the boss attacks are intended to be just barely dodged by X; Zero's larger form factor/bounding rect gets clipped every time.