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Here’s a little project I’ve been working on. I really enjoy the first eXceed game, and thought it was a shame that unlike the other games in the series there wasn’t a good English translated version available anywhere. There was an unofficial beta translation, but it was really buggy and differed from Nyu Media’s translation. So I decided to make a new translated version using Nyu’s official translation along with some additional fixes/features by decompiling and recompiling the original source code.

Just replace exceed.exe with the included file

  • Story Mode can now be selected in either English or the original Japanese language.
  • A new prologue menu item can be viewed to read the backstory to the game.
  • A new text intro is shown at the beginning of story mode.
  • Tinatu’s name has been changed to Chinatsu in order to correctly match the other games in the series.
  • Fixed various spelling typos in the menu of original japanese version.


New prologue

New language selection option

New intro (for English mode)

100% complete, bug free translation

Download can be found here

Enjoy!! And i’d love to hear any feedback!

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