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That Spanish translation could use a nice polish... Just by the screenshots, there's a lack of opening exclamation and interrogation signs.

We weren't able to find many people to proofread the script, so I just released it as it was. Feel free to suggest changes or help with editing if you'd like.

Did the French translation issues ever get resolved..? I'd worry about cleaning up one translation before releasing others, personally.

Nope, my translator seems rather busy. If there is anyone willing to spend some time proofreading/editing the script, I'd appreciate that, otherwise I'll just leave it how it is since there's nothing I can personally do about it. I'm just the hacker, the different translations are separate projects I've worked on with different translators. There is minimal effort required on my part to simply change the language. The problem is getting enough reliable people to edit the scripts, or do thorough testing. I originally only planned on putting out an English patch, and I've given up doing any more translations since it has become a bit tiresome chasing up scripts and stuff. If you feel you can do better, by all means give us a hand.

The Hungarian version is finished! Check the original post for the download.

The Spanish patch has been released! Please check the original post for the download link.
Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

The Hungarian version is almost done, and should be announced soon.

Ok, thanks. I'll get my translator to do a proofread. I don't know a word of French, so I'm a bit clueless  :P
I'll move this back to being a work in progress in the meantime.

Hey guys,

The English patch has been updated to v1.1, which translates the memory card block label:

For those who are interested, we've also released a French version which can be downloaded here:

Spanish and Hungarian patches are also on their way. I've started another thread for these along with the French version.

Enjoy! And as always, feedback is welcomed!

Hey people,

I'm using this thread to announce the French, Spanish and Hungarian translation patches for Clock Tower: The First Fear.

Because of issues with the script, the French version is still a WIP.
For those that are interested in trying it out anyway, the download page is here:

The Spanish version has been released! It can be downloaded here:

The Hungarian patch can be downloaded here:

@FeRcHuLeS: I'll PM you.

Thanks guys for all the comments! It's good to see people enjoying it.

Thanks for this amazing translation I always wanted to play this fully translated, now you've done this work, how about making a translation for: Silent Hill Play Novel (GBA) or Twilight Syndrome (NDS) or Mitewa Ikenai (NDS) or Nanashi no game me (NDS)?, I want to play the aforementioned so I'm learning Japanese on my own (It's a hard work but I'll do it). and maybe we could work together in the future.

I must admit I haven't actually played any of those :P
I'd love to do another translation project once I get some free time. I'll see if I can get a chance to look them up sometime. Good luck with learning Japanese!

@vivify93: Thanks so much for the review!! It certainly shone. I love the first Clock Tower game, and I knew I had to do something to continue its legacy, so to speak.

@Piotyr: Yes, this version supports the PSX mouse! I've never actually used one though, so if you do try it out with one, please tell me how it goes!

Hi people,

The English patch for the PSX version of Clock Tower: The First Fear has been released:

I welcome suggestions about anything at all, and if anyone tries it out, please tell me how it goes!
Please report back here if there are any problems with applying the patch. The patch is in XDELTA format, and is based on a .cue/.bin rip.
In most cases the patch will truncate the image.

We're also working on Spanish and French translations, which should be released very soon.

I played Clock Tower PS1 and I thought it was really bad compared to The First Fear. I think The First Fear is the only Clock Tower I actually like.

My thoughts exactly! When I first heard about Clock Tower, I thought that the whole concept of a 2D point and click horror game was really unique. It allows for really stylized visuals, and I was genuinely horrified by some of the death scenes, as well as the appearance of Dan. The transition to 3d made the series kind of generic and silly. I have half a mind to make a game engine in the style of The First Fear to encourage others to make more games in that style.

Note that the translation is slightly different, since I'm working with a different translator. Someone has also written a French translation, so I'm currently testing that too. Others have expressed interest in translating the script to Arabic, Italian, makes me very happy that so many people still remember the pile of goodness that is The First Fear!

This is my first hack so I can't compare it to any other, but it didn't seem too difficult. I couldn't figure out all the stuff to do with IDA and whatever so I ended up rewriting the font decoding function in assembly code, which was challenging but cool once it worked!


No, it isn't based on the Chinese translation. You actually sent me a link to the Chinese Translation a while back, don't you remember?  :laugh:

The original Japanese version uses the ShiftJIS-based font from the BIOS. I believe that the Chinese version uses a hacked BIOS which replaces all the Japanese characters with Chinese ones. I didn't really want to hack the BIOS so I rewrote the font system so that it uses a 2bpp font stored in one of the game's files.

Progress looks great! Go right ahead. It should be viewable decompressed in the rom somewhere, though I don't exactly remember where.

Awesome, thanks a bunch!!

I vaguely remember that, but I've had a lot of stuff on my plate. I'm mostly okay with you using the font (I don't really remember where I got it from, but I think it's present in the original Japanese version of the game?) but do you have any proof-of-concept screenshots of your work on the PS1 version? I'd want to know that it's in good hands.

Yup, sure. Here is a screenshot of the hack using the half-width font from the BIOS:

I've since extended the code to support a VWF encoded using 2bpp. Here's a pic demonstrating that more than one colour can be used (note the red line in the 'a' character)

And here's a pic demonstrating that the widths of individual characters can be adjusted (in this case, the letters 'a' to 'd' are shortened):

So...are my hands good enough?  ;D
I'd love to use that font! But I hope you don't mind if I adapt it to be variable width.

I did ask AG about permission to use his font from the SNES version but he never replied. Otherwise I could turn it into a VWF. I like his font mainly because it's serifed.

Ah, I should have thought of that, though we would like an original font that goes well with the tone of the game.
I'll take a look, and if anyone can suggest some good ones, that would be most appreciated.

Hi people, I'm the hacker for the English translation of Clock Tower The First Fear (for PSX). The project has been on a bit of a hiatus because of the need for a custom English font. If anyone can give us a hand with this, it would be deeply appreciated. We have a forum thread dedicated to the hack:

The specs for the font are:
- max character dimensions: 8x15
- max number of colours: 4 (encoded using 2 bits per pixel), but preferably 2
- should be variable width (so a width table needs to be provided)

If anyone with the skills is interested, please PM me and I will send you the required character set.

Cool, it might be around my level then, I'd gladly give it a shot once I'm done with the PSX version. I'll probably try and get this business with the font out of the way first.

August 30, 2013, 03:10:58 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Can anyone suggest any custom fonts that may be suitable for this patch?

@Gideon: I just realised that you are the guy behind the SFC patch. So, Aeon Genesis is like the project group name you use or something.
I've contacted you about the font you used.

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