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ROM Hacking Discussion / Mega Man Zero Cutscenes Editing
« on: April 28, 2020, 12:24:41 am »
The cut scene in Mega Man Zero I need help to find

Artwork found on google , but is a reference to the cut scene in Mega Man Zero I need to find.

Hello everyone, I'm making a sprite hack in Mega Man Zero and I want to change the cut scenes with Zero in them to the character of my sprite hack. I found all but one cut scene which is the last one where Zero slashes the Pantheon in half (as shown in the above image) , I tried different tile editors and programs like for example : NLZ-Advance. I don't know if the image is compressed or what kind compression it is or how to do it. I really like to edit it to make my sprite hack more complete. any help is appreciated :D

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: I have a question about Sappy.
« on: October 02, 2015, 11:35:43 am »
I know it doesn't tell me, what I meant by it doesn't tell me is that since it doesn't tell me I'm not sure what to name the instruments to since I don't know what instruments the game uses for each song. What I really wanted to know is how to change the instruments of the midi i want to use with the instruments of game and how to export the midi because when I change the instruments of the midi with the games instruments in FL Studio and when I export it doesn't sound like it did in the program.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: I have a question about Sappy.
« on: October 02, 2015, 07:10:39 am »
I'm not sure what type of soundfont the game uses but this is what I tried.

I used the GBAMusRiper program on the game and t created a folder with .mid files in it and it also had a .sf2 file, I loaded the .sf2 file is Awave Studio and I get this

It plays the instruments but it doesn't tell me what instrument it is, then I saved it as a dls and then I loaded a midi file in FL Studio and I tried to load the dls file in fruity loops all the instruments names are hex offsets, I was hoping that if I used the games instruments from the dls file on the midi I wanted to use that it would work but I can't seem to get it to.

ROM Hacking Discussion / I have a question about Sappy.
« on: October 01, 2015, 07:07:12 pm »
I trying to edit the music in the Mega Man Zero games mainly Mega Man Zero 3 its just that when I assemble my created ".s file" in sappy it sounds horrible in sappy and in the game, the only instrument in any midi file I'm using that I can get a pleasing sound from in sappy and the game is the harmonica instrument.

I tried searching like that but no luck , I tried the little-endian to but it couldn't find the byte values.

Sorry about that , I thought pointers would be simpler when I read this :

I want to know how to find hex pointers in the mmz games for the gba , and also how to re point them , example : say i want to re point copy x's buster shooting motions to zero's buster shooting motions so when i play the game and shoots zero's buster it will look like copy x's buster motions instead of me tile editing to change the look of zeros sprites.

i tried to find hex pointers myself in the game but no luck i tried adding 08 to the offset address like say the offset is 123456 i did it like this 08123456 and i also reversed it like this 56341208 , but no luck what so ever

i can tile edit , palette edit , and even a little bit of music editing to the mmz games , but i can't figure out how to find the hex pointers and re pointing them.

i hope someone can help if its possible.

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