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Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man X5 Improvement Project Addendum (v2.0.3)
« on: November 08, 2021, 11:29:51 am »
Hello, I've been following the project for the last year and I'd like to congratulate for everything you've done. The game has gotten a lot more fun and enjoyable. In this sense I would like to leave my suggestions:

1. To make combat more fluid and dynamic, the invincibility frames could be reduced to something similar to the X4 bosses.

2. The difference with using X is that you can use the weapons of the bosses, so you could change the damage chart so that these weapons do significant damage that would justify defeating the bosses in order (like on the SNES it was).

3. Some sub-bosses have high life bar and take little damage per attack (like Prism Guard in Firefly stage or Pteranoid in Dinorex), this doesn't make the game more challenging just boring.

4. Speaking of boring, those invincible enemies that shoot up and down (the Spark Gunners) in Necrobat and Kraken stages could also be easier to defeat, as they add little to the progress of the level except for being enemies that will cause a mandatory damage (X6 vibes >_<).

5. I believe that in the future, as already mentioned, the bosses' damage chart in general will be reworked to make the game more challenging and less boring, mainly in the boss rush of the last level. Swapping the huge life bar for a smaller one, however with the bosses doing a lot more damage, this will encourage the player to make a strategy to defeat it.

6. If the patch allows you to gain both Life and Weapons at the end of the stage, then you could make the Mission Report Menu cleaner by selecting just a single option like “collect DNA parts”. In addition, these parts should be obtained immediately and not with a delay of 2 hours, as this would guarantee, especially in this improvement that makes the game more fun, a varied gameplay possibilities and combinations depending on the order of you choose the bosses, encouraging the player to venture out by non-linear routes. The 2 hours delay along the original idea of being able to choose between just weapons or life could only be exclusive to extreme mode, this makes more sense in my head as it would be adding a layer of difficulty to the gameplay. The normal and easy would stay with you always gaining both Life and Weapons without delay.

7. For consistency purposes with X4, X6, X7 and X8, in the retranslation patch Zero's moves could have their original Japanese names, except Dark Hold which is shared with X.

8. Also, if Zero has an exclusive Giga Attack button (R2) and there are only Twin Dream and Dark Hold left for you to select from the menu or by pressing L1 and R1, why not leave Dark Hold for L1 and Twin Dream for R1. It's easier to play with him, he's a character designed to have a more flexible gameplay, if you don't keep opening the menu directly or shuffling yourself by pressing R1 and L1 to switch to the next weapon while getting hit by enemies and bosses.

9. Since so many changes have been made and placed in the Options Menu, it should be more accessible outside of the stages. For example, you should have access to the Options Menu in the Mission Report and Stage Select, instead than just the Pause Menu.

10. I saw that you created many alternative versions of the patch and that's great because it's up to the customer. So, allow me to make a suggestion, create a version "Retranslation + No music changes except opening and ending" to make it more similar to the original Rockman X5 project by Inafune and Capcom. Mmx5, as well as Mm8, were made to serve as a tribute to their respective franchises so the tributes on the soundtrack are justifiable, although I understand the desire to change the OST with unused tracks. I think a version that makes the game more like the original should be the main one (like the X4 and X6 projects).

PS.: Sorry for bad English :)

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