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Hello, can anyone help me find a process or program that will allow me to either view and/or edit the .fnt files for Sonic Rivals 2. I've tried a few free ware programs but I have had no luck can anyone help

Sample files

This project idea is dead to lack of interest in people that actually want to join the project. Sorry but stuff happens  :'(

輪廻月姫 (Rinne Tsukihime) is an officially licensed Windows program made by inside-cap/ 帽子屋インサイド that allows you to convert your PC copy of tsukihime into a Gameboy Advance rom.

I would like to start a project to make a rom hack that can changed the rom's script into english and bypass its annoying DRM
When I spoke to man in charge of inside-cap he told me this




Rough translation
In order for the user to continue the play the game, we have created a security/ DRM mechanism to pair with the mothership, Windows.

However, if the user is able to play on the actual GBA machine, then this troublesome authentication can be skipped.

The rom is able to determine whether you are playing on an emulator or the actual machine!

The determination method is a secret, and so far I don't know of any emulator that has been able trick and skip the cleared the security/ DRM mechanism.

My part in the project will be as a technical assistant and a graphic designer.

I've spent the money buying Rinne Tsukihime disc off of and have uploaded it to with instruction on how to get it working. If you are interested in the project please reply to this thread.

Would anyone with psp rom hacking skills or anyone that know Japanese be willing to to join me to make an English translation for King's Field: Additional I & II. My role in the project would be as a Project Lead, graphic designer, and proof reader.

What is Kings Field?
King's Field (Japanese: キングスフィールド) is a first person dungeon crawling RPG series developed by FromSoftware.

Only 4 out of the 6 King's field games have been translated into English and I would like to form a group to translate the last 2 games in the series. Those games are
  • King's Field: Additional I
  • King's Field: Additional II
I would like to translate these so fans of King's Field can play the last two games in the series. So If you are interested then please reply to this thread or PM me. :)

Gameplay Videos
King's Field: Additional I Gameplay video
King's Field: Additional II Gameplay video

Help Wanted Ads / [Technical] Kenka Bancho 6 English Translation Project
« on: November 01, 2021, 02:13:27 pm »
The basic gist of the Kenka Bancho series (喧嘩番長 , lit. Fighting Delinquent Student Gang Leader) is that player begins by naming their bancho and school name as well as choosing a location in Japan as their hometown and each location grants a different starting special move. The player must then challenge rival banchos from other towns/schools and defeat them in order to become number one in japan. The only game in the series to release outside of japan was Kenka Bancho 3: National Conquest for the psp.

Ive read many post about people wanting an English translation for the game. But I have haven't seen any groups making one so I want to try and form a group. For this group I would need someone knowledgeable on the 3ds hacking and some translators; in this group I can be the graphic designer and maybe a technical assistant if needed.

When messing around the games romfs files the most I have been able to modify some menu icons and screens but ultimately since my knowledge in 3ds hacking is limited some of the other screen I have tried to modify result in hardlocking the game.

If anyone would like to join me please reply to this thread if; that would very much appreciated. :-)

(Modified the copyright screen)

Check md5 hash or something as well, compare files in hex.
They do have difference

Try a different tool which doesn't modify your file after saving it without any changes.
I dont know of any easy to use 3ds hacking tools of that kuriimu

It might be that the PNG must be in a certain format, i.e. 8 bit or 24 bit without alpha, etc.  Maybe when you're saving it out, you're changing the format.

I doubled checked to made sure it was in the same format

Just to be sure: if you export the image from kuriimu and then re-import it without making any changes, does the game still work?

If you open the image in Photoshop and save it again under a different filename without making any changes, does the game still work?

No it does not work for some reason, which is weird

What format is the image when you export it from kuriimu?  Is it a PNG, or a JPEG, or what?

As M. VicVergil suggests, it is possible your image editor is introducing a change which can be overlooked by kuriimu but not by the game's code. The PNG compression level, perhaps.

Kuriimu exports the logo into a .png file. I used photoshop to make the changes to the logo. I was able to replace the copyright screen using kuriimu, my current hypothesis it I think is a conflict between the custom logo and some animation file associated with the original logo.

Does your new logo display properly in kuriimu?
Yes it does display properly

What if you export the original image, change only a single pixel somewhere, and then re-import it again? Does that work?
The game still freezes even with just the 1px change

That is very likely to cause problems!

So change the size of your custom logo to 126x296, and see if that works.

I've just tried your suggestion but sadly the black screen harldlocking problem still persist.

Okay, are you replacing the image with a new image that has exactly the same dimensions and color depth?

There is the logo share the same length but there is a difference in image height. and I used the same colors in my original logo in my custom logo

Original logo: 126px X 296px

My custom logo: 93px X 296px

How exactly are you trying to replace the image? Have you identified that the logo image is stored in a particular file? Are you simply trying to replace that file? Are you able to view the logo in any kind of external program?

Yes, I already have identified the file where logo is stored, I clearly stated that in my post. I am using a program called kuriimu which allows me to view, extract, and replace 3DS archive files.

What exactly makes you think those files have anything to do with the logo image?

I know that they are associated with the logo because the files contains all assets for title screen )top Screen)

Im trying to modify the title screen of Kenka Bancho 6 and replace the original Japanese titlescreen logo with a custom logo. But when ever I replace the logo image with my own it hardlocks the game. So I'm hoping by figuring out what these .bflyt and .bflan files do and how to modify them will allow me to finally get the custom logo working.


         anim (folder)
         blyt (folder)
         timg (folder)
            ^logo_kb6.bflim (Game title screen logo)

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