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I composed them on a guitar, then translated that into the music data format for whatever game it was I reversed engineered; I would then manually insert this back into the ROM via a hex editor.

(I realize this is insane)
Adobe released something called the "Flash Content Debugger" alongside each version of Flash that had a standalone player included (And by standalone I mean a literal single file that requires no installation/registry access): This is what I've always used to play Flash games, and it works perfectly under Wine if you run Linux as well.

Not sure how hard it is to find on Adobe's actual site these days, but somebody has uploaded a copy of just the player to the Internet Archive, here:

Gaming Discussion / Re: News with NES2PCE?
May 08, 2022, 08:11:59 PM
That's a shame, he's an extraordiarily talented hacker. He did a conversion of Dragoon X Omega to PCE-CD ages ago that I still consider one of the coolest gifts I've ever been given.
Gaming Discussion / Re: GB/GBC emulator
March 29, 2022, 12:55:15 PM
I don't even use its interface past initial configuration (I run it through frontends like Kodi, Emulation Station, etc).

And while TwinAphex/SquarePusher/Whatever He's Calling Himself This Week is one of the biggest pieces of shit I've ever interacted with on the internet, it's the only viable way to play a lot of stuff on things like a Raspberry Pi.

I'll never contribute money to it, but I will use it. If the devs were smart they'd drop TwinAphex like the cancer he is and fork the damn thing already.

Gaming Discussion / Re: GB/GBC emulator
March 28, 2022, 02:46:02 AM
I'm going to continue using it and I'll probably suggest it next time I feel it's a valid answer, but thank you for your opinion on this matter.
Gaming Discussion / Re: GB/GBC emulator
March 28, 2022, 02:29:42 AM
Retroarch with lr-gambatte

Retroarch with lr-gambatte

GBC.emu (Not Free)
MyBoy! (Has a free version, but can't do save states IIRC?)
Retroarch with lr-gambatte
Gaming Discussion / Re: Elden Sting
March 20, 2022, 09:56:33 PM
I hated Demon Souls and all three Dark Souls games (Never played Bloodborne) but I can't stop playing Elden Ring. It's almost like people's opinions on things are subjective or something.
My first instinct was to reply with a massive list of NES Mario and Zelda ROM hacks, but I try to be better than that nowadays. So instead I'll offer you some advice:

1) No one here owes you anything. Be glad that people are even bothering to reply once to your posts, especially considering the tone you present in them.
2) Berating people about not conceding to your demands only makes them ignore you.
3) This is an extremely niche hobby driven by people who do it for the sake of wanting to do it, and enjoyed by people for their own reasons. Some rando on the internet moaning about everyone not playing what they like isn't going to make you any friends, nor accomplish whatever it is you're trying to pull off here. See Point 2.
4) Nobody likes a whiner.
5) If you really want something bad enough, figure it out yourself. You can sort by system, genre, etc in all the hacks and translations here, and a lot even have user reviews. If you can't find things you like doing that, it's crazy and rude to expect others to do it for you due to your own shortcomings.

Here and on the Discord server (As "EchoBaz"), you exhibit passive aggressive behavior when you don't get what you want, when you want it. I'm guessing this is either due to not having much interaction with people, or if so, seriously dysfunctional interaction. This comes across as extremely childish and entitled.

This post was brought to you by the Letter F and the Number 0.
This game is amazing. Thanks for translating it/bringing it more attention.
Gaming Discussion / Re: Adventures in RetroPie
December 19, 2021, 01:49:38 AM
I ended up defining Turbo Grafx CD as a separate system (As seen in the image I posted): Nice that I can use the ISO+Ogg rips I made years ago just fine under the Mednafen core

I'm using FBNeo for Neo Geo and CPS (Both are also defined as custom systems in my es_systems.cfg) and can handle CPS1/2/3 great with the exception of the fading in the intros of the two JoJo games, for some reason.

For non CPS/Neo Geo I'm using MAME 2003 Plus, which is much, much faster for most things than MAME 2010 is, while supporting a lot more games than vanilla 2003 does.

This device only has a 320x240 resolution screen, so most filters are pointless as I don't have enough pixels to double anything: Generic bilinear filtering while stretching to aspect works great, though.
Gaming Discussion / Adventures in RetroPie
December 16, 2021, 05:59:41 PM
A couple of months ago I ran across an article about something called the "GPi Case" made by a company called Retroflag: It's a DMG clone with four face buttons, two "shoulder" buttons on the back above the battery compartment and a nice (But low resolution, 320x240) LCD for a Raspberry Pi Zero board. It uses three AAA batteries, though I eventually soldered in a small NiMH charging circuit that allows recharging them in the device itself when connected to a DC power adapter: Paired with good (I use Eneloop Pro) batteries this actually isn't that bad of a setup.

I bought one for $80 and a Zero for $15, got it set up and basically threw it in a drawer since the Pi Zero's performance was so anemic it made even SNES emulation difficult with any emulator that had reasonably decent accuracy.

About a month ago, though, the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 was released with over twice the performance and multiple cores: Basically it's a Pi 3 shrunk down to the Zero's form factor. So I got a Zero 2 and installed it, but support for the board was sketchy due to how new it was: I ultimately downloaded RetroPie and started working on making it function properly. This then resulted in making a full blown image for it (Including themes) after about a month of work.

I'd never used RetroPie before, but due to being based on Linux I was able to start doing a lot of things immediately, like writing bash scripts to fill in gaps for functions I wanted that don't normally exist in the system. Overall I was pleased with how customizable it is, and it's absolutely minimal on resource usage despite having a fairly nice frontend (EmulationStation).

At the end of the day, this case with a Zero 2 is a really neat handheld that can run a lot of systems really well: PSX and down is great, but N64 is hit or miss and Saturn is unusable. After modifying the case to expose the HDMI port (And getting a couple of Gameboy themed 8bitdo Pro 2s to pair via Bluetooth) it can also act as a console when connected to a TV. For the approximately $150 I ended up dumping into it (And about 120 hours of my life developing the OS install, lol) I'm pretty pleased with the result

If I'm sitting in front of a machine so don't care about a wire, I prefer to use a PSOne Dualshock masquerading as an XBox controller via SCPToolkit. I still think this particular model has the best analog sticks of any controller I've ever used, and I consider the digital L2/R2 buttons a feature rather than a bug.

If I'm using my HTPC/Phone/whatever I use 8bitdo Pro 2s (I have six of them now for my various machines): They have amazing dpads, decent analog sticks and are fairly ergonmic.

I have a couple of Switch Pro controllers but I need to just sell them off: Surprisingly, coming from the company that literally invented the dpad, they're absolute garbage. The XBox 360 dpad is the only one I can think of that manages to be even worse.
ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: NES Music hacking?
November 05, 2021, 12:04:20 PM
The "proper" way would be to set breakpoints on the APU registers ($4015 would probably be the logical choice to monitor as it enables and disables channels?) and do tracing in a debugger to find where the music data is, then reverse engineering how the game is using the APU: There is no driver for sound on the NES, each programmer had complete control of the hardware and most had different ideas of how to generate the music.

A cruder way would be to run FCEUX's Code/Data Logger utility when starting an area of a game where a song begins, then stopping it shortly thereafter. Through trial and error (Randomly changing the green highlighted bytes in FCEUX's Hex Editor, also called Corruption) you will eventually find the data. Then you have to reverse engineer the data format the game is using to generate the songs.

Even with this, you have two problems: If you're trying to put a song from something else into the game, you'll need to transcribe the music to whatever data format the music is stored in. If you're writing original songs, you should probably either play an instrument you can compose on or have a passing knowledge of music theory. Both require actual musical knowledge of some sort (I composed music for NES games on a guitar and bass, then translated them into the format needed).

It's not simple to pull off, but I always had a lot of fun doing it.
Did you apply the IPS to a stock Metroid ROM, then zip compress it? Did you download a pre-patched version of the ROM, also in a zip file? If not, you're trying to run a zipped patch file, and not a ROM, so of course NES.emu is going to fail.

I used UniPatcher to apply IPS/BPS files when I absolutely couldn't get to a real computer to do so. I think you can even get the APK off this site, though it's also in the Play Store if I recall correctly.
Gaming Discussion / Re: The Game Music Thread
July 27, 2021, 12:22:45 PM
I was testing out RTX performance on a GeForce 2070 Super I own and ended up getting Ghostrunner: I've been listening to the soundtrack more than I've been playing the game, though the game itself is actually really good too.
What I'm seeing as your biggest problem is your GPU: The Radeon in that particular APU is about as fast as a GeForce GT 710, which is a *really* slow video card by today's standards. Unless you're running the Software video renderer that's going to hurt, especially if you're upping the internal resolution/etc.

Even something with the performance of a GeForce 750 Ti/Radeon R7 260 would net you tremendous speed gains (Those run around $100 on eBay).

With something like a GeForce 1060 or faster you can enable "Ubershaders" in Dolphin which pretty much makes stuttering and lag due to shader compilation nonexistent, but prices are still stupid for any GPU made in the last 4 years.


I would also recommend using the dev branch builds of both Dolphin and PCSX2: Both have had a lot of performance optimizations done since the last official builds.
ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: NES Rom Hacking
June 09, 2021, 09:00:41 PM
What you're specifically asking about wouldn't even require altering code: It would be a simple palette data edit.

Using an emulator like FCEUX will allow you to view the palette table via it's PPU debug menu. This table holds four, four color palettes for background tiles,with the first color shared across all four palettes, and four, four color palettes for sprites (Though the first color is actually transparent in each set of four)

The actual colors are stored in an index, with each color represented by a specific hexadecimal value. Most typically, the order the palette values are listed in the table is the order you will find them in the ROM (Hover over a color in the PPU Viewer to see a color's hex value). Use FCEUX's Hex editor to view the ROM data to do this.

Note that if you aren't finding matches for all four sprite palette colors omit the transparent value and you'll probably have better luck: This is common going by the dozens of games I messed with over the years. Changing the colors will be as simple as substituting new values.

Do be aware that most graphics will share palettes, so altering a palette will typically have a side effect of changing their colors as well.

A thorough explanation of all this can be found here (Along with a chart that shows you all the color values):

Ancient Domains of Mystery (PC): I've been playing it on and off since 1997 and still have never even come close to beating it.
Gaming Discussion / Re: SaGa Frontier is back!!
May 18, 2021, 01:53:04 PM
I've been playing this the past few days and am fairly impressed. Whatever they did for the upscaling (Particularly the backgrounds) worked much better than usual: I'm guessing they threw the assets at an "AI" upscaling algorithm of some sort, then touched it up by hand.

The options to speed up the battle speed by up to 3x is also really nice, and there's now a quest log in the menu that will give you pointers on what you've done and what you should do next.

I haven't noticed anything really new in regards to content, but I've only gotten like halfway through Asellus' line. It does seem to me that some of the dialogue is different? Much more natural sounding in parts, at the very least. I wonder if they've done an actual new translation of the original japanese script?

tldr; It's pretty good. I don't regret buying it.
Gaming Discussion / Re: GG Aleste 3
May 18, 2021, 12:44:11 AM
I initially wanted to run it on a standard Game Gear emulator as well but after running it with most of the hardware limitations removed I can't imagine playing it like that.

This is a short video I made showing how it can run under Aleste Collection: