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Frantik, there’s a glitch on 7-4 where when you go through the bonus pipe Mario exits too high.

On Cosmic’s video, it can be found at 26: 55


Is there a way of reaching this ? block or was Hudson just being weird here?

This can be done with big Mario as well. Requires some Lost Levels type skill as big Mario: Duck jumping

Start from the rightmost on top of the pipe next to big Mario, pick up speed running off the pipe onto the block (right to left) and as Mario is about to fall to the ground, crouch (duck) and jump! The duck jump with acceleration has to be almost pixel perfect at the leftmost of the blocks.

This might just be me but the "floatey" numbers when defeating an enemy seems to be going up too high. I'm not sure if this was intentional to mimic the PC version or not (or even if that version goes that high).

Edit: Or maybe it's just slower. Something seems different about it.

On the account of the "Flagpole" and 1 UP. It fell to me, but I did not touch the top of it... Usually 1UP they are given if the player touches the top of the flagpole...

Only in the New Super Mario series if one touches the top of the flagpole.

SMB2J is the only classic Mario game to officially get 1-UPs on the flagpole by getting a coin tally divisible by 11 (or 00). So 11 coins and 231 seconds would get you a 1-UP or 22 coins and 332 seconds etc.

Frantik said it may be possible to attain 1-UPs with his routine but it either matches that requirement or something new altogether.


Timestamp for 3 fireworks: 10:23.

The Object Attribute Memory X position is different but I believe if this subroutine mechanic was officially ported to the NES it would be exactly like SMB1 - so, I believe Frantik made the right choice leaving it as-is (1,3,6).

Well, I found an SMB Special longplay of the PC-8801 version and there are indeed 3 fireworks count on that version. The OAM positioning of the fireworks are different though. The routine seems identical to our 6502 version in question (SMB1 1,3,6 count and how to attain them). Can I link Youtube longplays on here with the timestamp or is that against forum policy?

One of the videos does show the person getting '1' firework. So we can at least know its different than SMB2LL...

Indeed; 1 and 6 count in those videos.

I tried googling the SMB Special mechanic and it’s the not easiest thing to find. I wonder if it’s possible to attain a 1-UP on the flagpole as well?

Well, I don't really know that.
I imagine they will be equally programmed ...

Not necessarily. Remember that in SMB2J one attains fireworks by even and odd numbers differently. For example there are only 3 and 6 fireworks on that version (not possible to get 1). On that version an odd timer-to-coin match gets you 3 fireworks and an even 6 (0 is considered an even number). Also, having a coin count that is a multiple of 11 match the last number of the coin digit gets you a  1-UP AND 6 fireworks regardless of odd or even. The exception being 00. For eg. 11 coins and 331 seconds gives you a 1-UP and 6 fireworks or 00 coins and 330 seconds give you a 1-UP and also 6 fireworks.

It’s possible SMB Special could follow SMB1, do what SMB2J does or do something unique altogether.

Great job, Frantik. I see SRAM saving was included.

I have two questions:

1) Will you be incorporating Demo Action Data for the title screen or perhaps just void the current loaded data altogether and

2) Will there be an option on the title screen to switch to NES palettes (perhaps with the Select button)?

EDIT: I noticed a bug: I first heard this on 3-1 at the flagpole. When jumping on the pole the flagpole music repeats. My guess is that you added scroll stops to fix jumping over the flagpole. SMB2J does this but codes it differently so the music does not repeat.

Just curious if this has been done: Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA) with SRAM saving on the NES. I haven’t seen a patch for this yet. Might be worth a good project.

it looks like the castle is shorter because they couldn't fit the full castle on the screen.. also I guess the flagpole is shorter too.  I wonder if it will make it too easy to jump over the flag pole..   The changed castle looks so funny to me

Level data terminates with $FD. You could add scroll stops to levels (object $46) like SMB2J does to prevent jumping over the flagpole glitch.

So, you have already added everything exclusive in the hack.
or is there still something to be implemented?
title, credits, pipes, clouds, bushes, power ups ,dual power up on screen.
it's fantastic

Aren’t the castle windows different for the huge castles on stages like 1-3 (at the end) also? Apart from SMB1.

Great job.

Will this version have SRAM saving of high score?


Do you know if the original PC version has skid SFX for Mario like SMB2J does or without like the original SMB1?

  When I was planning on having the palette selection screen I was thinking the maybe having that main title screen I posted, and then a screen where you picked the colors, and THEN it would show the replica title screen, but that's so many button presses just to start the game.

Thanks for the feedback on the "FOR NES" part.. wasn't 100% sure about that or the Push Start text either.. but I spent so long on the "SPECIAL" graphic I definitely want to use it!  :laugh:

Why not have the first screen lock without button presses and clear after a few seconds and make the color palette screen and second title-screen press able? 

Great job, frantik!

Will the source code be available for those interested in addition to a patch?

My idea would be adding SRAM to Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA). Something basic such as the ability to continue the current world you left off with lives, continues etc. It's a game that would benefit from it, in my opinion.

ROM Hacking Discussion / SMB1 Rom Help
« on: March 18, 2012, 12:36:03 pm »
Hello all,
I am currently making a version of SMB1 for FDS, the goal is to make the graphics, physics, and sounds match SMB2J.

I was able to change the graphics 100% to match the SMB2J version. But I do not know the offset to change the physics to make them match SMB2J. If anybody knows them please post them so I could know them. I want BOTH Mario and Luigi from SMB1 to match ONLY Mario from SMB2J (the physics when landing on enemies, you get more air).

Also I am having trouble editing the skid sound when Mario/Luigi makes a sharp turn, can anybody help me with this ? Maybe Dr. Floppy? Thanks.  :)

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