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Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man World 5 DX
« on: September 02, 2021, 01:17:53 am »
the color sprites do look wonderful, although I think some of the weapon/enemy colors differ some from the official artwork. if it hasn't been referenced you can find it here: (pages 106~112). not the biggest deal tho. this will be amazing to see finished!

Seems to be Shift-JIS. It opened fine in whatever old version of Microsoft Word I have here.
However, the scripts have a lot of unidentified control codes.

Thank you! I thought UTF-8 in Notepad would have been fine, but I got it to open properly in Word.

I wouldn't mind taking a look at it. However when I downloaded filler's script the text files were all junk characters no matter which encoding I used in Notepad.

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