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Haha.  I see that you're trying hard to say what's on your mind, but you're not very good at articulating your thoughts onto the screen.  Not that I'm any better, probably.

Anyways, can you give the Dart (item) a poison SE?  Dart is so useless, esp in the beginning of the game with the new mechanics.


Awesome.  I haven't tried the new version yet, but I shall try sometime soon.  I like how you kept your Luck stat relevant in determining the counter rate.

Based on what hmsong said, it seems that everything works great.  Having said that, I see that the problem I mentioned in the earlier post is reality now.  I don't mind the frequency of the melee counters -- ~15 times in a boss fight sounds reasonable -- slightly high, but not unreasonable.  The problem is the combo.  Getting hit twice in a row from Lugar's MT is indeed a total party kill.  Somewhat similar to what Messianic and hmsong said, could you make it so that enemies can't combo tech/magic?  That's just an overkill.  I know it's RNG, but getting your whole party wiped out by a bad draw of RNG is... less than desirable.  If it's Black Rabite or the final bosses, I'm okay, but for all other bosses, that's just an overkill.  Can that happen with the normal enemies too?

What do you think?

Can someone try fighting the first Bill/Ben fight, with 3 characters not including Carlie?  Your characters should be ~Lv12.  The recovery item will be limited, so the fight is gonna be extremely hard, I imagine.

I'm okay with either RNG or Aggro Meter.  If I have to pick one, I would prefer Aggro Meter, assuming it's only for melee (otherwise, one Death Spell or something powerful will trigger the counter).  I like something new, and as I said earlier, bad draw of RNG may randomly kill your whole party.  Too bad I can't control the stupid AIs to not use melee.  And melee Aggro Meter will probably count against the double hitters, which is a good thing.  And since it's being used in Sin of Mana (which I'm sure has been tested well), then it must be good.

Aggro Meter may not make Bill/Ben as hard, because the melee characters will attack two different targets (that also applies to Machine Golem bosses).  Lugar and Black Rabite will be hard -- all 3 will wail on one target, which will trigger Aggro Meter counter, but that's a good thing, as it'll make others back off a bit.  It really depends on how Aggro Meter works (is it based on how many hits it received in a given time, or does it depend on the total damage received?).

This might be a dangerous thought, but is there a way to make the "countering enemies/bosses" (such as Bill/Ben, Lugar, and Black Rabite) use their counter skills randomly (instead of those skills being activated by being attacked by magic), just like the "non-countering enemies/bosses"? (such as Full Metal Hagger, Jewel Eater, and Tsenker)  Of course, all bosses should keep their unique HP threshold moves (such as Knights starting the fight with a Saber magic, and Lugar/Gildervine transforming, and Black Rabite using the spell combo and Ancient).  That way, the players will have to be always vigilant, instead of just using melee to not activate the counters (personally, I think Luck Denies Counter still discourages players to use skills, simply because there's an option to not activate the counter skills at all -- by just using the boring melee).  While I was testing, I fought against Black Rabite, and I specifically didn't use any skills (I only had v1.8 enabled), and honestly, BR was extremely easy.  But if BR used his counter skills randomly (like Supersonic, or Great Demon summon), then I would constantly have to be vigilant (esp my healers), which would make the fights more difficult and interesting.  Actually, some players might still die, because player damaged BR enough to activate the spell combo, while BR was activating a random powerful skill.  But that's half the fun.  Being vigilant while fighting.

Huh.  I didnt' think about that.  That sounds good, at least on paper.  But you need to understand that it may raise the difficulty a bit too much.  I mean, because of bad draw from RNG, Bill/Ben may both end up spamming Shadow Dive.  Or Lugar might end up spamming Seiryuu Death Fist (which equals total party kill).  Or a group of normal enemies with lv3 tech enemies (ex: Bloody Wolves x2) may end up giving you total party kill.  Having said that, I do agree that Black Rabite needs a bit of help.  If you cast Anti Magic on him and only use melee, he only uses skills twice (spell combo, and Ancient) in the very long fight.  Maybe just change Black Rabite, and leave the rest alone?  I don't know if that's even possible.  I always enjoyed watching BR summoning Lv99 Great Demons.

I think the green aura is when you apply the same buff as before (and green aura indicates that whatever buff you did, you're not getting anymore buff).  I'm guessing yellow aura is the same thing, except for debuff.  And as for Stat up and down after another, I think it cancels each other out, making it neutral.  At least, that was true for HP Up/Down.  I'm guessing it's the same for other stat up/down.  So if an enemy did Power Down on you, and you want to increase your melee attack (relative to the normal state), then you need to apply Power Up twice.


Btw, for your next Balance update, can you give guys like Duran and Kevin some non-screen-freezing skills, like Firedrake's flamebreath?  That'll be very interesting.

When you apply stat up magic, the one being applied sometimes have that green aura.  But sometimes, it doesn't.  And I think I also saw the yellow aura before at some point.  Does anyone know what those aura color means?  Also, if you apply stat up, and then someone applies stat down, then do you go back to being neutral (neither stat up or down), or do you just have stat down?

Unless I mixed up directions (< vs >) he should have like 60% to get his counteraction.
Are you 100% certain you don't also have hmsong's no skill counter on?

Yes.  Just for test, I made a rom with only v1.8 and Black Rabite.  And then attacked BR with loads of spells.  No counter at all.  I did use the previous run save, but I'm guessing that won't affect anything in regards to counter frequency rate.  So unless hmsong's BR patch disabled counters or something, I think something is going on that disables counters.  While I prefer the counters to be rare (assuming Luck is relatively decent), I don't want there to be no counter whatsoever.

Can anyone else confirm?  Test it against Lugar or Black Rabite, as those two can counter, but neither use their skills unless their HP is low.


I don't think Luck Denies Counter is working.  Specifically, it's working as if Luck Denies Counter is No Skill Counter.  I haven't seen any bosses countering Angela's spells.  Specifically, I haven't seen Black Rabite countering any spells (other bosses are a bit hard to tell).  I mean, I leveled up her Luck, but there ought to be some chance that the bosses will counter, right?  I spammed Evil Gate on Black Rabite (after using the anti magic item), but not once did Black Rabite counter.


I'll answer about max mp for Angela.  The answer is yes and no.  For Angela DD, the max mp she can reach (at PIE 18) is 96.  She stops getting max mp after Lv46 or so.  But she starts gaining max mp starting Lv55 or so.  So if you level her up to Lv60 or something, she'll max out her max mp, even as Angela DD.  I'm guessing literally every character can max out their hp and mp, assuming they level up enough.  Yeah... let's see if anyone ever tries that (without the par code or something).  In any case, I never had mp issue anymore than I had with vanilla.

When exactly did it freeze?
During the spell animation? Directly after? Or at a "random" point in battle?

Right before the spell animation starts.  And as hmsong said, when too many casts are active, it seems to freeze.  They may be the same bug.  Try it.  Have all 3 chars cast spells during the battle, and keep casting spells.  Eventually, it'll freeze while the menu is being open.

If you had said "mana day should boost all elements" (incl. non-elemental? that one has no day either!!) I would have thought about it, but some weird day/night mana day-only split feels unintuitive.

Hmm.  I feel that non-element shouldn't get any boost, because those spells don't use elemental spirits.  And non-elements are special in a way that you don't ever have to worry about the attack being ineffective or something.  And it'd be kinda weird that things like Dart getting boost in a particular day of the week.

I just want Wisp and Shade to have their unique "moments in the week dedicated to them only", even if their moments are shorter than other elements.

I'm against the Mana Holiday boosting all elements.  That takes out the uniqueness of the elemental days.  I want the "boost" on specific day to be something that players discover -- it certainly made me appreciate those days, esp now that you made the days affect sabers too.

Also, I think I sort of get when the game freezes.  I think if you use attack spells for certain amount of times after loading the game, the game freezes.  I used Angela, and I was up against Mispolm (I loaded from the nearest save point), and the game froze during the battle, probably because I used the attack spells so many times.  In all the times the game froze, they were all attack spells.  To be fair though, I used attack spells far more frequently than other types of spells, given that my team was Duran, Angela, and Kevin.

Imo there should NEVER be a day bonus for light/dark element based on day/night
1) Kevin is already "restricted" to night because of wolf bonus

2) getting the bonus 50% of the time to the OP element (a majority of endgame mobs are neutral or weak to light, other weaknesses rare) is nonsense if the average element only get theirs 1/7 of the time

3) about 25% of the bosses have a dark elemental attack, I'd guess 35% of regular enemies with any element at all have something with dark; this wouldn't make dark spells more useful to you, this would make the game harder.

I see.  It's just that both Wisp and Shade don't have any their "day", while all other elements get their day, and I feel sad for that.  But I agree with #2.  I don't mind #3 though.  As for #1, then there will be both pro and con for day/night, because of reason #3 -- at night, kevin gets werewolf bonus, but it also becomes dangerous, because enemies' dark spell damage will increase.

Then how about light/dark bonus can only happen during the Mana Holiday, day for light, and night for dark?  That way, the Wisp/Shade get their own "moment" in one of the days (half of all other elements).

day/night has no influence on light/dark damage.

Seriously?  Haha!  What the heck.  Man, dark damage spells just suck.  Well, I guess they suck in almost all games.  If you can make day/night affect the strength boost of light/dark spells, I would appreciate it.  That way, people will actually have reasons to use dark spells, as nights are common.  Sure, light spells will get powerful too, but at least it uses PIE for damage, meaning she will almost always do less damage than her INT based spells.

Speaking of light/dark spells, if the calculation is right, don't you think Heal Light will get a bit too powerful at the end of the game?  I get that Angela's spells need help at the end of the game (very wise decision, esp her MT spells), but Heal Light getting buffed may be a bit too much.  If Daytime gives Heal Light some buff, then that I can see, and even welcome it.  But Heal Light getting the same buff as Angela's spells is a bit too much imho.  Maybe make it so that M.Def affects Heal Light "damage"?  I don't know what's a good number, but yeah...

tl;dr: when did it start coming up?
shortly after loading from ingame menu? or after a couple hours without reloading?

I loaded from the last save point of Seashore Cave.  I was Lv14.  I immediately cleared it, then I went to the Forcena, then went to the desert, and bought the equipments and proceeded to grind until Lv18 (I used Angela's Air Blast a lot, and grinding was very fast).  I went back to inn to recover MP from time to time, but I don't think I loaded from the inn.  Anyways, I then fought Bill and Ben (used Evil Gate frequently, as it was night), and that's when the game got stuck.  I think it was only about an hour or two, from loading to the point of getting stuck.

Edit: It seems that there might be some problem, not with v1.8, but with hmsong's Evade patch.


Something is wrong with your Evade patch.  Whatever it's doing, it's causing a problem in Mintos.  I can't get into the Moonlight Forest from Mintos, if I apply your Evade patch.

I'm not sure what's causing this (as it seems so random), but sometimes, when I cast some spells with Angela (it happened with both Air Blast and Evil Gate in the desert), the game freezes.  The game also froze when an enemy (Dark Priest in the desert) tried to cast some kind of attack spell.  Maybe it happened when I tried to open the menu when the spell was about to be cast, and the animation is about to start?  It happens so randomly, that I can't pinpoint how it's done.  Does anyone else notice?  Maybe it happens if you play the game for an extend time?  Not sure.

Oh, I'm using v1.8, Balance patch, Black Rabite patch, Item patch, Less Grinding patch, and Evade patch, patched in that order.

I got two that I noticed.
1. Stardust Herb seems to cure SE, as well as remove all buff/debuff/saber/barrier.  Isn't Stardust Herb supposed to only move magical effects, and not SE?

2. If you talk to Forcena fortune teller after certain point, he initially starts talking about 99/1% thing, then before you can confirm anything, the dialog box immediately proceeds to him saying that he has a headache.  I think in the original game, he would just go immediately go to saying that he has a headache.  I'm guessing bugfix did something to that (which I like), but could you make it so that you can confirm, before he proceeds to saying that he has a headache? (it'll make it seem like that your characters are the only ones that cause him to have headache)

Not "possible"; if I did that you would also run in battle and that is a balance change that goes too far for my patch here.

I see.  Indeed, if you'd be moving super fast in the battle, then players would just... run through most of the enemies to the save point, and then level grind.  Although I'm sure there are people who would actually want that, I frown upon that.  I want the game to encourage players to fight.

I wish you can make it so that battle stance would make the vanilla speed, and run on the non-battle parts (but still have the option to walk by holding B).  I don't like holding B button wherever I go (seriously, is there ever a time where you don't run when not in battle?).  Oh well.

So basically you guys want to make an easy game even easier so that a child can blow through it and never have enemies do any real damage to them.

Enemies are not exactly spamming spells out you all day you’re pretty much just nursing them to doing only Malay against you. And pretty much 90% of all bosses damage are their skills so having a high denial counter means boss is just stand around doing nothing.

Huh?  I thought the recent patch only denies COUNTERS, not regular skills.  For example, if Dangard want to use his Air Slasher, he'll use it 100% without being affected by player's Luck (the recent fix uses the attacker's Luck to calculate the denial chance, and enemy's non-counter attacks don't use player's Luck).  On the other hand, if you attack Bill/Ben with Fireball, Luck may deny Bill/Ben his counter.

Or do I have that wrong?


Got any other ideas?

Here's one.  Could you make it so that outside the battle, if you don't hold the B button, you're running? (and if you're holding the B button, it walks)  I'm fairly certain many games today does that, and it's wonderful.  Sometimes, when in battle, and I kill a group of the enemies, and I run towards the next group in the same field, I accidentally end up using the tech, because I'm holding the B button to run towards them.  This will solve that problem.


I am of the minority position that Luck Denies Counter should NOT be incredibly strong because Luck is also granting crit, better luck on chests, and reduced status ailment times. Just throwing it out that I think Hawkeye with maxed Luck only denying 44% of boss counters is ALREADY very strong.

No need to make Luck overpowered.

I agree. ^^ The patch is already a huge improvement for LUCK, and using spells/techs.

Well, the goal was to make "using attack skills more viable", right?  If the enemy counters half the time (even after maxing out the Luck), then it'll just make the players NOT use skills, and go right back to the vanilla strategy, which was to use melee forever.  The entire point of creating Luck Denies Counters was to encourage players to be not afraid of using attack skills, but still have that "enemy might end up using counters if I'm unlucky" thing.

And remember, the recent fix made it so that HP threshold moves are guaranteed.  That means you're not gonna come across things like Gildervine and Archdemon and Lugar not transforming, or Black Rabite not using his spell combos, or some other weird things from the previous patch.


Hey.  For your recent bugfix, how does Luck Denies Counter work?  I know it says, "(15+target level/2) for regular enemies," but what does that mean?  For example, let's say that my Luck is 10.  And the normal enemy's level is Lv21.  If I use some magic on the enemy, it's (15+21/2) = 25.5.  So the counter deny chance is 10/25.5, which is 39.2%?

You got that right.

Hmm.  Based on that calculation, even Hawkeye, who can have 22 Luck (enemy level will probably around 50), he'll only deny 55% of enemy skills (and 44% for bosses).  That seems... quite small.  Wasn't the idea to be around 70~80% denial if Luck is kept up for Hawkeye? (if it's too low, then it'll force players to stick with the boring melee, as the cost of using skill will outweigh the benefit of using skills, just like what people did for vanilla)  I feel like instead of "+15", it should be "+5", to match the previous "out of 30" for regular enemies.  That was a good number, and "+15" for bosses (instead of +25), esp if you consider that bosses' HP threshold moves are now guaranteed.

Edit:  I just did calculation for Lv21 enemies and 13 Luck Hawkeye (maximum for Lv21 Hawkeye).  If it's +5, then the denial is ~84% (13/(5+21/2)).  Based on the pattern, I'm guessing the lower level you are with Luck kept up (and fighting the enemies of same level), the higher chance of denial.  I'm actually okay with high denial percentage though, esp in the early parts when you have less resource.  So I still think that +5 would be a better number.

It explicitly says "spell strength for player"; monster keep whatever they had before.
Also for the record all equip slots on monster are empty.

Whoops.  Sorry.  Apparently, I suck at reading.

Yes that should be right; you always have a base value of HP&MP for a given level and then add 1.5xVIT to HP and 1xPIE to MP. E.g. lv50 Angela has 79 mp base.

So level 50 Angela DD will have 97 MP?  Can you get higher MP if you level up more? (I typically end up with Lv53 characters by the end of the game).

The whole ghost ship save slot is bugged; if you save there while one party member is missing and then load the same it either crashes immediatly or after you beat the boss.
Also the game is not too happy when player 1 controls no character so you should never do the ghostification event as player 1 when player 2&3 are active.

Thanks for the info.  No more 3-player patch for my rom.


Hey.  For your recent bugfix, how does Luck Denies Counter work?  I know it says, "(15+target level/2) for regular enemies," but what does that mean?  For example, let's say that my Luck is 10.  And the normal enemy's level is Lv21.  If I use some magic on the enemy, it's (15+21/2) = 25.5.  So the counter deny chance is 10/25.5, which is 39.2%?

Also, for the added exp rubberband mechanic, the txt seem to imply that I get more exp if my highest leveled char is lower level than the enemy I kill, but how does that work?  Is it what you said earlier in another post?  +25% for -1 level, +50% for -2 level, and +100% for -3 or more levels?

I saw that you changed the spell strength will now depend on weapons.  That's cool.  Does that apply to enemies as well?  I don't know what weapon they wear, but I guess they're wearing something.

When I leveled up Angela and did not give PIE, I saw that my Max MP still went up.  Is that normal?

So I guess there's ghost ship glitch if 3 player hack is used.  Based on the description, if I leave player 1 as ghost, and use the other 2 players, but I save and load, then the game crashes?

try it with example values:
If I told you to choose the higher number out of 5 and 10, what would you do? multiply them!???

No, I would choose 10.  So I guess that's how max() works.  It simply chooses the higher number between the two.  Boy, that's gonna suck for Angela.

Bugfix v1.8 is up.  Everyone check it out.  Seems like there was a lot of changes.


Argh.  I don't know what that means.  I'm guessing it's some sort of programmer thing.  Haha.  But based on what I see, I guess the current Pie gets both bonuses of vanilla Int and Pie for the Max MP, right?  Similar to how current Int got the both bonuses of vanilla Int and Pie for M.Def.

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