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Another few slight issues in DQ 1 on patch 1.052rtm:

When choosing to remove items from the vault, the keeper says:
"What item will you retreive?"  (Should be spelled "retrieve")

Another apostrophe missing - when using the Cursed Belt as an item, it says:
"The Cursed Belt clamped itself onto ****s body!"  (Should be "... onto ****'s body!")

In the town of Rimuldar, the guard at the south of town between the buildings who asks about the ring - if you are wearing one, he says:
"Oh, you're wearing a ring.
Aren't  you embarassed?"  (Appears to be two spaces between Aren't and you, also spelling should be "embarrassed")

In the town of Garai, after you have defeated King Dragon, two issues:

The bard says:
"... For sure you must think It's a much more wonderful ..."  ("it's" shouldn't be capitalized here)

The old man in the house in the southwest of town says:
"... My eyes never decieve me."  (Should be spelled "deceive")

Just before the end of the game, when Laura asks to go with you - If you choose No, she says:
"Don't  treat me this way."  (Appears to be two spaces between Don't and treat)

Update from my previous post - As I went back into that secret room in the final castle for a second time, the door (all 4 graphics) was complete.  Must have been an emulator issue, or maybe just from the first time loading the area.. ?

If you are happy with your patch as it is, let me know and I won't continue posting these mundane updates haha.

A few more things I've noticed in DQ 1 on patch 1.052rtm:

After entering the hidden stairway on the first floor of the final castle, the bottom left door graphic is missing.  (I'm using Canoe.)

When using the Token of Roto, the phrase "A surge of courage rushed through ****s body!"  (Missing an apostrophe after the character's name.)

In the town of Radatome, the guard who stays by the tree who asks if you have proof... if you choose Yes and you don't actually, he says:
You don't  have the symbol."  (Appears to have 2 spaces between don't and have.)

I'll continue to keep my eyes open for anything else.

I've noticed a slight issue with the 1.05rtm patch.  When trying to sell an important item in DQ I, the shopkeeper says:

"Hmmm... I'm sorry.
I can't take that.
It looks far to important.
You should hold onto it."

("to" should be "too")

I am enjoying this patch so far.  I'll reply if I notice anything else.

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