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I have suggestion for a Banjo-Kazooie redux that I'd love to see, similar to what has been done with Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. I think these improvements bring the game up to date and offer some improvements seen in the Xbox port, but also other improvements and bugfixes that I think are well deserved, all while keeping the core game mechanics exactly how they're suppose to be.

Basically these improvements and fixes are what I believe could have been official improvements and fixes had they released a version 1.2 as later re-release towards the end of the N64 life cycle.

I've put quite a bit of infomation into this suggestion and I'd love to hear back from anyone capable of making this a reality for me. A reply or direct PM would be great if there's anyone who could do it.

Here's the list of improvements I'd want to have:

#1a) Utilisation of a different save type to allow Musical notes and Jinjos to be permanently saved when exiting a level, dying or saving & quitting (to behave just like the Xbox port).

#1b) As an alternative to #1a, only make the player lose all their notes and hold the high score if the player has a game over instead of just dying once or leaves the world themself. The console will still be on so the musical note data will still be stored in RAM. This will give the extra lives some actual value and should still be able to keep the save type as it is. Assuming the flags for each individual musical note is or can be stored in ram.

#2) Add a bubble to the pause menu titled "OPTIONS" with Bottles' face sprite (as used in the Xbox version) to include on/off toggles for inverted X axis camera rotation, Swimming Y axis, first person view Y axis, also a toggle for changing the camera rotation from button presses to holding C left and right for smooth 360 degree rotation (with a separate rotation speed slider), a screen alignment option (pull assests from Tooie), a screen scale option (pull assets from Tooie) and finally, a widescreen option like Tooie*. 4 option bubbles can easily fit on the pause menu screen as there is a beta feature which also gave you a 4th option to "Exit to witch's lair" when you pause in a world. This feature can be enabled with a gameshark code, so the official spacing and size of the option bubbles when 4 options are available can probably be derived from that. *Widescreen option should only be included if the expansion pak can be utilised, ensuring the game still runs smoothly without any additional slowdown. The 6 options available in the "OPTIONS" menu should be displayed in 3 rows, split into 2 columns.

#3) Automatic unlocking of the Stop N Swop item locations after 100% completion, after end credits.

#4) Add a mumbo token, jinjo and bottles moves total in the view totals menu for each level as well as the lair. The mumbo bubble with the mumbo token sprite, the jinjo total with a green jinjo sprite (green is used for Tooie) and the move total with Bottles' sprite.
The addition of the 3 extra total counters will mean there will be a total of 7 bubbles on most level screens (notes, jiggys, hollow honeycombs, mumbo tokens, jinjos, bottles' moves and finally the level timer). Because of this, the bubbles will have to be resized in the following way... there will remain to be 4 rows but the totals will be split into 2 columns. The notes, jiggys, hollow honeycombs, mumbo tokens, jinjos and bottle's moves will take up the top 3 rows, split into 2 columns (the new additions in the right hand column) and the level timer will be centred on the 4th row, as it appears originally.

#5) The ability to be able to replay the final boss fight, even after the credits and the game save has grunty stuck under the rock.

#6) Possibility of utilising the expansion pak to increase draw distances and reduce slowdown.


#1) Fixing the mumbo token flag bugs (the 2 in Mad Monster Mansion that use the same flag, where you have to spawn both of them before you collect them or one will be permanently missable and the two in Click Clock Wood, where if you collect one and die, the other will also be permanently missable)

#2) A fix for the permanently missable mumbo token in Gobi's Valley in the flooded pyramid. If you don't pick up the token before draining it (by collecting the jiggy), you can never reach it again. I'd suggest fixing this by automatically setting it to its flooded state and the moat being empty when re-entering the level until both the mumbo token and jiggy have been collected. After this the pyramid will permanently remain drained as normal.

#3) Change the wrong colour on the walking N64 logo at startup. See here:

Everything else to remain original  :)

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