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ROM Hacking Discussion / OOT Romhack, going beyond debug rom injection
« on: February 09, 2021, 01:14:13 pm »
I would like to create a RomHack for OOT. So far, I have been making scenes using SharpOcarina and Blender. I am able to inject the scenes into a debug rom, and link scenes together. The debug rom is good for testing, but eventually I would like to create a finished product. My question is, how do you set things up so that your first scene loads immediately after the file menu, and link starts with an empty inventory (as would be the case if you were playing OOT). I can't seem to find any resources beyond simply injecting scenes into the debug rom. Do you need to inject your scenes into a non debug rom and replace the current scenes? Or is it more involved than that?

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