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I have gotten hold of a Super Famicom cart that has the same PCB as used in Super Punch Out!!. My goal is to simply remove the maskrom and replace it with an adapter pcb holding a flash memory, containing Super Punch Out!! instead (the USA/NTSC version).

No patches or hacks, just changing the game. Now, adapter pcb/flash memory aside, do I really need to remove the ROM header in this case?
I read on "!!_(SNES)" that the game has some antipiracy checks involving the header?

In all the repro guides I found they always mention Removing the header.. But would I really need to in this particular case?
And if so, would you be so kind to explain why that would have to be done? Since I guess the header is indeed found in the original maskrom data?

Thanks for your time!

Hello all :)
I have seen some posts and projects about playing Nintendo VS games on regular NES, but nothing about the opposite.
Is there any chance that a regular NES game would be hackable to be used on a Nintendo VS. pcb?

I would truly love to play Famicom punch out (gold and mtpo) on my Nintendo VS. pcb..

Seeing that the opposite seems possible, would there be any chance for this?
(I know that mtpo is availible om playchoice10 cart, but I dont have that system (and they have reduced the cutscenes and stuff because of the timer?))

Thanks for your time!

EDIT: OOOh found a tool in the DL section that can remove headers, split prg/chr AND output the relevant CHR/PRG bin files to burn with eprom burner for Vs. Hardware!!! Holy smokes.. this might be what I am looking for :D. Wonder how the palette will be thou?.. I have VS. Smb and VS. Golf hardware.. guess ill have to try it out :D

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