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Now this sentence by Humpty (Stage 3):
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You're here already.
I'm shell shocked!

To be honest, this sentence is very odd in the way it is structured. Gracious is a very uncommon to express polite surprise. A more modern way of saying this would be "Oh no" or "Oh dear".

The second line I feel should be part of the first sentence. Something like: Good gracious, you are here already!

Now shell-shock in this case is more to do with being irritated/annoyed at the player, not that he is shocked to see the player. The gracious part has made that clear. In the TMNT Aracde game, when they lose a life, they say "Shell-shocked!". The joke being they are turtles that have shells, but are upset they have been defeated and lost a life. Since Humpty is designed like a turtle (his head can hide in his body), shell-shock is a play on words that he is unhappy.

The issue is the Spanish translations refer to him as being surprised, and then shocked. Making the sentence more strange in Spanish.

My suggestion would be to translate it like: Oh no, you are hear already! I can't believe it!

I'd translate it as:

Ya estás aquí,
estoy sorprendido!

This phrase express surprise that the player have reached him.

"Shell-shocked" can't be translated literally into spanish as it is a word-game that would lose its sense completely.

But considering that the context is being surprised, it can be translated in many ways instead.

Hi CMDreamer. Looks like google drive is hiding the rows for some reason. You can download a current copy here:

I do agree some of the dialog will need to be changed to make more sense in Spanish. If you are able to help with that, that would be great. I have made a separate one that has suggested Spanish translations/explains the English dialog.

I'll download the spreadsheet now and check it later.

Hope I can be usefull here.

If it's OK, I've attached a TXT file containing my translations for your consideration.

All comments are welcome.

Hello everyone. I'm CMDreamer, I'm from México.

Would like to help on this translation project as much as I can.

First things first. I've downloaded the spreadsheet provided but it doesn't have the full dialogs on the rows from the "English Original" column, so I can't complete such translations and provide them to you for your consideration.

Barely read what is available on the spreadsheet and I'm sorry to say that most of the localized jokes and word games will have no sense in spanish and they might have to be modified (loosing its original meaning and context).

I've been looking around and you have most of the text translated, but some of it doesn't make much sense or context (as I mentioned earlier).

Could someone provide me -please- a (complete dialogs) spreadsheet to work with? Thanks in advance.

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