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Yes, some are Miths, but AFAIK all the info, including Miths are related to the Xenogears Universe. We have just started the project. We have our git and we have already started with some corrections, as PWorks must be very good planned before starting to include it. We'd like to complete some main dialogues with more info of PW. Then, if possible, a datalog would be perfect, same as Chinese alredy did in the Jap2Chinese version. But we don't have that knowledge about hacking already. And this is why I wrote here, as we also wanted to change some other things of the gameplay.
Yep, what we need is people with enough knowledge to be able to do some "not easy" hacks on PSX games.
If somebody has this knowledge, please contact with me (or us) so we can talk about how you can help us (and we can help you).

We just started this big campaign to enter all official Xenogears info in the main stream and improving game experience (we are in 2020s  :) ).

We are just starting to romHack and we don't have romHackers yet, just trainees, so any help on new hacking tools or tutorial for PSX is very appreciated or people collaborating with the project.

Happy to be here!