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I'm wondering on why certain Airship enemies/hazards such as the Rocket Engine/Flame Jet and Bullet Bill or Missile Bill enemies/hazards are not displaying correctly (are glitched-looking) when they are on screen at the same time in Airship stages/levels; why Bullet Bill Blasters don't display correctly in Tanks stages/levels; and why Giant Cannon Balls and Bom-ombs sometimes don't display correctly in Airship, Battleships and Tanks stages/levels – especially when it comes to the 16-bit, Super Mario Bros. 3 for Super Mario All-Stars version of "Frank's First Super Mario Bros. 3" and "Frank's 2nd Super Mario Bros. 3" ROM hacks. Why are these Airship/Battleships/Tanks enemies/hazards glitching out on the SNES, 16-bit version of these 2 ROM hacks but not on the NES, 8-bit versions; and why do the Rocket Engine and Bullet Bill or Missile Bill object sets/sprites glitch out there whenever they are on screen at the same time (the latter one has baffled me for years!)???

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