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ROM Hacking Discussion / Questions about hacking Castlevania Dracula X.
« on: October 09, 2020, 10:18:09 pm »
Good day friends, I have been a fan of the hacks created by this community for a long time and today I decided that I want to try creating my first rom hack, so I decide to start with what seem to be a simple project, I wish to create a hack that allows the player to play all the stages of Castlevania Dracula X for the SNES in a single play through, my preferred order would be Stage 1– 2 – 3 – 4’ – 4 – 5’ – 5 – 6 – 7, I wish to do this because the game is pretty short and does not have enough stages to really support two different routes like the original Castlevania Rondo of Blood did, from what I understand the simplest way to do this would be to identify the bits of data that tells the game which stage load next when the “win condition” from the current stage is achieved; in most stages the only available win condition is to touch the magic orb that appears when you beat the boss of the stage, but there are two stages that have an extra win condition each, Stage 3 sends you to Stage 4’ if you fall in the pits of a specific room, and Stage 4 sends you to Stage 5’ if you open certain door with the “key” sub weapon.

So my questions would be, ¿is my approach correct for what I want to do? And if it is so ¿what is the most efficient method to identify the data that tells the game which stage to load after the current one is cleared? and ¿how do I recognize what data represent each stage?

Thanks in advance for any guidance or advice that you could give me.   

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