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Hello All,

I want to write a texture importer / exporter for Mario Kart 64. I would like to find a way to systematically locate textures within the rom. This question might be more geared toward an emulator writer.

I am using Nemu64. My understanding is that the address of a texture in RDRAM has to somehow be DMAed into DMEM within the RSP (either the display list can be constructed by the CPU and DMAed over or constructed within RSP, not sure which). From there the RDP takes the texture address and copies the texture to TMEM (please correct me if my understanding is wrong).

My first thought was to place a write breakpoint on the SP_DRAM_ADDR_REG (0xA4040004) and trace all of the DMAs to DMEM under the assumption that I could find a pointer to the texture in RDRAM in the data that is being DMAed. Unfortunately this has not been fruitful. Is this a theoretically sound approach?

I am trying to avoid the Tile Molester approach as I don't know if there are any compressed images in the rom (and it would take entirely too long to locate most of the relevant textures this way). Is there anyone who has written a texture importer for an N64 game who could chime in?


ROM Hacking Discussion / PCE/TG16: Moto Roader
« on: May 16, 2011, 09:56:06 pm »
I fell in love with this game as a young person.  Recently I revisited it and decided to begin work on a track editor.  A few questions for the community at large:

1. Is anyone else doing any PCE/TG16 hacks?  I've been using Mednafen and the debugger is quite nice!

2. Is there any interest in this game?  Most reviews I've read were quite negative, though I think its mostly a result of the strange controls.

3. Well, I guess that's it.  I only really had 2 questions.

I have the track format all worked out (for the most part) and will probably start coding up the editor in the next week or two.  If there is any interest, I might release a document outlining the format.


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