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Newcomer's Board / Love Quest (SNES) Japanese-English Translation Problem
« on: February 11, 2020, 06:07:17 pm »
I went translating a snes Japanese ROM from scratch, and I`m a newbie.
So, according to various tutorials, I`ll have to create a table, to later export into a text file, and later changing the pointers, etc.
My problem is: I can't make a complete table file.
I used MonkeyMoore and JWpce to create the table/show the complete table, but only recognizes hiragana/katakana separated, and this game uses hiragana, katakana and multiple kanji at same time, and has to be organized (WindHex shows the characters, but it's in random points) 

-There's a more simple form already to have all 3 writing types in a hex table without putting it manually?
-The table has to be a correct one? (i. e.: If あ(a) is =7D and so on, means that if あ is other hex code, the text will not display correctly.) 
-What is the bitmap format and other measurements of snes on sprite editors?
Thanks for answering.

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