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I'm currently trying to replace Napalm Man's theme with Skull Man's theme as I'm theming Napalm Man's stage after Skull Man's, however I can't figure out how to import into MM5 properly. I found out where the music data is for both songs by using FCEUX's Code/Data Logger, then I copied the music data from MM4 and then pasted it over Napalm Man's music data on a fresh MM5 copy, but the song was beyond broken (it switches over to Gyro Man's theme after a few seconds and is missing a ton of notes). I figure that this is because I didn't change the Square 1/Square 2/Triangle/Noise pointers, but I've been messing with those settings for a while and haven't gotten anywhere (I even tried to copy the pointers from the original Skull Man music data with no luck).

Personal Projects / Mega Man 3: Wrath Of Wily
« on: July 21, 2021, 09:11:03 pm »
Greetings! This is my first full-length Mega Man hack (my previous MM hack was simply a boss rush version of MM2). So far, only Top Man and Needle Man's stages are finished. I'm planning on this hack to have changed boss AI, and possibly songs ported from MM4-6 (since they share the same sound engine as MM3 from what I've read, although, while a found a document showing where the music data for MM3 is, I can't find a document that shows where the location for the music data is for MM4-6, nor can I seem to find a method to find them myself, so if someone can help me out with this then send me a message. Thanks.)

Happy hacking!

Newcomer's Board / SMB1 - Add top tile to ground
« on: December 25, 2019, 06:29:30 pm »
Hello. I've been hacking SMB1 for a bit and I've gotten the hang of it. Although, I'm working on a hack that uses SMB3 Graphics, and because I'm using the checkerboard ground from the title screen/castles as the ground graphics. I'm wondering if it's possible to add a custom top tile to the ground object. Thanks in advance if you can answer this.

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