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Chances are, the game is hardwired to move link to a specific screen that is hooked up to the warp room.  The warps won't work because it isn't hooked up correctly.  A simple workaround to this is to not move any of the warp rooms in the rom, or not to use them at all.

I am looking for someone to help solve a problem which has recently been encountered on my romhack of The Legend of Zelda for the NES, involving the warp rooms.  The game runs perfectly until you enter the warp room and use one of the staircases to go to a different location.  When the player interacts with the staircases the game crashes.  This may be caused by the player not yet possessing the power bracelet, or the new rooms that have the warp subroom aren't configured to be warped to.  My guess is that the code for the destinations of each individual warp room needs to be rewritten. If anyone knows how to fix this problem, please reply below how this can possibly be fixed.  This issue is critical, as the warp points are now necessary to enter dungeons L4Q1, L8Q1, L4Q2, and L9Q2 (Level x, quest y).
Thanks in advance!

Programming / (Question) How to Modify Sprites in NES Games
« on: October 31, 2019, 12:17:33 pm »
Does anyone know how to change/modify sprites and palettes in NES games? Is there any tools I can use?
I'm not super proficient at hex editing files, but is that what I will have to do?

Personal Projects / Remix of The Legend of Zelda [NES] (v. 0.10.1)
« on: October 30, 2019, 12:14:24 pm »
Hello everyone, I would like to inform you all that I recently have been working on a remixed version of the original Legend of Zelda game for the NES.  Creating solo, I've replaced the entire overworld and dungeons, as well as most of the text, providing a new experience for the game.  It is currently being debugged via play-testing, and should be available for download soon.

Major Changes:
New Overworld and Dungeons,
A More Difficult Second Quest with Wacky Dungeons,
More Secrets,
A Steady Difficulty for Each Quest

Note that this hack isn't as massive as other LoZ hacks such as Zelda Outlands, as I have not changed the graphics, sound, or story in any matter.
The only purpose of this hack is to provide a new and fun experience for people new to the series as well as veteran players (such as myself).

This project originally started when I discovered Zelda Tech, in which I began changing the overworld just for fun.  I then found out about Dungeon Master, another game-editing tool which is compatible with Zelda Tech.  Using these two pieces of software, I remixed the game completely over the course of 3+ weeks, working on and off for hours at a time.

I will attempt to release the hack as soon as I can, which simply is when I verify that the both quests are possible, there is no bugs, glitches, or empty rooms in the finished release, and that the difficulty is balanced and fair.

Hopefully that's soon!  :)

Rewind -

Open spoiler for maps:

Update List
This list is to show updates made to the game over time.

0.1: Remix Started
0.2: First playtest, fixed overworld issues and impossible dungeons
0.3: Fixed crashing 4-way rooms in dungeons, fixed overworld clipping out-of-bounds
0.4: Fixed more dungeon and overworld errors, added dungeon 7 as it was previously inaccessible
0.5: Fixed Grumble, Grumble rooms, added more secrets
0.6: Posted onto, fixed more overworld errors
0.7: Patched up holes in dungeons (eg. empty rooms, enemyless rooms, etc.)
0.8: Tested each dungeon in quest 1, all should have enough keys to complete them in one run.
0.8.1: Tested all quest 2 dungeons, no errors or bugs in dungeons anymore, patched more overworld clips, made rupees easier to obtain
0.9: Changed old man dungeon rooms to the correct palette, text should be the correct color now.
0.9.1: Fixed even more overworld clips.
0.9.2: There should be less water on the overworld now.  You can stop making jokes. xD
0.9.3: Added missing blue ring to dungeon 5, should be accessible mid-game now.
0.9.4: Added missing arrows to dungeon 6, so the dungeon is now possible.  Also added more rooms to overworld to make the ocean more like a river, and updated dungeons with speedrunning routes.  Game release very soon!
0.10: Encountered game crash with warp rooms, warp rooms completely abandoned and removed from game.  Room modifications made to allow for accessibility of previously warp-only places.
0.10.1: Modified overworld rooms to make the overworld feel more connected and less linear.  Added more shops and secrets in rooms which lacked subrooms.

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