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ROM Hacking Discussion / The Hulk - Transfer a picture to the home screen
« on: October 22, 2019, 07:52:13 am »
Hello all, who have read this post. I need help. There are two hacks to a wonderful game on Nintendo "Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu"- this "Super Bros 10 Kung Fu Mari" and "The Hulk". There is a problem. It is necessary to transfer the image on the home screen from the hack "The Hulk"(first picture) to the hack "Super Bros 10 Kung Fu Mari" (second picture). I managed to transfer the tiles, but there was another problem. After transfer of tiles in game such porridge(the third picture) turned out. And I have a question: who can help me make the initial picture of the game "Super Bros 10 Kung Fu Mari", which will be similar to the initial picture of the game "The Hulk" or at least suggest what to do next?
Links to two presented hacks in this topic :
The Hulk:
Super Bros 10 Kung Fu Mari(changed):

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