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Script Help and Language Discussion / Phrases Help
« on: July 19, 2016, 08:20:34 am »
 Has anyone ever encountered the phrase "プッツン来て爆走よ"? I can't really make any sense of it. While プッツン is like losing control,snapping, going nuts... I can't think of what 爆走 is supposed to mean in this context and even less what it's supposed to mean all together
The speaker is in a hurry and looking for someone who presumably stormed off and went kinda crazy about it.

I know roughly what this one's supposed to mean but would
"For crying out loud! Now's not the time for details!" be an acceptable translation?


the なんつって… in this context is really puzzling me... I found definitions like
"冗談で言ってみたことを後から弁解する語" or "なんちゃって" for it, but none seems to fit in this context.

Help is much appreciated. I think I'm just tired but I need to get these ones finished xd

Script Help and Language Discussion / Japanese abbreviations help
« on: February 23, 2014, 03:07:22 pm »
There are two sentence where I could use some help which seem to use short forms and
for some reason they're giving me a hard time.
The context is the following:

There are Bombs in a cave in a game and the NPC we are talking thinks it's dangerous and says:




My issue:  What does that "nakanaka hadona koto o kangaeru" na is supposed to mean?
That we haven't given it much thought? Is the na here a short for nai or for nassai?
And how to distinguish that normally?

And then the NPC says:
Is the sore jama a short for "sore ja mata" or is the jama here used like that he's annoyed/disturbed?
I hope someone can gather this better than me.

This NPCs language is giving me a hard time for some reason. Other characters work just fine.
Could someone explain how to adapt to such speech so that I can learn to translate that better?

Programming / Program fix
« on: August 20, 2012, 06:12:46 am »

We translated nearly all menues, but the tool we have from our programmer is not handling the story files correctly.

There seems to be a recalculation problem when recreating the KCAP File format.
Seems to be a custom format used for the game. It is kinda wild.
Because I changed only one line for testing purposes but the file loses about 2 KB in size.
The header is rewritten wrong, one line is duplicated for some strange reason and some stuff is deleted.

Really need someone to fix this as I don't have the skills.

The program is written in VB.NET, Source Code available here:

The procedure in the program that SEEMS to be responsible for the error is MakeBTX.
The Encoding Process in that procedure happens in ASCII, when I changed it to UTF8 for testing purposes I got past the loading screen but it hanged intown.
in ASCII it doesn't even get there but already hangs on the "Now Loading" Screen ingame.

Over all it looks strange although it shouldn't.
the RAW File of a story related file and the Translation attempt of ours.

If anyone wants to take a look that would be much appreciated.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Translation Help
« on: August 13, 2012, 06:56:52 pm »


These two.

I can't knock any good sounding sense in to them.
Especially the second one.

(Context: An Email you get ingame with being asked for your help)


-> Use actively and send us a comforable life???

I've seen this phrase often but kinda puzzled how to translate it.

Context: A mail you can get from "System" in a game. It introduces the functions of a device and this is the last sentence.

Programming / Tools for PSP (Playstation Portable) Hacking
« on: July 19, 2012, 04:52:15 pm »
It seems there are nearly no PSP Romhacking related Tools out there or am I wrong?

What is even the approach anyways? Has anyone experience in this?

I would appreacite some advice. I mean I can extract Video Files from it but this is where it stops so far.

Programming / Windhex Alternative?
« on: March 16, 2012, 10:30:53 am »
My favoured Hexeditor for Hacking is Windhex and actually I'm quite happy with a lot of stuff it is doing,
but it lacks a feature which is important for me:

If you want to replace recurring strings you have to replace everyone per Hand.

This gets tedious.
But I do like the Interface of Windhex and the Table Support, you can search for Kana,
it has Unicode Support and more.

If I want to replace something I have to switch between Editors and my question is:

Is there any Hexeditor that comes close in functionality and simplicity but offers also a replace function?

Or is the source of Windhex public? It has been so many years but still I feel the lack of a Hexeditor which really is customized for Romhacking.
If a Hexeditor offers one thing it lacks the other...
I've checked numerous of the Hex Editors we have in the Utilities Section but couldn't really find what I was looking for.

Maybe someone can suggest a better one? I've been working with Windhex for a while now and actually was quite happy, but when I have to replace more than 1000 strings I'd love to have something that can deal with it without me having to replace every single string per hand.

Newcomer's Board / Pointer Question
« on: February 13, 2012, 08:40:23 am »
All right I dumped the list from the places from a PSX game with cartographer

Got the String and Pointer Location

What it looks like:
//POINTER #36 @ $A279C - STRING #36 @ $A2310

Grüne Trainingscamp<LINE>

What I want to do:

//POINTER #36 @ $A279C - STRING #36 @ $A2310

Grünes Trainingscamp<LINE>

-> This is just a stupid typo in the game that drives me crazy.

Obviously just inserting data will make the game not even start anymore.

So I figure that I have to do something with the Pointer to actually expand it?

Also I'm inserting sth bigger than the file (since 8140 for the "" and 8293 for "s".)
Which makes it um 8 Bytes bigger? Or something like that? I'm not sure.

Now I thought at the end of the file there are some bunch of zeros. I tried just to delete them to have the same filesize as before. But somehow that didnt really work out.

Help anyone?

Programming / [QUESTION] How to figure out random values?
« on: January 28, 2012, 09:09:14 am »
Game: Digimon World 1 (1999)
Platform: PSX

Things already noted down:
- Table File
- A script dumper
- Some codes like the Position of the things I'm looking for.

Allright here is my problem:

Everytime you enter a screen the game determines whether there will be a random item spawned or not.
Some are rare, some are common. I guess there is some sort of Random Number Generator involved, although I can't say for sure.

There is similar behaviour for Battling. Every time you battle a digimon and the enemy has a potential technique your digimon could learn,
a random process (or at least let's call it random until I know for sure) determines whether your Digimon learns this technique or not.

Also there is a similar behaviour with three Digimon in the game which appear randomly everytime you enter a particular screen. (they only roam in one area).

What I already tried:

Ok since I know the values of the Items that Spawn I figured that by looking for them by try and error I would find them eventually.
This was easier with items that have numbers the game isn't using that often. Anyways I got the positioning (x,y,z) of the items and where it is stored in the Memory.

So I figured: Set a breakpoint on one of those values to find out how it is determined which item is gonna be there and if there is gonna be an item at all.

Naturally it brought me some points on read, some on write. I tried messing around with that stuff. But as it seems the adresses were not part of the process but only for the positioning.
(The position is always random too).

I tried something similar with the techniques and with the mentioned Digimon as well.
And if I had find out something useful I wouldn't be creating this thread right now.

Was my approach wrong? Is there some particular kind of technique which I can work with to figure this kind of stuff out?
I used the PsX Debugger.

Programming / Looking for a Tileviewer with Tilemap Function
« on: October 14, 2011, 06:40:33 pm »
Is there a tileviewer that can display 8bpp, with palette support and also with support of a tilemap(Like placing the tiles in one image with the help of an array?)

I know probably not and that for that many functions I'd probably have to write it myself but maybe there is already a great program I haven't found yet.

I would be happy if someone could share their knowledge wteher there is a program that actually supports a Tilemap?

Tilemolester has support of 8bpp and palette but no Tilemap.

ROM Hacking Discussion / (Request) Looking for Utilities by Markgrass
« on: October 12, 2011, 06:54:37 pm »
I'm not exactly sure which area would be right for this but I thought I post it here.

Markgrass developed I think a couple of years ago some very useful tools.

One of them was TMDTool.

Sadly his site has been down for quite a time.
And you can't get his tools anymore.

If anyone has TMDTool or any other PSX related hacking tools developed by Markgrass ( I think he wrote some very useful ones)
and could upload them I'd appreciate that.

Programming / Grafik Viewer Programming Help needed!
« on: September 01, 2011, 03:31:32 pm »
I want to write a Map Viewer for a specific Game.
I figured out the Format the game uses so I know how to decompress the graphics.
And by analyzing code I found out that the maps are of course tiled.
Now in my Map Viewer I want to write I would of course want the Map to be displayed just as ingame,
so as whole and not in tiles..
For example align it in a grid or something...
But the question is where I can find the information how the tiles are aligned so that a picture results from it?
Shall I dissasemble the graphics loading process and look there for the information or should I dig in the Graphics File itself?

Since it is a PSX Game some information:

The graphics format for the MAPs itself is called *.TFS seems to be a custom format.
Well whatever for every TFS file there is also a corresponding *.MAP File.
They always continue a TIM file and also additional information which I can't understand though.
I don't know how to... With the TFS file it was easier since I could understand general image format and defaults
and also I knew how CLUTs look like.
but how to know what exactly those MAP Files store and how to gather the information there.
By corrupting the MAP files I found out that they seem at least to store the exits and entrances of a room but no idea where and how and how to figure out.

Some help would be appreciated I'm rather a beginner but I made progress and I would like to continue I just need some heads up or hints.
Thanks in advance, much appreciated.

Newcomer's Board / Event Op-Code, Room Values how to figure out?
« on: August 29, 2011, 07:29:34 pm »
PSX Game - Digimon World

Just trying to widen my knowledge and get more into MIPS and stuff and I love to play with this game around.
Actually I would like to figure out:

1. How certain events are called, what the game exactly is doing there.

But I don't know where I actually have to set the breakpoint to be sure I got the right opcode.
Right when the event occurs, before it, or after it and how to actually figure out where to set the breakpoint to find out what exactly the game is doing there?
So many questions sorry.xD

2. Although I figured out how to decompress the graphics and pretty much change as much as I want I would like to figure out:
What exactly determines where you gonna land when you enter a new room and can you actually play with it and make a character go to a completely different place?
To change the teleporter or whatever to bring you to a completely different place than originally. Or even insert new ones on places where originally no porter have been?
And how?

Maybe it's just because it's late here and my brain is kinda dizzy right now but some help would be appreciated :)

All right once again this is about the PSX game "Digimon World"
The game stores it's map data in a format called ".TFS"
I tried opening it up in Tile Molester which gave me such a result in 8bpp linear:

Although it is kinda messy you can see a graphics here.

Uploaded with

Now I wondered. Can I somehow make it display right and maybe rip it properly?
Is any data gainable out of this?

For reference I uploaded the mentioned TFS File and also a ".MAP" which goes with it somehow but seems to contain only some smallt TIM images but nothing useful.

Best Regards and Thanks in advance.

Newcomer's Board / ASM Code in comparison
« on: February 14, 2011, 06:56:44 pm »
I tried to dissasemble the Digimon World Ogremon Fortress Scene by using the references in the Memory.

Which got me for the NTSC this:

Code: [Select]
001ba32c: 8f827882 lw r2,0x7882(r28)
001ba330: 40819582 mtc0 r1,gtecr01_r13r21
001ba334: 92828182 lbu r2,-0x7e7e(r20)
001ba338: 40818582 mtc0 r1,cop0cr16_erreg
001ba33c: 8e828182 lw r2,-0x7e7e(r20)
001ba340: 6e824081 illegal
001ba344: 92828782 lbu r2,-0x787e(r20)
001ba348: 8d828582 lw r2,-0x7a7e(r12)
001ba34c: 8e828f82 lw r2,-0x707e(r20)
001ba350: 82824081 lb r2,0x4081(r20)
001ba354: 8e828182 lw r2,-0x7e7e(r20)
001ba358: 89828482 lwl r2,-0x7b7e(r12)
001ba35c: 49819482 illegal
001ba360: 7382000d illegal
001ba364: 89828882 lwl r2,-0x777e(r12)
001ba368: 40819382 mtc0 r1,gtecr01_r13r21
001ba36c: 93828982 lbu r2,-0x767e(r28)
001ba370: 99824081 lwr r2,0x4081(r12)
001ba374: 95828f82 lhu r2,-0x707e(r12)
001ba378: 40819282 mtc0 r1,gtecr01_r13r21
001ba37c: 89828882 lwl r2,-0x777e(r12)
001ba380: 85828482 lh r2,-0x7b7e(r12)
001ba384: 95828f82 lhu r2,-0x707e(r12)
001ba388: 49819482 illegal
001ba38c: 0000000d break 0x00000000
001ba390: 001a051b divu r0,r26
001ba394: 88827682 lwl r2,0x7682(r4)
001ba398: 94828182 lhu r2,-0x7e7e(r4)
001ba39c: 81824081 lb r2,0x4081(r12)
001ba3a0: 85829282 lh r2,-0x6d7e(r12)
001ba3a4: 99824081 lwr r2,0x4081(r12)
001ba3a8: 95828f82 lhu r2,-0x707e(r12)
001ba3ac: 94824081 lhu r2,0x4081(r4)
001ba3b0: 8c828182 lw r2,-0x7e7e(r4)
001ba3b4: 89828b82 lwl r2,-0x747e(r12)
001ba3b8: 87828e82 lh r2,-0x717e(r28)
001ba3bc: 81824081 lb r2,0x4081(r12)
001ba3c0: 8f828282 lw r2,-0x7d7e(r28)
001ba3c4: 94829582 lhu r2,-0x6a7e(r4)
001ba3c8: 000d4881 illegal
001ba3cc: 00560000 sll r0,r22,0x00
001ba3d0: 006707fd illegal
001ba3d4: fd1b000f illegal
001ba3d8: 7882001a illegal
001ba3dc: 95828f82 lhu r2,-0x707e(r12)
001ba3e0: 97824081 lhu r2,0x4081(r28)
001ba3e4: 92828582 lbu r2,-0x7a7e(r20)
001ba3e8: 40818582 mtc0 r1,cop0cr16_erreg
001ba3ec: 95828c82 lhu r2,-0x737e(r12)
001ba3f0: 8b828382 lwl r2,-0x7c7e(r28)
001ba3f4: 40819982 mtc0 r1,gtecr02_r22r23
001ba3f8: 81828c82 lb r2,-0x737e(r12)
001ba3fc: 94829382 lhu r2,-0x6c7e(r4)
001ba400: 94824081 lhu r2,0x4081(r4)
001ba404: 8d828982 lw r2,-0x767e(r12)
001ba408: 49818582 illegal
001ba40c: 6682000d illegal
001ba410: 96828982 lhu r2,-0x767e(r20)
001ba414: 40818582 mtc0 r1,cop0cr16_erreg
001ba418: 90829582 lbu r2,-0x6a7e(r4)
001ba41c: 000d4981 illegal
001ba420: 00560000 sll r0,r22,0x00
001ba424: 001600fd illegal
001ba428: 051b0552 illegal
001ba42c: 7682001a illegal
001ba430: 97828f82 lhu r2,-0x707e(r28)
001ba434: 000d4981 illegal
001ba438: 054e0000 illegal
001ba43c: fbdefe9c illegal
001ba440: 00670001 illegal
001ba444: fd4e0028 illegal
001ba448: faa1fea3 illegal
001ba44c: fc4e0001 illegal
001ba450: f91ffe9d illegal
001ba454: fd4a0001 illegal
001ba458: 004cfc4a illegal
001ba45c: 004c05fd illegal
001ba460: 054e05fc illegal

The VERY SAME scene written for the Pal Version:

Code: [Select]
0015b1a0: 001afd1b divu r0,r26
0015b1a4: 95826382 lhu r2,0x6382(r12)
0015b1a8: 82824081 lb r2,0x4081(r20)
0015b1ac: 93828982 lbu r2,-0x767e(r28)
0015b1b0: 40819482 mtc0 r1,gtecr01_r13r21
0015b1b4: 89828582 lwl r2,-0x7a7e(r12)
0015b1b8: 40818e82 mtc0 r1,gtecr00_r11r12
0015b1bc: 87826e82 lh r2,0x6e82(r28)
0015b1c0: 85829282 lh r2,-0x6d7e(r12)
0015b1c4: 8f828d82 lw r2,-0x727e(r28)
0015b1c8: 7c818e82 illegal
0015b1cc: 81826182 lb r2,0x6182(r12)
0015b1d0: 84828e82 lh r2,-0x717e(r4)
0015b1d4: 94828982 lhu r2,-0x767e(r4)
0015b1d8: 000d4981 illegal
0015b1dc: 81826382 lb r2,0x6382(r12)
0015b1e0: 40819382 mtc0 r1,gtecr01_r13r21
0015b1e4: 93828982 lbu r2,-0x767e(r28)
0015b1e8: 40819482 mtc0 r1,gtecr01_r13r21
0015b1ec: 95828582 lhu r2,-0x7a7e(r12)
0015b1f0: 92828582 lbu r2,-0x7a7e(r20)
0015b1f4: 75824081 illegal
0015b1f8: 92828582 lbu r2,-0x7a7e(r20)
0015b1fc: 94829382 lhu r2,-0x6c7e(r4)
0015b200: 83828582 lb r2,-0x7a7e(r28)
0015b204: 49818b82 illegal
0015b208: 0000000d break 0x00000000
0015b20c: 001a051b divu r0,r26
0015b210: 81827682 lb r2,0x7682(r12)
0015b214: 40819382 mtc0 r1,gtecr01_r13r21
0015b218: 85829282 lh r2,-0x6d7e(r12)
0015b21c: 85828482 lh r2,-0x7b7e(r12)
0015b220: 94829382 lhu r2,-0x6c7e(r4)
0015b224: 84824081 lh r2,0x4081(r4)
0015b228: 40819582 mtc0 r1,gtecr01_r13r21
0015b22c: 81828482 lb r2,-0x7b7e(r12)
0015b230: 000d4881 illegal
0015b234: 00560000 sll r0,r22,0x00
0015b238: 006707fd illegal
0015b23c: fd1b000f illegal
0015b240: 6b82001a illegal
0015b244: 94828582 lhu r2,-0x7a7e(r4)
0015b248: 94829a82 lhu r2,-0x657e(r4)
0015b24c: 93828582 lbu r2,-0x7a7e(r28)
0015b250: 6c824081 illegal
0015b254: 8c828182 lw r2,-0x7e7e(r4)
0015b258: 88824081 lwl r2,0x4081(r4)
0015b25c: 94828182 lhu r2,-0x7e7e(r4)
0015b260: 85829482 lh r2,-0x6b7e(r12)
0015b264: 94829382 lhu r2,-0x6c7e(r4)
0015b268: 84824081 lh r2,0x4081(r4)
0015b26c: 000d9582 srl r18,r13,0x16
0015b270: 8c826682 lw r2,0x6682(r4)
0015b274: 83825883 lb r2,0x5883(r28)
0015b278: 44818b82 illegal
0015b27c: 64824081 illegal
0015b280: 87829282 lh r2,-0x6d7e(r28)
0015b284: 82828982 lb r2,-0x767e(r20)
0015b288: 84824081 lh r2,0x4081(r4)
0015b28c: 83828982 lb r2,-0x767e(r28)
0015b290: 49818882 illegal
0015b294: 0000000d break 0x00000000
0015b298: 00fd0056 illegal
0015b29c: 051c0016 illegal
0015b2a0: 001a051b divu r0,r26
0015b2a4: 86827482 lh r2,0x7482(r20)
0015b2a8: 49818682 illegal
0015b2ac: 0000000d break 0x00000000
0015b2b0: fe9c054e illegal
0015b2b4: 0001fbde illegal
0015b2b8: 00280067 nor r0,r1,r8
0015b2bc: fea3fd4e illegal
0015b2c0: 0001faa1 addu r31,r0,r1
0015b2c4: fe9dfc4e illegal
0015b2c8: 0001f91f illegal
0015b2cc: fc4afd4a illegal
0015b2d0: 05fd004c illegal
0015b2d4: 05fc004c illegal

Now even for my eyes the programmers seemed to have screwed up at the Pal as we have the famous "Pal Bug".
Now my knowledge to ASM is nearly 0 so if anyone can tell me anything useful that would be really appreciated.

With Best Regads.

Newcomer's Board / Help! Can't seem to find the pointer
« on: February 14, 2011, 01:15:19 pm »
Ok I tried to follow this guide
to find the pointers in "Digimon World" PSX
Since all the Dialogue of the characters is stored in /SCN/DG(2).SCN I used a line there and noted the adress down. (Table File created before)

Now I navigated in the game to that particular scene, tried to save the memory and then opened the dumped binary in MadEdit to look for the the text.
I found it and noted down the memory adress.
Then I did as in the guide and subtracted the adresses, added again the game adress, left two bytes left and reversed the order.
Got a presumable pointer but when I tried to search for it, it was nowhere to be found.

I checked also that the text is saved in VRAM. The current and the next line are both saved in VRAM.

Is this helping at all?

Sorry I'm a noob when it comes down to things like this...

Could you tell me what I was doing wrong or what I'm supposed to do to figure out the pointers?

Personal Projects / Digimon World [PSX] Hacking Project
« on: February 13, 2011, 05:36:00 pm »
Things done:

- Table File
- Ripped Font of all Files (Credits to CUE from and Klarth for ripping/helping)
- Advanced Texture Hacking with replacing nearly all TIM Files the game uses (New!)
- Fixed the famous PAL Bug
- TFS Viewer (Thanks to Dr.Mefisto for this baby)
- Fixed Giromon Jukebox Bug (NTSC Only)
- Pointer Tables

To do

1) The 3D models. They are stored in a format called MMD. While I can get TMD files out of it with TMDRIP (so it must use TMD) the result files are not "boned" I think this issue was discussed in the thread with  ConsoleTool the parts of the model are all out of the place.
Rigging takes forever and would be an impossible task for the whole game (Although I got some models finished already but this is not the way.
A way to view and save the models in OBJ or a similar format CORRECT (means alligned or build together whatever)

- lowlife had a go at parse but somehow no progress, this format seems to be complicated..

2) Still need to find how to figure out the RNG from this game, also I can't find the Status Boxes yet.

Work in  Progress:

Pal Bug Fix


Anyone with PSX Hacking knowledge and interested in this project is free to join me.

Newcomer's Board / FEIDIAN help
« on: February 13, 2011, 04:22:12 pm »
All right after Tile Molester, Nana, Tile Layer Pro (I could continue this list forever) failed to well, show the font the way I wanted to give Feidian a shot
but everytime I try to start it I get "no mode specified" and such even though I DID specify and tried really everything.

So this maybe blunt but maybe you could help me.

As a matter of fact I know that the font is located at the offset 98890 I just can't get it ripped as I get only garbage with other programs.

So anyone who can actually use FEIDIAN maybe you could try to get the font ? Or

I uploaded the exe containing the font here actually.

If not maybe you could tell me how I'm supposed to setup FEIDIAN or PHP in order to get it work.

Thanks in advance

All right I want to hack the PSX Game "Digimon World".

For that purpose I need someone who can figure out some things.
All right I got the table for Dialogues so Text hacking itself wouldn't be an issue.
What I can't do is making the texts be longer than original which in some cases would be really useful.
But also I want to be able to edit Models and Graphics.

What I want from you:

I need a GUI based tool that can: make you edit dialogues (longer pointers), Open the 3D Models (they are stored in a format called MMD which is somehow based on TMD), Open up the MAPS (Format seems to be TFS here) and export and import everything+editing. Basically so you can do a lot of funny things in the game and make evil hacks like the Pokemon hacks. Yeah that's what I basically want but for this very PSX Game.

Payment: depending on success and the functions provided up to 50$. If you can get everything I want even 100$.

Answer in this thread if you feel capable I can provide materials you need just say what you will need.

Best Regards,

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