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Script Help and Language Discussion / SlamDunk: Japanese translation help
« on: January 07, 2011, 12:30:11 pm »
Hi, hacking/translation of "SlamDunk" for GB is on again; and my japanese is not improved at all. GoogleTranslator's neither, apparently. So I'm having some doubts about translation.

At the moment I'm translating the first menu:

I hope I got the transliteration correct, at least:

スト-リ-          (I don't know why this has hyphens inside...): this takes you to 'Main Story mode' where you can choose between a "new game" and "password" (this game hasn't battery file, i.e. no 'save'). The translator says "list-list" (???). I would just put "Story", here.

たいせん        the translator says "Taisen"(???), or "Competition","Fight", which is more fitting, since this choice takes you to P1vsPC match, where you can choose your and opposite team, among the four disposable.

しょうかい      the translator says "introduce": basically this choice opens another menu where you can choose which team's description you want to read. I would put "(Teams) Presentation" (too long, probably).

コンフィワ"    This comes out pretty well: "Configuration", I guess "Options" would be 'more standard'.
Here is the Story sub-menu:

I couldn't manage to transliterate this, although, I think they can be acceptably translated with "New Game" and "Password", right?

Thanks in advance for any help you would donate,

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