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Hi all,
I want to modify the racer select in Chocobo Racing. The game has a total of 18 racers, but the game will only ever select from the first 10, as the others are "secret". Alongside this, 2 of the racers (Bahamut and Squall) are not able to be paired together. I wanted to modify the selection so that the game can pick from all 18 characters. I assume that the two things I would need to do are:
- modify the racers that can be selected for a race
- assign an ability to each of the secret characters, assuming they don't already have a default ability like the other racers.

I have been searching around and haven't found a hint of anyone hacking this game, aside from some people making an ability last a really long time or something irrelevant, and even then I can't find info on how they did that.

If anyone has had experience hacking this game, or knows where I should start I would be really appreciative.

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