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Project thread: Here.

It's about 98% done, and what's remaining is quite minor.
At least, I *think* it's about 98% done; that's why it needs testers.
I'm kinda rubbish at the game, so it needs playtesters to put it through its paces and find anything that's been missed or broken!

If anyone feels up to it, screencapping anything untranslated or glitched (besides the records pages when you're not scoring a new #1) that you find - or reporting what you played through and didn't find anything missed in - would be a big help!

Looking for some help testing this translation patch.
It should be almost all done; full story mode translation and everything.

Most of what's left now is sprite editing, which I'm starting on.

Basically, I just need people to test it out, and make sure everything works and looks okay; no weird overlapping or misalignment, that sort of thing.

Required ROM:
No-Intro Name: Kirby no Kirakira Kids (Japan)
(No-Intro version  20130701-030720)
ROM/File SHA-1: DC252753D4964516419CA981D59A8E704BA41842

Can't seem to attach files directly, so here's a Gdrive link:
Kirby's Super Star Stacker v1.0

(Edit: Updated link to latest version)

So, I've been reading up on everything I can, and I've hit a wall with Lunar Compress;
I was able to decompress the ROM (Lufia & the Fortress of Doom) to a ComboFile.bin with 'sniff' and find the sprites I wanted to edit in that, but I can't figure out how to take that Combo File and put it back into the ROM.
The recompressor wants a specific address, but a combo file would have a variety of offsets in one file...

So is the Combo File just useless? Or is there some way to use it to put my sprites back into the game?

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