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-Platform: PSP
-Game: Final Fantasy Tactics - War of the Lions (ULUS10297)
-Type: Improvement
-Name: FFT-RG
-Version: Alpha
-Hacks included:
--Slowdown fix v2(Similar to already known slowdown fix)
--Add spell quotes back to the game
--Spell quotes always pop up
--Unlock novels
--Smart Encounters
--Battle Initial Camera v2
--Abilities in Arith skillset can be reflected
--Unlocked jobs v2(Removes all non level requirements for jobs)
--Battle jobs list(Fix what status jobs list show in battle)
--Formula 36 is now +PA_(X) and +MA_(Y)
--Mighty sword v2
--Crits always deal 50 percent bonus damage
--Remove dupe font data
--Replace font file ENG version
--Replace font width file ENG version
--Replace spell.mes file
--Replace snplmes.bin file
--Replace wldmes.bin file
--Rewrite all quick access text
--Null slps file in fftpack
--Null atchelp.lzw file in fftpack
--Null open.lzw file in fftpack
--Null world.lzw file in fftpack
--Null all quick text in the boot file
--Replace all quick access text
-Created with: Valhalla (alpha)
-These hacks were made by xjamxx only.
-Special thanks to: RafaGam, NoOneee, melonhead and Archaemic
-Download: here

Hi, it may not look specific but I am looking for someone who would like to translate 1119 sentences from nihongo to english (24000 chars, hiragana-katakana-kanji).

If interested pm me.


The user RafaGam had done the whole translation. Thank you a ton :crazy:

Hi all, I am Zen. I am the one who uploaded FFTCv2 (though it's creator was xjamxx, my coding teacher). I have some free time now and i am willing to do something to share (which will help me to train my coding skills) but i am not sure what the community will prefer:

1) An FFTC v2 update:
New Game Plus feature:
1- new check if defeat altima or create in the last event and add+1 (easy)
2- check in title screen if that happened -> new game goes to new game + (average, it may be erased after pressing new game but can be worked with temp data or temp call routines)
2.1- keep gold (easy just prevent overwrite)
2.2- keep poach inv (eeasy, same reasons)
2.3- keep all abilities and total jp points (average)
3- 'absorb' when writing into slot (average, but not sure)
4- R1 and L1 patch 'absorb' and zeros if moved to empty space (hard, space here is already an issue)
5- if monster, don't absorb and move it??? (more space required)
6- monster eggs erase data in the last slot (already).
No more learn on crystals.

2)An FFT WotL (for PSP) asm tool similar to FFTOrgASM (from the FFTPatcher suite) with many of the PSX asm hacks rewritten so they can be used in PSP and some new ones (like tweaking DK reqs).

3)[The most boring one] A code rewrite (in Python) of the FFTPatcher.

Yeah i know ... why not all, simple put not enough time for a single person.

So i ask what would ppl prefer?

Thanks for reading and leaving your opinion.

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