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Personal Projects / Wario's Woods - The Haunted Forest
« on: November 10, 2019, 07:02:04 pm »
An old friend of mine once tried to create Wario's Woods for the Nes with the standard Mario System. A lot of the Mario Characters do appear in this game but a lot are also missing. His goal was to import the Mario Characters and create a Mario's Woods if you will, Where the game matched the other Mario Games better. Mainly Mario 2. Since the project was abandoned long ago, I got permission and decided to take it on and see if I could surpass where he got stuck. Mainly colors, Hex editing, The stuff that he didn't know how to do. Right now it's in early stages. But, Got a Goomba in there so far, Looking pale and sick. Lol. Which will get fixed in a moment.

I may take the project farther and create a secondary version that contains Mario himself and Bowser.
But I will start with the basics first.

The project's story has taken a turn. With still plenty of room for change. The project seems to be following a more dark feel for Wario's Forest, Taking the vibe from Mario Land 2 and how Mario's Castle became dark and sinister when Wario took over. I mean we are talking about a Forest ruled by Wario and his monsters. Sunshine and blue skies seems opposite to what Toad/Mario would have to endure while fighting their way through.

Shy Guys & Snifits With New Sign Post

A New Entrance

The First Builds Of The Forest

Personal Projects / Final Fantasy Syncronization
« on: July 25, 2019, 01:13:57 am »
This is a small project I have been working on. It contains edits for the first 3 Final Fantasy Games for the NES.

The goal is to make them match the way the later games do. Not so much rewriting scripts or editing game play but fixing the colors and such.

These patches will be capable of going on top of any other patch as well as the original games.

To start off I have begun editing the colors for the text screens.

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